Clearing The Torturous Trio with 4* units and one friend Dragonlord

Currently The Tortuous Trio is bugged and Wicked Moon can be escaped. This is a guide for players looking to clear it a more legit way or a guide for after the escape bug has been patched.

I’ve read through some of the comments here on which Unit helped them out the most but I haven’t seen any mention of Dragon(God)Lord. With a team of:

Warrior of Light (AoE Physical Cover) 100% dodge (Moosey can be done without 100% evade so long as 45% breaks and 100% buffs are applied, Using elixirs or potions with Seven you can heal WoL fighting with Dragonlord should only take 4-5 turns max)

  1. Soleil (needed for Wicked Moon) 120% magic buff requires enhancement.
  2. Lexa (dualcast tornado for wicked moon Aeroja Cap 2nd Spell) 800+ magic
  3. Lexa (dualcast tornado for wicked moon Aeroja Cap 2nd Spell) 800+ magic*use Ramuh or Leviathan for the killer effect on Wick Moon.*
  4. Enhance Seven (element lash 70% fire imperil)
  5. DragonLord (1068 magic) Kafrazzle +2, *Ramuh or Leviathan for Killers*.


Items needed: Elixirs or Y-potions (healing none evade WoL), Golden Needle(Echidna preemptive attack), Turbo Ether or Mega Ether(Dragonlord should need 1-2 after Moose). Bushido Freedom for Wicked Moon and Apostles.

For Moosey he perfectly aligns with the team

  1. Weak to wind
  2. only casts physical AoE abilities
  3. Gives your team 900 MP per turn because he’s a good guy.
  4. Dragonlord should make short work of him 4-5 turns max.

For Echidna she should only give you one problem with her preemptive attack. On my run she petrified and drained Dragonlord. Use a Golden Needle to cure petrify and lexa gave DL a elixir. 2nd turn she was smoked with Kafrazzle and tornado chains.

  1. Only has 5 million HP.
  2. Only potential problem is who she selects on her pre-emptive attack.
  3. Does have innate 50% wind resistance, but None to Fire and Dragonlord exploits it.
  4. Might have to use a couple items to restore your team.


For Wicked Moon/ Bloody Moon. Problematic for most people however power creep has caught up to him in the form of Dragonlord. Moon is also willing to go down easy but requires one turn setup for Soleil to reach her 120% buff. Also Dragonlord needs more help from the team to accomplish it. In order to legit kill Moon you need:

  1. Dragonlord is perfect in this setup.
  2. Fire imperil of 70% Ace and eSeven can do it for you.
  3. A buffer of 120% Magic or More (Soleil and MS Nichol)
  4. Good timing on Kafrizzle.
  5. An AoE dispel like Bushido Freedom or Potion of Cleansing.

You can clear the new Trial with 4* units good gear and one Powered up Dragonlord friend.


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