Quick & Dirty The Mad Doll Calcabrina fight tips


  • Clear: 100 Lapis; Cursed Doll (Accessory): 50 MAG, Ice Resist 30%, Confuse Resist -50%

  • Evoke Esper: 10% Trust Moogle

  • Complete a chain of 6 or more: Doll’s Eye (Materia): AOE Ice Imperil -40% for 3 turns & 30% Blind/Paralyze/Confuse/Petrify

  • Deal Fire, Water, Earth, and Light Damage: Dancing Doll (Materia): 30% MAG & 50% Magic Human Killer (25%? Some amount)

General Info

  • Race: Demon & Spirit

  • The fight is 2 phases, first fighting 3 Calco and 3 Brina dolls; the second fighting Calcabrina

  • All are Vulnerable to All Breaks

  • All have 50% Non-elemental Resistance

  • Phase one the dolls have much less SPR than DEFCalcabrina has much less DEF than SPR

  • They can inflict Poison, Silence, Paralyze, Confusion, Petrify

  • Bring a ST Provoke Tank (Higher HP/SPR/DEF recommended over Evade, as there is ST Magic attacks) and AOE Magic Cover tank with (buffed totals) 150% Fire/Water/Lightning resists. (if you attack with one of those elements, the boss will imperil it by 50% so you might only need 100% of the other two and 150% of the one you’re attacking with)

  • Hybrid Damage is recommended to be useful for both phases, or you can go with two damage types (like AOE Magic Chaining with Physical Finisher)

  • Main fight mechanic revolves around the bosses Countering you so Unit Action Order is Important

Phase 1

  • Attacking does not generate Esper or LB crysts, so you will either need to bring a summoner who can fill Esper gauge with an ability or grind out Esper orbs phase 2. Also take note if your comp relies on LBs.

  • The dolls are all ST damage

  • Their Counters work like this: They counter Physical damage with ST Physical, Magic Damage with ST Magic; these can’t be Provoked but CAN be Coveredthey will only counter the first unit to attack them

  • This means you can have one unit bait all the counters for the turn with an AOE attack as a First Unit Action of the turn and either be Covered or Raised/Reraised

  • You still need to Provoke their regular ST attacks

  • That’s about it, bring strong AOE breaks and work your way through them

Phase 2

  • The main boss has very low DEF similar to Marlboro Queen, but also a 4th of her HP and can be DEF broken further with no innate elemental resistances besides Non-elemental so it’s much easier to One Shot this boss with good Physical Damage

  • If you can’t, this boss is mostly AOE damage with some ST, and it’s counters are AOE ST, damage based on damage dealt (Physical -> Physical) and land as many times as it was attacked

  • This boss throws out Fire/Water/Lightning AOE Magic attacks, some with stronger damage and Imperils (-50%) if you attack with that element

  • No HP Hardlocks; It’s Thresholds are: 80% (AOE 99% HP & All Stat Break -50%), 60% (AOE Tri-element Magic attack & MP Drain), 30% (Both attacks from 80% and 60%), and 20% (Splits into Phase 1 dolls, fight is identical to Phase 1, after 5 turns they will reform into Calcabrina and reset Phase 2, this won’t repeat)

  • Based on it’s absurd 30% and 20% Thresholds, it’s highly recommended to bring it down from 31% to 0 at the very least

  • Don’t forget to Evoke an Esper sometime during either fight


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