Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update promised a deluge of new items — and a few weeks into the release, it’s clear the update has absolutely delivered. Players are busy collecting adorable new gyroids, making use of glowing moss and vines, and adding partitions and hanging lighting to their interiors. There are also lots of new useful items for beautiful island designing, from castle towers for fortress builds to pergolas and gazebos for gardens.

But there are also a handful of slightly more peculiar items that players have encountered, and started working into builds. Here are some of Polygon’s favorite off-the-beaten-path items that you might find at Nook’s Cranny.

Rescue Mannequin

A pile of bones is a bleak sight, but at least this item already has “creepy” in the name. Are these bones… real? Are they props? If the skeleton is real, then it’s especially disconcerting to buy it off of the Nook brothers, who sell it casually on the shop counter next to home wares like typewriters and chairs.

That said, this one is a perfect item for anyone who is an enduring fan of Halloween, has a spooky island theme, or is making an archeology themed island.

Vine Hanging Chair

Lily’s loving the vine chair! from

This one might look cute, and seem like a totally normal addition — but I have personally decided it is cursed. This vine hanging chair gives me major Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone vibes, with a tangle that looks fit to consume whomever has the misfortune to take a seat in it. Plus, it doesn’t even look comfortable? That said, even if I personally wouldn’t sit in this, it does look great alongside other new vine items.

Source: Polygon


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