Healer Analysis: Why you are being told to wait for Rena(?), and should you even.

Lately, people have have been telling people to save for Rena and do not bother chasing any other healer. Much like how Maria was being advertised as ‘the only 5* Starter worth picking’, I wanted to go into detail of four healers, upcoming or otherwise already released.

I strongly feel there was a common misconception involving Maria being ‘the only futureproof’, leading to only Maria being played for the first two weeks. I want to, with this post, offer insight to Rena’s superiority… or /alleged/ superiority.

Let’s begin by looking at the four healers in question, and going into a bit of deeper reading to reveal some information.


Miki Sauvester (The Worst? Healer) / Non-Ace – Staff User

L70LB10 HP: 11,235 ATK: 1,589 INT: 2,594 DEF: 1,379 HIT: 959 GRD: 1,043 ||| Skills: Radiant Lancer 27 AP – Power: INT x 300% Max Hit Count: 8 Element: Light | Ex Healing 50 AP – Power: INT x 326% Max Hit Count: 1 (One Ally Heal) | Sunflare 42 AP – Power: INT x 570% Max Hit Count: 6 Element: Light | Faerie Star 70 AP – Power: INT x 326% Max Hit Count: 1 (All Allies Heal) | Talents: Industrial Housecleaning – INT +30% (Self) | Glutton II – Reduce Symbol Invoking Time by 30% (Self) | Beginner’s Luck – At 10% HP or higher, has a 80% chance of Surviving a Lethal Attack (Self) | Rush: Divine Wave – Heals 30% of Max HP every 4 seconds (All Allies 20 seconds) Power: INT x 2,000% Max Hit Count: 4

Millie Chilette (Trolled by Maria) – Ace – Staff User

L70LB10 HP: 13,860 ATK: 1,759 INT: 2,494 DEF: 1,353 HIT: 1,057 GRD: 1,134 | Skills: Healing 40 AP – Power: INT x 163% Max Hit Count: 1 (One Ally Heal) | Crush 20 AP – Power: INT x 190% Max Hit Count: 2 Element: Earth | Stone Rain 35 AP – Power: INT x 460% Max Hit Count: 5 Element: Earth | Faerie Star 70 AP – Power: INT x 326% Max Hit Count: 1 (All Allies Heal) | Talents: Like Father, Like Daughter – All Elemental Damage Dealt +30% (Party) | Rabbit’s Foot – Damage Taken -30% (Self) | Fortune of Mana – AP Cost -20% (Self) | Rush: Tractor Beam – HP 80% Recovery & Critical Rate +50% (All Allies 20 seconds) Power: INT x 2,000% Max Hit Count: 11 Element: Earth

Rena Lanford (The Second Coming of Christ) – Ace – Close Range Knuckles User

L70LB10 HP: 13,860 ATK: 1,773 INT: 2,482 DEF: 1,327 HIT: 1,064 GRD: 1,141 | Skills: Radiant Lancer 27 AP – Power: INT x 300% Max Hit Count: 8 Element: Light | Angel Feather (AR) 95 AP – Power: 20% 20 seconds Max Hit Count: 1 (All Allies ATK・INT・DEF・HIT・GRD Increase) | Faerie Light (AR) 60 AP – Power: INT x 246% Max Hit Count: 1 (All Allies Heal) | Laser Beams 55 AP – Power: INT x 570% Max Hit Count: 12 Element: Light | Talents: Healing Light – Heals 10% of Max HP every 5 seconds (All Close Range Weapon Allies) | One that has crossed Space-Time – Reduce Symbology Cast Time by 80% (Self) | Wish from two mothers – AP Consumption -15% (Self) | Nede Descendant – At 10% HP or higher, has a 90% chance to survive a fatal blow (Self) | Rush: Star Flare – Critical Rate +60% (All Close Range Weapon Allies 20 seconds) Power: ATK x 2,500% Max Hit Count: 10 Element: Light

Evelysse (My Time Has Finally Come!) – Ace – Staff User

L70LB10 HP 12,180 ATK 1,747 INT 2,520 DEF 1,523 HIT 1,071 GRD 1,141 | Skills: Radiant Lancer 27 AP INT x 300% Max Hit Count: 8 Light | Summon Comet 30 AP INT x 360% Max Hit Count: 5 Light | Faerie Light 60 AP INT x 246% Max Hit Count: 1 Healing | Sunflare 42 AP INT x 570% Max Hit Count: 6 Light | Talents: Surging Intelligence INT +20% (party) | Determined Talent Rush Combo Damage +20% (party) | Shining Star’s Blessing Heals 3% of Max HP every 3 seconds (self) | Mysterious Symbology AP cost -25% (self) | Rush: Celestial Calling – Revives party members / INT +100% (self/20 seconds) INT x 3500% Max Hit Count: 10 Light


All information has been shamelessly wiki-lifted, and can be corrected as needed.

So, here are our contestants. I want to begin with the obvious; Miki is an NON-Ace YOU DID NOT SEE THIS TYPO vs. three ACTUALLY Aces LALALA. You can go by their stats how much this matters vs. Miki’s reduced investment cost.

Stat wise, the biggest diparity is Miki’s inferior HP, but everyone has a similar INT score, meaning in terms of by-the-number Damage/Healing, we’re all similar before multipliers.

So, let’s focus on the actual meat we care about; Skills/Talents/Rush

Each healer besides Millie focuses on Light-element damage for their supplement, so this is something to note that Millie has Earth going for her when this matters.


Out the gate, Miki will feature the highest INT of the healers, with a nice but selfish Self 30% Bonus. Evelysse has a smaller 20%, but it is party wide, as well as party-wide Rush damage. Millie offers no INT bonus, but her fantastic, if not limited, 30% Elemental Damage UP. Rena has her “I dump my AP Bar for Buffs” +20% to all stats.

Miki has a respectable Reduced Symbology Cast Time of 30%, while Rena has her absurd 80% (due to her role as being more of a DPS than a true healer). Evelysse and Millie are slow.

Miki and Rena both feature the useful but relative to your ability to DODGE “Guts” Mechanic, Miki’s 80% to Rena’s 90%. Millie just opts to reduce her damage received by 30%, Rena opts to just constantly regen her health, and Eve does so far weaker, and would prefer to just roll over and die.

Finally, unless your name is Miki, you feature innate AP reduction.

Now, with out AP skill investment, let us look at some basic Damage Rotations if you want to contribute more besides Auto Battling/Spamming your AoE heal:

Miki will opt for Radiant > Sun > Radiant, for a total of 22 Hits with 1070% Power before Chain Bonuses. Or, if you insist, 300% + 150%, 570% + 200%, and 300% + 300%.


Millie will manage, with her AP Reduction, a rotation of Crush > Stone Rain > Crush > Stone Rain, with a total of 14 hits at 1300% Power. You can add the Rush Bonuses, but we will note Millie does NOT benefit from any form of Symbology Reduction.

Rena is thankful she has innate AP reduction, because she can barely manage Radiant > Laser > Radiant, with a total of 28 Hits with 1070% Power. This is in fact Miki, but with 80% Reduced cast time. And more hits. And Rena is a jerk. Also, to note, Rena is a Short-Range Knuckles user, a fairly unique niche she’ll appreciate due to her kit only benefiting Close Range allies.

Unfortunately, with out knowing how AP costs round (If someone informs me I can update this), Evelysse with full AP Seed investment falls short of a full rotation without an AP Regen tick between her abilities. As I am unable to test this for obvious reasons, instead I will present her Likely Rotation vs. Her Potential

Eve will match Miki’s rotations, but with a potential AP Tick, she will instead be doing Radiant > Sun > Radiant > Sun for a total of 28 Hits at 1740 Power. However, Eve’s lack of Cast time Reduction will punish her output speed wise. Oh, and after her rush she will just start exploding damage because +80% INT is fair.

We’re going to ignore their healing, since if you want to be a one-note AFK Farmbot with just your AoE heal slotted, you should just use Rena and feel bad.

At first glance, it may seem like Millie is far behind the others with her poor hit counts, but she does have that +30% Elemental Damage going for.

It should be apparent why Rena is given so much love; She is a healer who doesn’t want to heal. She empowers good team play, and would prefer to deal as much damage as possible. She is, in fact, the ‘worst’ Healer, but the better Support of the four.


A Radiant/Laser/Angel Rena will actually be incapable of healing her team in any manner outside of her Regen passive, which does little for Most Sharpshooters/Most Invokers, but this is just who Rena is; She really only wants to play with Attackers/Defenders/Select Others.

Rena is fast, she deals good damage, and she offers passive sustainability and a damage spike in her Rush. She’s good. She’s damn good. But she’s not end all be all. She sports the second hardest hitting Rush as well.

Let’s just get this out of the way too; Evelysse is the best healer, period. If you’re using a dedicated healer, you’re expecting mistakes. If you’re expecting mistakes, Evelysse’s Revival Rush is going to get more mileage out of your time spent. There’s no contest; If you want to heal, use Evelysse. She also has the hardest hitting Rush by a landslide due to it’s multiplier + her passive.

So, if we have Rena for DPS/Support, and Evelysse for Healing, where does this leave Miki and Millie?

Unfortunately, the only niches left are going to be Investment, and Optimization. Miki being a Non-Ace means those stats you see above are -far- easier for her to obtain. Ontop of that, Miki has respectable damage going for her, and her Rush provides passive renewal, enabling her to focus more on Damage than not.

Millie, will offer the least of the three when it comes to having all four around; her Critical Buff is taken by Rena, her healing output is squashed by Evelysse, and Miki will be a faster damage/healing output more reliably. Millie’s niche will fall into a similar state Roddick is in; She will shine on pre-built teams, but be worse when just playing casually.


In a team of Elemental Weakness exploitation, Millie will help rival Rena’s capabilities in Team Party Output, and that Millie will benefit Ranged-locked characters, where Rena will not.

However, as noted with Roddick, this requires a pre-built party. In fact, to Millie’s credit, her and Roddick work -incredibly- well together, and if you can find a Roddick friend to play with, Millie will be -substantially- better than she looks on paper.

I could get more in-depth here, but I want to leave you all with your own thoughts, and I wanted to shed the perception that Rena is the “Absolute Best Healer”; she is arguably the ‘worst’ -Healer-, but by and far, for the time, one of the best enablers and supportive DPS in the game.

Edit: Rena is actually arguably the best Healer, but due to her needing to bring her unique Buff along, she will be in this odd position of Damage/Buff/Heal slotting, and thus be… really clunky to use. This is ‘Auto Battle Rena’, where you slot only her buff and heal, and go AFK. It’s not as fun as DPS Rena, but she is the ‘best Auto Battle Healer’ and ‘best pure healer’ and I hate how imbalanced she is.

Evelysse will be the better ‘I need to carry the party’ pick due to her revival, and Miki is the best ‘Low investment, moderate yields’ choice for people who want a healer in their pocket, but don’t care for the demands the role promotes.


Millie just… has nothing going for her once Rena comes out (As I’ve joked about in a certain thread), barring being more useful in Ranged-mixed teams. However, unless you pre-build a team of Millie/Roddick or Invoker/Invoker/Invoker, just pass on Millie.

In conclusion, I hope I have made it a bit more obvious as to why Rena is heralded as she is; She’s a DPS pretending to be a Healer. For you healer enthusiasts, Evelysse is your safe bet. For those not worried either way, pick your favorite waifu.

My goal was to show Miki is not as bad as people are claiming she is; she’s a cheap investment, with good yields, and while a touch ‘selfish’, is a nice middle-ground between ‘I want to heal, but I also want to blast jerks’. Don’t feel like your +10 Miki’s were a poor investment, she’ll still be useful, but you may be booted if people are seeking to optimize.

Edit 2: Adding that Rena’s Rush at base values will be weaker than Miki’s, due to Rena’s rush being ATK instead of INT. However, Rena has a higher multiplier, meaning she will receive more from sources than Miki will. The poster below pointed out a base to base comparison, which while valid for a quick analysis, does not apply when you factor in multipliers.

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