An Explanation on Event Token System for Noobs

Earlier today, I experienced something that triggered me so much that I feel a huge urge to write this guide.

I started a Summer Co-op as a host with free recruit. I have MLB Sazh, MLB Yuna, and MLB Squall, so I always switch them around depending on the pub participants. If it’s my own bell, it is my policy to generally start if there are at least 2 boosted characters, including myself.

This afternoon, one Sazh joined my room I hosted as Sazh too, so I switched to Squall. Then another Sazh joined, so I was ready to go. Then the 1st Sazh, for some reason, switched to Vaan… Despite my pleas for him to switch back to Sazh, he just replied with “No Worries” and “Let’s Go”… I guess he doesn’t know how the system works. So, here is the guide! (All of these are tested with a group of friends… Props to them sacrificing a lot of bells in JP version to prove these points)

Breakdown of Token Drops

The tokens given out are split into 3 parts:

  1. Quest clear

  2. Boosted characters bonus

  3. Online co-op participants bonus

For part 1, it is simply given out to each player on quest clear, regardless of connection status of the participants. If you clear them, you get them. This is usually just silvers.

For part 2, it is given out per boosted character in the party. One of them can be disconnected and you will still receive the bonus. This contains silvers and golds.

For part 3, it is given out per co-op participant online at the end of the battle. This is the same as the artifact drops in the current character events. If one disconnects, that person’s portion is gone. This portion contains silvers and golds.

EDIT: My friend reminded me that since I have all 3 boosted characters maxed, if I solo the battle, I will earn just slightly fewer tokens than hosting with 2 non-boosted characters. I guess it just reinforced my stand to start with at least 2 boosted characters.


Given the information above, what should you do to optimize your token gain?

First, join with boosted characters, regardless of levels. The current Summer Co-op is super easy, so even level 30 Sazh with 35CP 0LB can be useful. Heck, if the other two participants are strong enough, a level 1 Sazh with no weapon is still better than random non-boosted character.

Two, stay online even if you die. This is due to part 3 of the token drop. Taking the abovementioned example, you can join as a level 1 Sazh and then die, and you will still contribute to the token gain!

Three, don’t worry about the score. Looking at JP events, they have moved away from co-op score challenges. So you can just focus on using the boosted characters to get more tokens.

Of course, in the end, you just wanna have some fun, right?

So, if you feel that you just want to play certain favorite character, feel free. If you don’t want to be a burden by using under-leveled boosted character so you are using your strongest but non-boosted character, no problem. But when you have the opportunity to use a boosted character, please use them, especially as guest, since the host is using their own bell, and you want to make it worth their bell usage.


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