[Guide] Dragalia Lost Beginner: Power Level To 1600 Gold Emblems In A Week!

This is the Dragalia Lostguide dedicated for any beginners. This guide will simplify for you about how to power level to 1600 gold emblems in a week!

  1. Up to you whether you want to re-roll, Lily, Lethvian and Phoenix are the top tiers at the moment. Personally I don’t really spend much time re-rolling in this type of games, as the first roll in the longer term doesn’t really mean that much. And we are talking about a PVE game.
  2. Power through the normal campaign and coop as needed. Be aware you should be watching out to keep your getherwings below 50. Stamina piling up doesn’t really matter as it goes up to as much as 999 I believe. You get 6 with every level and when you run out of these, you will spend a lot of time waiting as host with stamina, so don’t waste these.
  3. Once you complete the normal campaign, do your daily chests and use Avenue to Power and Avenue to Fortune as the best two easy stamina dumps. Avenue to Power has zero penalty for autoing, and Avenue to Fortune will give you 6000 rupies instead of 7000 if your auto characters skip the two chests. These are also resources you will never get enough of so auto-away.
  4. Once you go above 5200 might, you can dump stamina and getherwings into the current event quest Assault on Archeole. The blazon summon provides ton of resources for your water character. Don’t reset until you empty the prize pool, the fifth pool has lower quality loot and not nearly as lucrative.
  5. You will need either a 5 star water character or level up Celliera, with her 25% bonus damage against raid boss she is as good as any 5 star water character. This character you will need to put 30 points in mana circle as soon as possible, everyone else 20 points is more than sufficient. You will also want to prioritize this character’s level, wyrmprint (should be fully unbinded Paladyn defender) and dragon levels. You need to get your main water character to 1700-1800 might then you can start playing in expert raid.
  6. Get a 3 star water elemental weapon for your main character as soon as possible. When the element matches the character it provides a massive 150% stats buff, and it will last a very long time. Other characters you can just get 3 star tier 2 to get the weapon skill but no element.
  7. Start leveling up your other characters, and try to get the whole team’s might numbers up. In raids most of your damage will come from your main character. Because wait time as host is very long, people are getting much more lenient now. As long as you show water lead, even 6000 might is not a problem. Please read other guides on reddit on hitting tails, use ability invulnerability frame to protect your party, etc.
  8. Once you get 8500 might, you should start spend wings on ex mode only. Once you have spend all of your wings, you will want to use stamina to host games yourself and hope to get an ex room.
  9. Always be building! Get at least 4 workers and gold mines and fire buildings are easiest to raise during this event.

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