Quick & Dirty Indignant Parade of the Possessed fight tips


  • Clear: Demon Mail+ (Heavy Armor): 18 ATK, 55 DEF, Dark Resist +50%

  • No Items: 10% Trust Moogle

  • Defeat Europa with Magic: Bug Killer+ (Materia): 75% Physical/Magical Bug Killer

  • Deal Fire, Lightning, and Earth Damage 2 times: Rare Summon Ticket

General Info

  • Fight contains 9 Phases ugh let’s do this

  • Bring:

    • Provoke & Cover Physical Tank with Death Immune

    • AOE ATK/MAG breaks

    • AOE Reraise

    • AOE Dispel

    • AOE Status Ailment Resist & Stop/Charm Resist

    • All Elemental Resist Buffs (or at Least Fire/Ice/Wind/Water/Dark/Light)

    • Non-elemental damage mostly but bring Fire/Lightning/Earth for mission

Phase 1

  • Mantis will Paralyze/Petrify, Belmodar attacks with AOE Physical Lightning

Phase 2

  • Take down Ochu First, Dispel Buffs from Mini Ochus, Ochu will Blind/Silence/Confuse

Phase 3

  • Take out Roper first, if the jellys die first he will gain annoying buffs

Phase 4

  • Flamesblade will use AOE Death on HP Thresholds, so OTKO or use AOE Reraise, Hellrider will Poison/Paralyze/Disease

Phase 5

  • Focus on Main Body, Use Ice Resist & Stop Resist, Might have to use AOE Reraise if fight goes 2+ turns

Phase 6

  • Use AOE Reraise and use either Phoenix Down (will fail mission!) or Raise on him

Phase 7

  • Use Water resist buff, Provoke, Kill Chimera first

Phase 8

  • Use Fire Resist, be careful of Wyvern after self buff, maybe reraise Cover tank

Phase 9

  • Use Elemental Resist Buffs, Kill Searcher A than B, Dispel buffs, Stop/Charm resist until Searcher B is dead, Defeat with Magic


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