Small tips for Star Ocean: Anamnesis players

Tip 1: Changing your favorite is not your On loan character

Just in case someone thought changing your favorite on your main screen means people will see your main 5 star in select screen or when they add you, no its not.

To change on loan hold on the character pic you want and when it goes into the character profile or something there is On loan written there just near the 3d model.

Im quite far and still see plenty of that noob starting character with ppl who is on higher rank so i hope this helps.

Tip 2: Rerolling

I just wanted to let everyone know that when you are rerolling, instead of deleting the app/clearing data and reinstalling all the files, just clear the cache and nothing else, the game resets that way and you do not need to download any files at all.

Tip 3: Swipe up during story mode to see a log of previous dialogue

If you missed something or accidentally tapped through it you can swipe up to bring up a log of the dialogue from the story mission.

Tip 4: Turn off Battle Camera Effects

Not required, but made combat way more enjoyable for me since I could actually see wtf was going on. The battle camera is cool and all but the constant zooming in and out every time you attack/skill and the cluster of particles made it hard to make out what I was doing and enjoy combat.

Just thought some others might feel the same way and thought I’d share : ) loving the game so far!

Other > Settings > Battle > Uncheck “Battle Camera Effects”

Tip 5: Tip for Gathering Mutual Follows

If you don’t want to browse the friend codes thread endlessly, you can occasionally get a “follower” that will show up in your loaner list when doing missions. I’ve been grinding the last boss in planet 3 for rank exp and am getting someone who follows me pop up about every 3-5 runs. It’s filling up my mutual follows pretty nicely now.

Always check for the “follower” tag when selecting a companion for missions.

Tip 6: You can Kick People in Multiplayer Lobby!

I know a lot of people do not realize this but it is possible to Kick Members from your Multiplayer Lobbies. So that means you don’t have to Disband Party when you get someone who Cant Read.

All you have to do is. Press and Hold on who you want to remove then press the Dismiss Button.

Tip 7: Seed value

So I bought the seed packs in the shop and went to test it to see how much they increase your stat by (even though I had a feeling I already knew it)

Before I start I want to say that I used the seeds on myuria so the max boost may differ on someone else

Atk: 1 per seed (+70 max on myuria) Def: 1 per seed (+60 max on myuria) GRD: 1 per seed (+40 max on myuria) Int: 1 per seed (+120 max on myuria) Hp: 5 per seed (around +600 max on myuria) Hit: 1 per seed ( +50 max on myuria) AP: 1 per seed (+5 max on myuria)

Ps: using seeds is EXPENSIVE, 3 AP seeds cost 1.5M, also all the seeds pack together cost 4500 gems

Tip 8: 200k Achievement is spammable

So, I’m sure most of you guys have figured it out already but the Collect 200k Achievement is infinitely repeatable. The reward is 30k. So for those of you who are buying/hoarding Plat ingots, you should be selling 2 Ingots at a time, collecting the Achievement, then selling another 2 Ingots. Figured someone could make use of this information because I didn’t realize til I had already sold off most of the free ingots we got in game. Happy farming!

Tip 9: There’s a second 5* Ace Ticket available

For those unaware, there’s currently a bonus on the character draw. Every 5k crystal draw nets you 5 enchanted tablets, you can exchange 15 of these for a 5* Ace Ticket. I don’t know whether it’s worth it to drop 15k on the current characters for an extra Ace Ticket, but the offer expires in 24 days and there’s no word on whether or not the next draw will dish out enchanted tablets.

Tip 10: For those of us maining niche units

As a Nel main, people seem to be averse to running her because she won’t always be useful, unlike Maria. While Nel does have a solid niche continuing into the future with her poisons, the fact DOES remain that there are fights where she cannot proc poison, in which case she will literally do less damage than most tanks. There are obviously valid reasons not to main a niche unit because any solution you find to their issues WILL involve more effort; that said, if anyone like me wants to main a niche unit and is willing to do so…

Have a low investment SECONDARY character ready to go for when your character IS useless. This is a much easier example to give with Nel because she is polarizing – either amazing or absolutely useless depending on the fight, but we’ll roll with it. The (hopefully) upcoming boss Jie Revorse is immune to poisons – if I were to bring Nel, I’d literally be operating as a damage dealer that doesn’t do damage, since all my damage and utility lies in my ability to proc poisons which would literally be impossible on that fight. At the same time, since I’ll have invested a lot of practice with her kit and resources like starseeds/lb crystals, some of my other units will most likely not be as highly invested as she is and be less useful by nature. So why not bring a HEALER or DEFENDER? Those roles don’t gain nearly as much from resource investment as damage roles do, because they can perform what they need to do literally just from the start. They also need more representation in the community because they make fights extremely safe and very few people like playing them.

If anyone watches fighting games like mortal kombat or smash brothers, you’ll know that a lot of players who don’t main a high tier character tend to have something besides their main that they have practice on in case they get counterpicked or something. Even players that DO main high tier characters have the same thing, but it’s less important because they main the high tier picks regardless. The point of this post was to provide a solution similar to that concept for anyone willing to put in the extra effort to try and work around some issues with their mains. It doesn’t have to be a healer or defender but those are definitely the path of least resistance (although, if you’re maining a niche character, you’re already not going down the easiest road).



TL;DR: If you’re maining a niche unit or a mid/low tier, practice on a healer or defender for situations when your character would actively hinder your party.

Tip 11: Disable battle skill name display

If you have trouble identifying boss’ skills or timing for evade, go to Settings > Battle > Battle Skill Name Display.

Untick the box, and only enemies’ skill names will be displayed, this helps in learning the enemies’ behavior and easier timing for evade. Good luck!

Tip 12: You only need one TYPE of Limit Break Crystal to Limit Break characters, not all 3

Most people already know this but the menu says to choose ONE: Small, Medium or Large type to Limit break characters. Cheers!

Tip 13: Coral Red Hammer Usage

Event Guides: Planet of the Deep Blue Sea [PREDATE QUEEN]

The current event only have 1 copy of the event weapons, and instead you need to farm (or buy the 5 in store) red hammer from deep sea event to uncap the event weapons. The red hammers can only be used for summer event weapons and cannot be used to uncap other non-event weapons.

Also once you have uncap your event weapons and have extra red hammer (since they still drop), you can use them to +1 your weapons like a 5 star blue plat hammer. Since you can’t use the red hammer on other stuff, might as well use it to get your weapons to +20 and save yourself some blue hammers. Good luck and have fun this summer!

(To be updated)

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