Rupies? Mana? Loot? | Basic resource rundown in Dragalia Lost

Going through the tutorial you’re introduced to a lot of systems and mechanics and just stuff overall. This post is going to cover as best it can the basic resources in this (at time of writing) pretty new game, as there’s a lot, and that feels like something important for new players as they come in. I’ll try my best to be as comprehensive about what each thing does and offer analogs to other games.


Analogs: Gil. Munny. Honestly just any in game currency you can think of.

The money-money of the game. Used to upgrade structures in the Halidom, craft weapons, buy gifts for dragons at the roost, and buy upgrade essentials in the shop. Can be acquired through selling weapons/prints, quests, daily and normal Endeavors, the Rupie Mine, daily item summon, probably some I’m missing but you get it, it’s pretty easy to acquire.


Analogs: Skill points in RPGs, SP from Fire Emblem: Heroes, Crystarium System from Final Fantasy 13,

The main resource you need to upgrade your heroes, used in their Mana Circles. The more you get the better, as each level of a mana circle can only be unlocked after unlocking all the nodes of the level you’re at. Obtainable from quests, daily and normal Endeavors, daily item summon, and when you’re selected as a friend unit.


Analogs: Feathers in Fire Emblem: Heroes

Eldwater is the secondary resource you need in the Mana Circle, used in the higher tiers. Also used to promote Adventurers to higher * levels. Currently seems to be the most difficult normal resource to obtain. At the moment, the main way of getting more is pulling a duplicate hero via summoning. Also found in some Endeavors (clear chapters in Hard) or by selling 3/4* Wyrmprints or Dragons.

Dragonfruit, Crystals, Whetstones, Water

Analogs: Experience items (crystals from Fire Emblem: Heroes, ducks from Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross, spellbooks and angel items from GBF)

Dragonfruit is used for dragons. Crystals are used for Adventurers. Whetstones are used for weapons. Water is used for Wyrmprints. It should be noted that of these four things, the only one you don’t need to use to level up the appropriate thing are Crystals, as Adventurers gain exp from you using them. All can be purchased at their highest tier from the Upgrade Essentials shop and drawn from the daily item draw at all tiers; Dragonfruit can be obtained from the Dragontree in the Halidom once placed, from Dragon Trials and dragon befriending in the Roost; Crystals can be acquired from Avenue of Power (the higher the difficulty, the more higher tiers you’ll get) and Endeavors; Whetstones and Water from quests and Endeavors


Analogs: Fairies from Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross

Three tiers, five colors, as well as the rainbow orb which is only obtainable at tier 3. Used to unlock nodes in Mana Circles, crafting elemental weapons, upgrading structures in the Halidom (why do the mines need Light Orbs? As lamps?). Can be acquired from the appropriate daily dungeon, quest drops, appropriately colored dragon befriending and trials, daily item summon.


Analogs: Special upgrade materials in other games

Two tiers, five colors, each corresponding to a story dragon. Used to unlock nodes and unlock levels in Mana Circles and upgrade structures in the Halidom. Obtainable through daily item summon and the Dragon Trials.


Analogs: Special upgrade materials in other games

Used to upgrade certain buildings in the Halidom. Obtained through daily item pulls, feeding gifts to dragons, and hitting level 10 friendship with a dragon.

Big tip: On all quests there’s a magnifying glass on the select screen for it. It’ll tell you the average drops and in the case of daily quests, what daily bonus you’ll get.

Those are the basics of in-game currency and upgrade materials.

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