Eliminate Jie Revorse: Boss Notes + New Characters/Weapons

Note: Other than what’s been stated in the in-game announcement, I take this information based on what happened on JP at this stage. Please not that there may be some changes to the event or characters to be released, and the names might be off due to translation differences.

Event Duration 7/24 – 8/18 PT

Boss Notes

  1. Jie Revorse is Machine and weak against Lightning Element. Using Lightning-element attacks can help inflict Element Burst. Equipment or Talents that are Anti-Machine also help. Roddick and Myuria are some very suitable characters to take on the boss, having both Lightning attacks and access to anti-Machine weaponry.
  2. Jie Revorse can inflict Paralysis. Be sure to equip Anti-Paralysis Amulet on your main, now available in the Legacy Gerel shop!
  3. Jie Revorse appears alone, in a single stage.

New Weapons

Between the event and the event shop, you should be able to get 6 each of these weapons, just enough to fully uncap them. Stats listed are at Level 20

Mist Blade Takemikazuchi (Dagger) – 471 ATK

  • Add Lightning Element to attacks
  • +20% Nel’s Flying Guillotine (Poison)
  • +10% ATK (5 LB)

Serpent Edge (Dagger) – 475 ATK

  • Add Ice Element to attacks
  • +20% Claire’s Aqua Spread
  • +0.5s Hit Count Timer (5 LB)

Aura Blade (OHS) – 478 ATK

  • +20% Roddick’s Dragon Slash
  • +20% Damage to Machines
  • +4% Critical Chance (5 LB)

Neo SRF Bow (Bow) – 477 ATK

  • Add Wind Element to attacks
  • +20% Reimi’s Savage Sparrows
  • Extra Hit (5%) to normal attack (5 LB)

New Characters

  • 5* Roddick (Attacker) – OHS
  • 5* Millie (Healer) – Staff
  • 5* Claire (Sharpshooter/Non-Ace) – Daggers
  • 5* Reimi (Sharpshooter) – Bow

These 4 characters will all be permanently added to the gacha, although they will have an increased rate in their own gacha running concurrently with the event. Character talents listed below is how they are when augmented to 6*.



  • Reduce Symbology Cast Time by 20% (All)
  • Stun Rate +40% (All)
  • ATK +30% (Self)


  • Power: ATK x 3,000%
  • Max Hit Count: 7
  • Element: Lightning
  • Buffs: AP Consumption -40%, Damage taken -20% (Self/60 seconds)

Personal Comment: Between his Lightning-focused tech lineup and the powerful Stun Rate buff from his Talent, parties with Roddick have an easier time keeping bosses stunned. Lightning-resistant enemies aside, he’s a great DPS for pretty much any battle.



  • Inflict +30% Elemental Damage (All)
  • Damage Taken -30% (Self)
  • AP Cost -20% (Self)


  • Power: INT x 2,000%
  • Max Hit Count: 11
  • Element: Earth
  • Buffs: Heal 80% HP (All), Critical Chance +50% (All/20 seconds)

Personal Comment: Higher stats as an Ace and the ability to contribute a good deal more to a party’s offense makes her preferable to Miki for most. Definitely the healer of choice once she arrives.



  • Reduce ATK Damage -30% (All)
  • Do not flinch when taking damage of 20% HP or less (All)


  • Power: ATK x 3,000%
  • Max Hit Count: 6
  • Element: N/A
  • Buffs: Damage Dealt +80% (All/20 seconds)

Personal Comment: Her battle style is very similar to Nel’s, though her abilities aren’t. The ability to prevent flinching is pretty valuable in the current environment due to its rarity, and the damage buff from her Rush is also massive.



  • Reduce INT Damage -40% (All)
  • Damage Dealt +20% (All)
  • Nullify Status Ailments (Self/180 seconds)
  • 80% of surviving a lethal attack at 10% HP or more (Self)


  • Power: ATK x 2,500%
  • Max Hit Count: 7
  • Element: Dark
  • Nullify Status Ailments, HP Regen 15% per 3 seconds (All/15 seconds)

Personal Comment: Can function as something of a pseudo-Healer due to her Rush, and her status immunity makes her excellent for the Maze and other status-using foes. Builds Rush really damn fast.

With the event announcement, I decided to compile (from a couple of JP sites) some of the information we know about the first Jie Revorse event in one place. Like our current events, we players must fight the boss over and over again to collect coins, which can be exchanged for various items in the Shop. The start of the event would also mark the first actual rate-up Gacha in this game, which is really exciting! Anyways, I do hope people find it helpful; I would like to do more of these info-compiling posts in the future if people think this is nice. Please let me know if anything looks wrong.

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