[Guide] Short Guide To Challenge Battle

This first part is for beating wave 5, if you want tips on getting the 2 minute achievement, its part 2 far below


  • As much as possible use light units. If you only have 1 or 2 decently leveled ones, bring in your leveled units that you used in the previous event.

  • You want a healer, it helps

  • The AI has a better chance of surviving if you don’t bring all ranged AI (they tend to clump for AOE)

  • Decently leveled Sweet Retreat. Preferably lvl 20 or so

  • Preferably bring a high level (And skill level) Halloween Elis friend or if your lead unit has two good skills for damage and you are confident you can DPS enough, Verica or Hilde friend.

Wave 1

This is basic, just kill everything, it shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds.

Wave 2

Immediately start running to the bottom right of the map as soon as you finish wave 1. As soon as Wave 2 spawns immediately start attacking the pair of enemies that should have spawned really near you. Now pay attention to your screen, one of two things will likely happen

  1. Your team has decided to split up and isn’t clumped up

  2. Your team is clumped up beside you standing on 10 red circles of AOE

If case 1 happens, just kill the pair of floating eyes near you, preferably have an AI healer or if you’re feeling like your DPS is enough to actually beat the boss, bring a healer friend and use the heal after beating 1 pair of eyes if the team has taken significant damage.

If case 2 happens, use a skill to dodge the AOE, this usually means you either didn’t run far enough or the spawn wasn’t in your favor, it happens, it isn’t a game over. Time your skill and dodge the AOE, you can use a friend skill here (You should be using a friend’s unit so you get 3 charges). Afterwards, proceed to kill everything else.

Note: Try not to use more than 1 skill in this wave, be it friend skill or yours. Only the initial AOEs are dangerous assuming you aren’t bringing 3 ranged AI units.

Note 2: If you can’t kill the floating eyes in 1 combo or less, your character likely has too little STR or your Sweet Retreat isn’t leveled enough, you will find completing this run difficult

Wave 3

  • After finishing wave 2, immediately run to spawn (bottom left) or top right.

  • Wait, let them clump together. As they get close, hit the skeleton who gains a shield until the shield pops up.

  • Now they should still be relatively clumped together, dodge back and force strike into the guard and immediately pop your first skill or halloween Eli skill.

  • A high level Eli + at least lvl 2 skill will likely wipe the whole wave or almost.

Wave 4

  • Wave 4 shouldn’t be hard to survive.

  • Stand near one of the two spawns, use a friend skill or your skill, it should hopefully kill the two floating eyes and leave the Ghoul near death or dead.

  • From here on, there shouldn’t be too much trouble, proceed to clean up the 2nd group of enemies

Wave 5

  • After finishing Wave 4 start running to the top left.

  • Immediately go dragon form and kill the guard skeleton.

  • IF the Pumpking charges you, time your dragon skill to avoid being hit.

  • You want to kill the two minions asap. From here, just time your skill and friend skills so that you save yourself and your team from the AOEs.

  • Ideally by now at least 2 out of the 3 AI units you brought are still alive, they’ll help build up your dragon gauge enough that you’ll be able to use it a second time.

Remember that you can still use a friend skill during dragon form, it will not deplete your gauge and can save you some dragon time if you use it to dodge an attack

Two Minute Achievement tips

Common Mistakes

  • Don’t rely on Event Wyrmprints, you’re here for the achievement, not points. If you have better prints available, use it, especially for your team.

  • You really want a high leveled Sweet Retreat, consider waiting rather than trying to brute force it when you’re lacking DPS

  • Using Jeanne as your dragon, she’s great don’t get me wrong, but if you have Halloween Silke or even better, Lindworm. You want that extra STR, this challenge is all about damage. If you have trouble surviving, practice that first.

Boss fight

  • You want to reach the boss with at least 2 minutes on the timer, if you’re already below 2 minutes, especially like 1:40 or lower, just restart. Mistakes happen, sometimes spawns aren’t especially favorable (There’s SOME difference in spawn position in some waves)

  • Boss Throw attack, the hit zone of the throw isn’t accurate, it actually hits on the way to the red area when the rock starts to fall a bit. If he’s throwing the rock far away, the front is usually safe. But if the red zone is relatively close, attack from the side or the back

  • Dragon form, equip 1 or 2 wyrmprints that give dragon gauge to make sure you get two dragon forms in, unless you’re a DPS monster you will be able to use two forms assuming you follow the advice above and use it immediately to get rid of the two minions

  • Force Strike. Force Strike. Force Strike. Unless you’re using a Wand character, you want to learn your force strike combos. Wand characters don’t really have a force strike combo sadly, but their FT is still usable

  • Practice, the annoying spin attack that has no red area indicator has a wind up, once you get used to seeing it, dodge it with a skill, don’t roll back, if you notice the spin, its likely too late to dodge back.

  • The AI helps. Keep them alive through i-frames.

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