The Oregon Trail was released on Apple Arcade in 2021, and it’s getting a sister app on the Apple Watch called The Oregon Trail: Steptracker. It will compare your daily steps to the daily steps taken by voyagers on The Oregon Trail–in essence, a fancy way of counting your steps, with some additional features thrown in.

Users will be able to see The Oregon Trail’s changing landscapes, different towns, and statistical summaries. According to The Oregon Trail developer Gameloft, if you walked 10,000 steps per day, it’d take you over a year to complete the journey.

The mobile version of The Oregon Trail is pretty faithful to the original game, though Gameloft did hire consultants to better depict the Native American experience and perspective. You can build your party from 10 different classes, deal with random events, and take care of your caravan–else dysentery will take your group before the end of the journey.

Apple Arcade is a game subscription service for Apple devices that costs $5 per month. Classic mobile titles like Temple Run and Angry Birds (Reloaded) headline the offerings, along with sport games like NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition. There’s a one-month free trial for any users who’d like to test the service out before committing.

Source: Gamespot


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