Terrarat trial in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - Quick Tip

The long lost cousin of Behemoth came back for a holiday, and he wanted to have some sparring fun. Here’s what you need to prepare to win this fight.

  • Paralysis resistance
  • Any sort of Stop resist, would be great if you bring a dispel unit (Bushido-Freedom, Fingersnap)
  • ATK/MAG break, this is a must. Or else his Physical AoE will wipe your team easy
  • Mostly are physical attack, has Flare(ST) and Meteor(AoE)
  • Constantly has Magic+Physical Immunity, but not invulnerable. You can slowly halve his HP.

Have fun!

I went in blind with my casual best team, took me more than 20 turns to slowly finish him off. Phew. Stops and Paralyzes keep stopping my team from doing things, and a few turn without ATK/MAG break nearly wiped my team.


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