Searching for Animal Crossing design inspiration on Reddit and Twitter can be extremely intimidating, as these social platforms are flooded with gorgeous islands and homes. I’m regularly floored by the New Horizons players who create HGTV-level masterpieces, making use of the new design tools — like partitions and polishes — which are available post-update, and with the addition of the Happy Home Paradise DLC. But there are also those of us who grabbed a copy of Paradise, and decided, “Ah, yes, time for absolute chaos.”

Paradise, which has players designing vacation homes for villagers, is basically primed for tomfoolery. Sure, you have to get a villager’s approval on a design before moving on to the next client — but the “grading” system is pretty permissive. Because passing only requires you to have those three key items the villager requested, you’re free to do whatever your heart pleases with the rest of the home. I myself am guilty of taking liberties with this, having created such atrocities as “Sword Yard” and “Personal SoulCycle Studio.” And I’m not alone: Players have made extremely blursed (cursed, yet blessed) interiors for their villagers.

First up, there’s nothing more inspiring than a simple design choice, made absolutely impactful. It’s practically Thiebaud-esque:

Go forth and sow chaos, fellow Happy Home Paradise players.

Source: Polygon


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