Co-Abilities: Why you build a team of different Weapon Types

There are a total of 8 different types of Co-Abilites in-game, each corresponding to one of the 8 Weapon Types as well. Because these don’t stack, it is easy to have 3 unusable Co-Abilities if every unit is using the same weapon, especially in regular Co-op parties with others. Rule of thumb is that the first highest valued Co-Ability will be activated while the rest will be greyed out. This would be useful to know for players who want to think of their team comps with this in mind.

  • Lance units give HP to their team, owing to their mostly supportive and defensive nature.

  • Blade units are usually classified as offense units so their team Strength buff makes sense.

  • Axe units share their tanky Defenses with their allies, especially useful with elemental advantages in mind.

  • Bow Units have the benefit of range which can help them pick off targets and charge their specials with minimum damage. They bestow Skill Haste to their team.

  • Sword units benefit from getting their dragon allies ready for battle. Dragon Haste allows everyone to call on their draconic partners faster.

  • Wand units are similar to the bow units in that they perform best at destroying their enemies from afar. They will bolster everyone’s Skill Damage allowing for potentially high nuking skills.

  • Dagger units get in close and fast to overwhelm enemies with their flurry of strikes. With their Crit Rate buff, they can help make sure that everyone is dishing out high basic attack damage.

  • Staff units are the backbone of many co-op teams. With their boon in Recovery Potency they’ll keep the others alive, as long as their allies can work properly with them.

Other things to note is that natural 5* units will always bestow the highest value of their respective Co-Abilities once they are fully upgraded through the Mana Circles.

Outside of them, the natural 4* units, and the free units in general, are the next best buffers and will most likely have the highest buff value available to most players.

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