Should I Farm That? Macalania Woods (FFX)

So I figure if I whine about the lack of new content in the uneditable title of this post, Gumi will do a last minute change to include new content just to make me look stupid. Unless of course they read this then don’t do anything to spite me… Then again, maybe this is all my fault and Gumi pitied me for having to write one of these up on minimal sleep (you know what’s harder than taking care of a newborn? Taking care of a newborn while his two older siblings decide to go through “interesting” phases at the same time.) Well, enough about me and let’s move on to what’s really important: My opinions. Without further ado, let’s sift through this 9 month old recycling bin. Actually, there will be further ado. Other than people saying “without further ado” or “much ado about nothing” have any of you actually heard anyone use “ado” in normal conversation? Serious question (so serious I didn’t type Cerius).

For those of you that were around for this event previously you already know what to do (either skip because you got everything or rejoice that you can complete the items that you forgot to finish last time). For those of you that weren’t around for this event last time, cross your fingers and hope that the bugs that made it over from JP to GL the first time it came out don’t show up again. Truthfully, I only vaguely recall there being bugs that affected some people but can’t really remember nor care to the confirm. But given how things normally work around here I’ll just assume it was as I made upremembered.


This farming event is a bit different from other ones. There are really only 3 rewards but you need to go through a chain of crafted items to get the real rewards. If this sounds tedious to you, just be glad it isn’t shining splendor. Among the list of things I’d rather do that farm that again: run through a giant field of rose bushes naked, relive high school, and drink Bud Light.

Switch Hitter 35 ATK > Hyper Ball [throwing weapon] 55 ATK – No element, rarely used weapon type, and low ATK makes this pretty useless. I crafted mine then immediately sold it. Only reason I would consider this is you have VotL and want to make use of this while you work on Nue. For those of you not familiar with how infrequently throwing weapons are used, I’ve had Rising Sun (107 ATK) since the days of CoD barrage being OP and I haven’t used it since CoD made a permanent move to the bench. This is pretty shitty even for new players and useless for expeditions. Still better than drinking Bud Light though.

Baroque Sword 45 ATK > Break Blade 60 ATK, 30% petrify > Razzmatazz [Sword] 76 ATK, 30% petrify, 30% sleep – No element and only 76 ATK makes this a bit underwhelming. (stupid trivia: whelm and overwhelm mean the exact same thing. Underwhelm was created much later when whelm fell out of use). With Enhancer and Falchion being stronger swords and easily accessible to new player the “prize” here is the sleep and petrify effects. This means you’ll be able to cheese opponents in arena that you could easily beat anyway and on the defensive side you’ll annoy me because I can’t just hit repeat to burn orbs.

Devastator 35 ATK > Override [Fist] 50 ATK, +100% LB fill – We’ve had plenty of fists from events with better ATK and element options but what we really care about here is that both Devastator and Override are names of G1 Transformers (the only version of Transformers that is worth a lick of salt) the Double Overdrive effect that increases LB fill rate by 100%.
This becomes a very important piece of equipment for some LB builds – most notably Rikku. With her LB available at all times I’ll never have to cry again when Optimus Prime dies although that is less traumatic than watching anything Michael Bay makes ruins.


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