This FFBE: War Of The Visions basic guide is to help f2p and light users manage their gem and learn build their team effectively.

If you are more hardcore players and wish to start the game with nice characters, check this reroll guide with some analysis of early War Of The Visions tier list: (mostly for reroll)

Vision for party build

Soft goal for early players who is competitive is to have three units that unlock all skills at 6*. This will take sometimes to collect awaken materials and units shards as a f2p players However, the game has been more and more generous each day, so it is expected to be easier in the future. As for light users, there are some very cheap and valuable one-time purchase package that so keep up the pace will be much easier.

The early aim for building a team in this game is a party of three, not five! Aiming 5 units will take a very long time and require too much result. Almost all of the PVE content doesn’t require more than three unit, and all kind of competitive content such as PVP, Arena, and Guild War consist a team of three. So you should focus on building just three units first.


  • From here onward, Unit with LB3 and 6 star are called Lv 79 unit.
  • In this game, any unit less than 6* and LB3 (level 79) are trash…
  • Soft Goal is to have Lv 79 units x 3 as soon as possible so you can play competitively.

At level 79, you can unlock all the skills panel, and this unit has somewhat become 80-90% strength of what he would be at level 99 already. So this is “Best value” point for strength/cost. Then Skill play come afterward. With a good tactic, I have won over lv 99 units before using cheap cost style.

For a f2p, or light player who is eager to go competitive fast, it is recommended to start during event, because there will be a limited unit that you can LB2 for free. You only need to spend 6000 more from shop in order to get LB3. and you will also likely to get one exclusive limited SSR that is free to LB5. So you will be able to get 2 of 3 units for your party already. If you are a reroller during event, you could choose a good reroll for having both of the limited unit then you will end up with party of three ready to start in early rank of guild war.

For a f2p or light player who is aim for long term strength. It is recommended to go Max lv. 99 UR rarility units 1 by 1 with free units as the rest of the team. There are two choice to consider:

  1. Aim at limited event UR unit who can LB2~3 for free, then spend ~20,000 lapis to max LB5 him, once at a time, and keep all your rapis for the event.
  2. Aim at “newly picked up” regular unit who you can spend around 12,000 in shop (daily shop and pick up shop both) to get LB3 him fast. And then you can farm more shards at Hard quest for free. Eventually, he will also be LB5 max. (in the sense of future update buff, regular unit has more chance than limited unit)

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Useful & cheap units / vision cards

Free must get

There are some very powerful free unit and easy to get. They seem to generously give away each time they have a new Collab event. You gotta grind through it first tho, but they are good and can hope for long term use until you get stronger UR at lv 99 in the future.

Monto - FFBE: War Of The Visions basic guide

  • Monto is a main character in this game, and all of his shards can be gathered from shop using coins. He is as strong as UR tank, and in 1-1 fight, he could beat many UR at the same level due to his strong physical defend. Monto is commonly used for any kind of players. His only weakness is A.I. that has chance to use AP using stone throw. Else, he would be considered UR equal. Monto is considered to be strongest SSR at current face value.

Ysholta - FFBE: War Of The Visions basic guide

  • Y’sholta is limited free unit from FF14 event, he is all-purpose mage that can be the first mage you needed until very later where you might want a more specialized character. She can raise, heal, attack. She can buff and cure bad status. She is very strong for PVP mode with player control. The only problem is that if you didn’t farm her shards during FF14 event, then you shouldn’t use her.

Gafgarian - FFBE: War Of The Visions basic guide

  • Gafgarian is limited free unit from FFT event. He is totally what you’d expected of a Dark knight. He has very strong attack skills against human units that make him excel against competitive content. He is also very strong attacker that would help you kill boss in farming PVE stage faster. His only issue is that he has low health. So he is your typical glass-cannon type DPS.

I think that even with just these three free unit, you could already build a good and balance team with them at all lv. 99. So SQEX actually are very generous here. Don’t be surprised when your team got beaten by any of them if you look down on these three.

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Easy to find Vision card and equipments

You are likely to come across some of these ultimate SSR cards, so raise them as soon as possible. Those cards are generally used even among whale, and they are somewhat stronger than even majority of UR cards.

“Secret Life” is one of the most useful cards for current stage, because it give huge Slash buff to party, while most of the current units and probably future in this game will also be Slash type. It also gives good status, and give high agility on equipped unit. The draw back on lower mag def is not important at current stage.

“Oath of Love” is probably the strongest card in this right now.

This card directly mess with opponent A.I. to direct attack toward the unit equipped so it is competitive card that everybody likes to put on tank. It also boosts good status and buff ATk for whole party.

These two card below are R and SR, so it is even easier to find than the early two. However, keep in mind that these two will be replaced quickly once your team grow stronger.

The bull card gives very high atk on equipped unit with draw back on luck (effect critical rate).

The sabotender card gives very high agility on equipped unit, but reduce def. (Some use this card on PVP just so that he will start earliest turn and do whatever he planned)

Note: Bull give highest ATK stats on equipped unit, and Sabotender give highest agility stats on equipped unit among SSR-R tier.

Last but not least

In this game, all the best equipment are craft gear. But they will require very high amount of time and effort to obtain the best stat value. So everybody should begin with “N tier” equipment that you can purchase from shop first, these equipment is cheap and easily to max level at 30. It will have good stat enough for you to be competitive with it on the early game. Then players should hope to go further by crafting SSR gear, but only do so at during crafting event period, which will come around 1-2 times per months.

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Special credits:

  • F2P/Basic Guide: PST (Discord)


  1. what a good article,

    i want to build 3 unit too as fast as possible maybe including yoshitola & mont as free & cheap unit.

    Currently i have mediena,oelde,ziza,engelbert and ayaka… so do you think what UR Unit should i include in 3Unit Party?

    is it yoshitola,mont,mediena good ? (having 2 mage)

    or i should go with ziza as Damager ?


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