Commonly asked topics and misconceptions

I was going to do a guide.

But I forgot to save.

I lost everything so here a short version of some commonly asked topics and misconceptions for better playing experience of beginners in Dragalia Lost game.

Hope this somewhat helps new players!

Light and Dark element interactions

  • Light and Dark are weak to each other, and like elements with an advantage, deal and take more damage

  • Like other elements, this elemental advantage is a 1.5x damage done, and 0.5x damage taken

  • This advantage however, is only applied to the player’s units

  • Your Light Unit will do more damage and take less damage from Enemy Dark Units

  • Likewise, Your Dark Unit will do more damage and take less from Enemy Light Units

  • In the end, Light and Dark do not have any current elemental weaknesses

  • This however does not make them over powered or immediately better as in most cases, you will want to match the proper elements and take advantage of elemental weakness

4★ weapons versus 5★ weapons

Calculations thanks to Nargator

(UB = Unbind) (Tier = Upgraded weapon, Tier 1 = base, Tier 2 upgraded once, tier 3 = elemental weapon)

  • An elemental weapon equipped to a character with the same element gives a 50% boost in stats

  • For a 5★ weapon to be on par with the stats a 4★ elemental weapon that is equipped to a character with a matching element, you will need a max UB Tier 2 5★ weapon

  • A 4★ weapon costs a total of 320,000 Rupies, while a Max UB Tier 2 5★ weapon will cost 1,375,000 Rupies

  • It is generally recommended you make 4★ elemental weapons rather than jump to 5★ weapons just because of the raw amount of rupies and resources required, including Twinkle Dust which is an event limited resource

  • Jumping straight to 5★ weapons will just slow you down in progressing, and while that Max UB Tier 2 5★ weapon will be used for an elemental weapon later, with the same money you could have made 4 Elemental weapons that are on par with it for 4 different Elements

  • The general plan is to make an elemental weapon at least for the characters you main for each element, the rest of the party can stick to non elemental weapons

Defense and damage reduction

Status Inflicting skills and passives

  • Many skills will have the description saying that it will inflict without failure, or always proc, but this can be misleading

  • If a skill has a description similar to above, it is usually just an indicator that they have 100% or above infliction rate for their status ailment/debuff

  • The problem lies in that most bosses have resistances to most of these status ailments, that is why your skill does not always freeze/stun/poison/blind

  • That is where character passives that say “Increase the chance of inflicting <Ailment> by <%>” comes into play

  • These passives DO NOT make your normal attacks or force attacks inflict the ailment. They only increase the inflicting chance of the skills that already can inflict ailments

Force Strikes and Overdrive Mode

  • Force Strike is the charge attack done by pressing and holding anywhere on the screen

  • Overdrive is when the gauge below a boss’s hp is filled, it is like a rage mode of sorts

  • Force Strikes do not fill the OD gauge faster, they only deplete the OD gauge faster when overdrive is active

  • Different weapon Force Strikes have different multipliers on the amount they reduce the OD gauge

  • Force Strikes do not gain SP the more enemies you hit, it only matters that you actually hit something

Emulator and APK usage

  • Use APKPure app to update your game if you cannot use google appstore to update

  • You will very likely NOT get banned for simply using an emulator and/or an APK

  • It is almost unheard of for developers to ban simply for that, it is only when your emulator runs cheat programs or you install modified APKs that you are in danger

  • For players outside the release countries, to update your game whenever there is a new store version, you will need to reinstall with a new APK unless you use a program that has an updating feature (Qooapp and APKpure’s app can update APKs if im not mistaken)

  • Please Link your accounts. The worst thing they are likely to do is to make emulators and apks harder to use, this guarantees your progress is saved while workarounds are worked on

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