Destiny Child guide for beginners

This Destiny Child guide is based on experience as well as feedback from other users’ experience from Destiny Child community. Also, due to the length of the guide, this Destiny Child guide might have some unforseeable errors. Feel free to check it regularly as the guide will be constantly updating to match with the current progess of the game.

This Destiny Child guide will help you the most when use it in combination with Destiny Child tier list. You can check the link below:


This is a short reroll guide for new players. You can also check out the guide to reroll with macro here: Destiny Child Reroll Macro Guide.

How to reroll on Android

Method 1

Note: If you have any other games installed create a new google account for this one as doing this method will clear your other game data as well.

  1. Use fodder Google account to link to the game.
  2. When done with 10x summons close the game.
  3. Open Google Play Games app and go to settings and at bottom click Delete account data which deletes the play games gamer id.
  4. Re-open game and create a new gamer id using the same Google account as before.
  5. Repeat, you can even re-use the same name u picked before.

Method 2

  1. Create new line account
  2. Open DC and login with new line account
  3. Roll
  4. Delete line account
  5. Repeat

How to reroll on iOS

  1. If Jailbroken delete Support.dat file and reopen client.
  2. If not Jailbroken re-install the game (or just use Android emulator on pc (Nox player, Ldplayer, etc.).

Destiny Child guide – Currencies


Destiny Child guide 1

These are given quite generously in the game, especially at the start. They have a lot of different usages in the game:

  1. Allow you to do pulls (gacha) and get new childs (units that you use in the game) or equipment.
  2. Reset or speed up processes (Very expensive, highly discouraged. Use only if you are sure that the cost is justified).
  3. Buy stamina or gold in the shop (very inefficient).


Destiny Child guide 2

Gold will be the currency you will run out the fastest at the start of the game. Mid-way to level 100 you will start to pile it up, but it will still be very useful to keep some reserved. More on that later.

Gold can be used for the following:

  1. For upgrading a child’s skills (auto, tap, slide)
  2. Upgrading the number of stars of a child (★+)
  3. Enhancing a child (+1,2,3,4,5,6)
  4. Upgrading equipment
  5. Pulling low grade equipment/child to use as fodder

Blood gems

The most valuable of all the currencies in game and the hardest by far to obtain. You can only farm 1 consistently per day by completing all daily tasks. The minimum to be used is 12 at a time.

It’s basically a real currency for extra rewards if you want, when you do in app purchases.

Blood gems are used for:

  1. The Scarlet Market – a bunch of transactions which cost a lot and give decent rewards
    (I again suggest that you learn what these transactions give you before using blood gems here.)
  2. House of Resurrection (HoR) / Synth room – Minimum of 12 at a time. Allow you to try your luck by gambling away multiple 4-stars with a much higher chance (minimum of 10%, compared to 0.9% from pulls) to get a 5-stars. Note that chance goes up the more childs you put, but so does the cost in blood gems as well.


Onyx is obtained by extracting it from (preferably) low star childs. It is used to awaken a child, giving them significant stat boosts. You can extract onyx from any character you have. You can without a doubt always extract onyx for 2-stars and under. Some 3-stars are valuable not a lot, just a couple.

Note: It is generally suggested to avoid extracting onyx from EXP fodder. They look like slimes. These are much better used to feed to childs for experience (surprise!). Similar in appearance are evo fodder (also look like slimes).

Dungeon coins

Used for the shop tab from story mode

Obtain by: clearing stages mostly

Recommended usage: Buy evolution gems (like those below) and ignore the rest.

Rumble coins

Used in the rumble PVP shop

Gain though: Rumble PVP matches mostly

Recommended usage: Buy evolution gems as well and ignore the rest. (It’s very unlikely you get enough to buy items anyway. Note that some items are PVP shop exclusive.)

Friend points

Usable in the friend list gacha for 100 per pull.

Obtain by:

  1. Having friends send coins out in daily gifts.
  2. A friend used your leader in combat. (You can set any child as your leader by tapping the heart in the child info pop-up. You should select your best unit available as leader to make it attractive to friends to select it)

The friend gacha can be accessed from the bottom left button in the friends tab (shield icon). It gives any of the following in a small quantity:

  • Stamina
  • Dungeon coins
  • Rumble coins
  • Gems
  • Onyx
  • Gold

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Destiny Child guide – Useful todo list


As a new player, there are several goals to work towards to.

  • Devil Fiesta

Devil Fiesta gives a lot of rewards and a 5* Child ticket at the end of completion. All missions can be completed beforehand, which means it is actually possible to complete them all day 1. Rewards cannot be claimed until the respective day has been reached. Below are the totals needed to complete Devil Fiesta:

  1. Reach Candidate Lv. 25
  2. Clear up to Normal 3-2-4 in Story Mode
  3. Play through all event dungeons 12 times
  4. Explore the 1st area of exploration mode for 1 hour 5 times
  5. Challenge Underground a total of 4 times
  6. PvP 18 times
  7. Use friend gacha 7 times
  8. Enhance Equipment 35 times
  9. Awaken 1 Child to S class
  10. Max level 5 3* Childs
  11. Level a 4* Child to 40
  12. Uncap 2 Childs
  13. Skill level up 35 times
  • Tutorial Quests

Tutorial Quests can be found in the My Room section and going through them will net you a free 5* Child ticket. These can be completed within the first 10 minutes.

  • Story Mode

Clearing Story Mode on normal should be the priority. Story mode gives a lot of crystals and free childs that will help in building a proper team.

  • Dailies

Liza’s daily tasks are rather simple to do and can be completed within half an hour. Prioritise it as it is the only way to earn Blood Gems for f2p players.

  • Testing your limits

At the end of each day its good to test how far into the Event Dungeons and Underground you can go. Work at each stage one by one so that you are accustomed to their strengths.

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Destiny Child guide – Quick Tips

  • Prioritize events over everything else as events sometimes give limited equipment/childs and overall are just very rewarding.
  • Exploration can be used as a crystal mine and is much better than putting a 5 or 4* unit in there to level.
  • Take 25 2* units and dump them in for 19 hours (12+6+1) for 20 crystals per each max level 2*, which comes out to roughly 500 crystals per day and 15000 per month assuming you do not miss a day. (No Limit)
  • Undergrounds recommended power is overstated. Normal Underground can be attempted starting from 20k power and Hard underground can be completed starting from 40k power. Of course this is also dependant on your line-up. In case any of your units die in battle just escape from the battle and try again, status of all units will be resetted to right before the battle.
  • For a quicker ease of leveling refer to the below for areas to autoplay. Remember to take advantage of Hot Time which runs every weekend for the whole 2 days.

  • Friends are very important. Make as many active friends as possible for increase in friend points gain as well as raid clears.
  • Try to not go over stamina cap as the amount of recovered stamina loss can be huge.
  • Equipment that gives increases to 2 stats are always better than those that boost 1 stat.
  • Awakening gives more stat increase than levels.

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Destiny Child guide – Get started!


In this Destiny Child guide, we will approach the most optimal way to level, and optimise your levelling as smoothly as possible. Things to know, and a general idea of what you should do.

Your priority is to start optimising what you do as soon as possible, stamina management being one of the most important.

Stamina management

Stamina management is the most critical aspect of your levelling. Often, the mistake that new players will do is to redeem quests and rewards as soon as possible. While it’s tempting to have your rewards right away, you are going to waste a lot and by a lot I mean a shit ton of stamina. If you follow this Destiny Child guide, even only 70% of the time, you won’t run out of stamina from level 1 to 100. I manage to play around 12 straight hours a day.

Note that:

  1. Stamina replenishes at a rate of 1 heart every 3 minutes.
  2. Levelling up refills your stamina to full. If you are exceeding your max stamina you get no refill.
  3. Stamina capacity increases at each level, to a maximum of 584 at level 100.
  4. Stamina can be overfilled (e.g. 450(Current total stamina(Overfilled because of quests, rewards etc.))/220(Max stamina of the current level)) from claimed rewards. Levelling up while overfilled wastes the usual refill from level up (resulting in 450/220, not 670/220), but will not drain stamina to the normal cap (220/220). Avoid claiming too much stamina and levelling up when overfilled.
  5. Can be obtained from friend gacha, treasures, and in the Underground (Later on in the game).


I suggest only claiming stamina when you are out of it. Doing simple math can help a lot.

For example:

  • Mycurrent total needed exp to level up is 12,439
  • My current done is 9,284

12,439 – 9,285 = 3,145 exp needed to level up.

I will run a stage that costs 25 stamina and gives 300 experience on completion. Stages always give higher exp per stamina when the stamina cost is higher. So run the highest stage that you can pass without difficulty.

Find how many runs of the stage are necessary for level-up, rounding up since you can’t do partial runs:

3145/300 = 10.51 = 11 (runs needed)

Now multiply this number by the stamina cost:

11(runs) * 25(stamina cost) = 275 total stamina need to level up

Find how much more stamina you need to claim to get enough for level-up (suppose the current one is 41):

275 – 41 = 234 stamina

Thus, I can redeem that many stamina (or as close as possible). A few less is okay, since stamina also regenerates while going through the story.


Always use your inbox (mail) stamina before the quest rewards since the one in your mail can expire, whereas quest rewards never expire. If you do as suggest from this Destiny Child guide, you will optimise your stamina and get experience better and faster than anybody else in the long run. You will run through the game more easily, getting more rewards, more gems, more everything. The stamina that you lose by overflowing it is enormous. Do not do it ever.

The process might seems tedious but after doing it 10 times it’s going to be a piece of cake for you. And you will even know how hard a stage is and what grinding stage you find good for you.

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Hot Time

Hot Time is a 2 hour window where experience gain is doubled for childs.

Regular Hot Time is at 19:00 – 21:00 Korea time (UTC+9)

At this time you should grind non-stop as it will net you double experience (childs, not player) for the same amount of stamina. Don’t be afraid to stop a minute to do your math it’s very worth it. Your childs will reach max level much sooner than you anyway.

Occasionally, events extend Hot Time to a 4h window (19:00 – 23:00 KST) or even a full 24h. These times are especially good for claiming stamina rewards for continuous levelling.

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At some point, you may find that a quest is too difficult for your current team. This is normal, and a good time to level-grind your childs on easier quests.

When this happens, find a stage where you can use your team without risk of failing the stage and start the auto combat mode. (Will spam the stage until stamina is depleted or something happens)

Having a child die is non-permanent and they can be used again on the next run. This will, however, reduce completion stars (reducing item/currency rewards) for the run, but xp gained is the same. A child will still gain xp if they die during the run.

Hot Time is an especially good time to activate auto-battle.

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Early gems usage


Gems are the most useful currency in the game for players. Among other things, it allow you to do pulls (gacha) to get new childs.

This is usually the second option to show up in the list. The first one(s) is usually special in some way, generally thinning out the pool of 5-stars available, guaranteeing you that a 5-stars child pulled will be one of those displayed on the preview. However, chances of pulling a 5-stars isn’t increased. Usually.

Reportedly, the normal chance of pulling a 5-stars from these banners is 0.9%. Good luck!

Always do your pulls by 2 700 gems, as it gives you bonus 10% gems value compared to the single 270 gems pull. This is valuable in the long run.

The ON AIR button is used to broadcast to your friends list that you are pulling. Friends can come in and spectate your pull, and depending on what duplicates you pull they might get a reward as well.

Read as follows:

  • First column is the stars of the duplicates
  • Second is the number of duplicates in the set
  • Third is the payout, depending on what you pull


The person who does the pull always get all rewards. Peoples watching have a high chance to get the rewards as well.

And that is it. In this Destiny Child guide, I don’t suggest using your gems in anything other than pulls.

All other processes are expensive and really inefficient.

You don’t need to speed up content that’s on timers. Just do them first. Though, if you’re rushing to complete dailies before day reset, they could all be done within an hour (enter and quit). A word of warning, PVP areas (Rumble and Endless) close and become inaccessible daily 4 hours before day reset.

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The #1 place that will provide you with good equipment daily, and give a great amount of stamina and gold.

The Underground (found in Night Time) is a place that works differently from the rest of the game. It’s more or less a dungeon crawler with “permanent” death of child for the duration of the Underground. The death only applies to the UG and doesn’t prevent you from using your child that died outside of the UG. UG resets daily.

Underground comes in different difficulties, directly influencing what you are going to get. It also limits you on what childs you can use:


DifficultyChild restrictionRewards
Easy3-stars or higher3-stars weapons and armour, 70k gold from selling chests
Normal4-stars or higher4-stars weapons and armour,

~140 stamina on full clear, 170k gold from selling chests

Hard5-stars or higher5-stars B weapons and armour, ~250 stamina on full clear, 300k gold from selling chests
Expert6-stars onlycan give 5-stars A weapons and armour, ~370 stamina on full clear, 400k gold from selling chests, 100k+ gold as level drops


If a child happens to die, immediately pause and quit. You will return to the state before attempting the stage: same HP, same drive charge, same fever charge (even if you used fever).

With that strategy, you have unlimited tries to clear each stage with no deaths. As long as you have a decent team.

As for Expert, just seeing the requirement should tell you that you are nowhere near ready to try optimising for it, let alone clear even one stage.

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Rumble & Endless (PVP)


The number one place to get frustrated and salty. Rumble also holds the only way to farm decent accessories (though very expensive). Also a decent way to get materials for equipment enhancement. More on that in the Equipments section of this Destiny Child guide.

I’m going to start by saying that you are going to lose a lot in Rumble (5v5) and that PVP is very unbalanced in many many ways. The meta being what it is, you either have the right childs, or don’t. If you don’t, well… too bad for you.

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Devil Rumble

Rumble is like what you experience so far. 5 on 5 stages. Kill the enemy team and be the last one standing will award you with Gold, Rumble Coins & rank point (MMR). It also got it’s own dailies quest.

You will get 1 ticket to try a battle every 15 minutes, and will be able to refresh the opponent list every 15 minutes as well. The list in which opponent appears is ordered by team power (top one Strongest, bottom one the weakest). The first one is a bit more special as it’s hidden from you what the lineup you are going to face is. It also got a daily quest attach to it. Beat 1/2/3 unknown opponents.

Only tips I have are:

  • Farm bottom of the list opponent as they should be weaker than you in term of power.
  • Avoid long win streaks. As it will award you more & more rank point, which will lead you to soon encounter people way more stronger than(And that shouldn’t be in said league) you doing that, preventing you to do you dailies in lets say; 1 or 2 hours, instead of 6 to 7.

The rank rewards of Rumble are nice. Starting from Silver I it give you 2,700 gems / week. (You can check those in game)

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Endless Duel


Endless is a 15 on 15 mode. That is auto play only.

Endless mode got 3 leagues:

  • Native 3* max
  • Native 4* max
  • Unlimited

Every leagues as it own ranking. And give out different kind of rewards. You should attend all of them even if it’s to get the last rank possible.

Note: You need to do 15 in EACH leagues per week to be able to receive a reward.

Stack the rewards, and do not waste them, those are valuable and shouldn’t be invested without any thinking. Check the Equipments section for more informations on that.

As for strategy you might have notice the “Native x*” That mean that you can have in the Native 3* league, a 6* if you upgraded them to 6*. Davi is a monster in this league (native3*) once 6*+6 it’s usually her that decide the outcome of the matches in that league.

It’s generally like in rumble, who got more damage, and hit his drive faster win. Cost a lot to optimise, and eat up a lot of your childs inventory slots.

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Re:birth Labyrinth


The lab is one of your primary zone to get a bunch of Gems daily. It will also reward you a special currency that i didn’t list before, because the Lab is one of the highest level requirement to unlock Lv40 iirc. Lab coins are used to buy skins only.

Every day as one of your dailies once you unlock it, you will get 10 attempts. Though 10 difficulty stages. Lv1 to 10. The Lab also work differently than normal stages. It got daily buffs. That force most players to switch their strategy to clear it as far as possible. It got a build-in dailies quests. Which include: Use 10 attempts, as a new player you should still do your 10 attempts as it will net you a decent amount of Gems.

The Lab will get really rough around Lv7 which is a dps / defenses check. 8 can also be hard. But usually if you are able to clear 7 & 8, 9 & 10 should be a piece of cake.

I suggest that you use the boosts (leave out Auto drive, it will always do a 15% at best and use a random drive which you probably don’t want).

Also, bring along one friend’s leader just in case to get a bit of an edge.

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After a long wait, the Spa has finally been released. Childs can be put into the spa for a new separate levelling system similar to normal child level, with accompanying stat boosts.

All items used in the spa can be collected from the Nightwalk minigame or bought from Sang-ah’s spa shop.

Coloured Lanterns double spirit appearance rate and give guaranteed 120% rewards on completion of a nightwalk. Each element of lantern limits spirits to the corresponding element during a nightwalk.


Assigning a child to a spa spot requires a Bath Towelette.

Floral Oil or Bath Salt can be added to each spa zone when occupied for extra effects.

Overseas Ticket

Child Achievement

Car Keys

Money Roll

Spa Pearls
Water Accessory

Fashion Glasses

Health Bracelet


Large Ramen

Turkey Leg

Homemade Burger


Mystical Hourglass

Matryoshka Doll


Surgery Diagram

Model Toy

Mysterious Feathers

Character Doll

Retro Electronics

Beautiful Figurine

Note that even with the correct gift, it is not 100% guaranteed to get Love reaction and maximum experience.

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Ragna:Break (Raids)


Ragna:Breaks are a recurring event in Destiny Child and is the best way to get stronger. Do note however, that there are 2 basic rules to raiding:

  • You must deal at least 2% of the boss’ max health in total in order to qualify for raid rewards.
  • Hosting raids give you the same chance of attaining raid chests as rank 1 damage dealer.

Each Ragna event is separated into Seasons, and consist of 4 types of bosses, tiered by their levels and they each drop a certain type of chest:

  • 1 to 10 (Bronze)
  • 11 to 20 (Bronze)
  • 21 to 30 (Silver) (Platinum; Ragna:Break Season 0)
  • 31 to 39 (Gold) (Platinum; Ragna:Break Season 0)
  • 40 (Platinum) (Platinum; Ragna:Break Season 0)

The level 40 version is basically a powered up version of the level 31s to 39s with added mechanics. Note that the only way a 5* Child or equipment drops is from platinum chests and that Childs will be restricted to the Ragna element.

Ragna:Break also has its own shop, with its own currency. Make sure you spend it all as the currency does not carry over and will be converted to gold in a 1:1 ratio. The shop has 5 resets in total and resetting costs crystals, with each reset providing greater rewards.

Ragna:Break has two phases, the starting phase where people level their boss to 40 and kill it for Slayers status and Slayers where bosses can be opened up publicly to Slayer players.

Preparing for Ragna:Break


Ragna:Break preparation usually takes place in the two weeks before the season starts. It is wise to have a good amount of crystals saved up as a week before season start, a banner will pop out featuring a Child that will be useful/gamebreaking for the upcoming raid.

Things to do before season starts

  • Get a Ragna team ready

Ragna teams usually consist of 1 Attacker, 1 Healer, 1 Tank, 1 Buff/Support (Speed), 1 (attack/crit buff)/debuff)

Make sure that your team is at least level 50 and fully awakened and the attacker is of an element that is strong towards the ragna boss. What if you do not have a 5* attacker of that element? 4* attackers that deal bonus damage to the element that they are strong against can be used as well. Generally 4*s are viable.

  • Save crystals

You would need at least 10k crystals for shop resets so get saving. (Ragna:Break Season 0 might be an exception, I will monitor the other Ragna:Breaks if they do or do not follow the same trend.)

  • Make friends with whales

This is key as without whales your level 40 boss might not even get killed and you would have no chance of a platinum chest as you can only share bosses to those on your friend list. Well until Slayer starts.

Ragna Progression


Progressing in Ragna is fairly simple.

  • Phase 1

Our main goal as a beginner is to leech raids as well as host your own and level your boss to 40 and kill the level 40 to become a Slayer. To level your boss, you must host a boss and deal at least 2% damage to it and it must die. Doing so will increase your boss level by 1. There is also a system in place where you are given 10 times to boost your rewards from a boss by 3 times. Use this on bosses you host as they give you more rewards than leeching.

  • Phase 2

The game opens up Slayer raids, and you should be a Slayer by then. Your main goal is to participate in as many raids as you can and earn slayer points for the slayer ranking reward. Slayer points are given based on the amount of damage you deal.

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Balancing party


In this Destiny Child guide, what I call a balanced party will be a party that you are going to use to clear most of the daily content offered to you. Through this Destiny Child guide, I’ll explain what you should look for, and what make those composition good, or better than others. This doesn’t concern PVP parties. PVP parties are volatile and usually need to be adapt on what you are facing.

Base composition should be at least based on:

  • 1 attacker

Your strongest. Bleed based Attackers are good as they ignore damage reduction but are weaker if their + is too low(And obviously are destroyed by any = + attackers that burst rather than dot (Damage over time).

  • 1 healer

Note that healer come from different classes and not only the Healer class they can also be supporters.

  • 1 Speed buffer

You will probably wait a bit before getting one that’s decent, but the game give you Liza at the start of the game. Which is “meh” at best. But her leader buff is still a good up side. In a game based on Skill gauge charging i don’t think i need to go deeper in that subject as for the benefit of charging your gauges faster.

More Dps, More Healing, More Drive.

  • 1 tank

A tank that Taunt & Reflect will be the best to trivialize a lot of the story mode for a good time, and daily dungeon and make your party more stronger as damage taken will spread less.

Note: Reflected amount is not taken as damage in this game. So a Taunting tank that reflect 30% of the damage, take 30% less damage and also dps at the same time this doesn’t apply to drive damage.

Even if your only tank available is only taunting it’s usually a good option to take at the start.

Note: A tank that taunt only without any kind of damage reduction should be avoided. As he’s going to take most of the damage without any kind of damage taken reduction it’s more or less a death sentence to use theses in later stages.

Or a tank that raise the party defenses, prevent or cleanse harmful effect.

  • Last slot is open for what you have. or prefer to run

I personally was running double attackers for a long time. But generally, having a Debuffer/Suppressors is a better damage gain than running 2 attackers.

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Is X or Y a good child?


This question is the one you are going to ask yourself the most. Keep in mind that when you ask if X or Y is good, the odds of the answer being “Meh” or “Trash” or “Use as fodder” is going to be pretty high.

BUT people don’t know the entire pool of childs that you have. Some less-welcome childs can be very useful especially when you are just starting the game. Note that, as a new player, a 5-stars even judged as “trash” by most players is a huge stepping stone for you. 5-stars base stats and skills is a huge gap with what you will get for a long time, or optimize to be good. At same star and +, childs of higher native star will have much higher stats.

But sometimes the response is that it’s a great pull.

With that comes the question: Should you invest in the child?

Awaken them, enhance them, upgrade skills, level them, or star+ them?

  • Awakening takes onyx which is pretty easy to obtain. Don’t be afraid to rush the S rank so you unlock the accessory slot. The side onyx upgrades (A+/A++/etc.) should only be done if you have a lot of onyx to spare, or have S ranked all your other childs.
  • Enhancing +1(2/3/4/5/6) gives flat stats, effectively giving 1 star to your child in stats at max(+6). The maximum enhance level is the same as the amount of stars of the child. Enhancing requires sacrificing a duplicate child and some amount of gold. Enhancing increases available skill tiers available.


  • Upgrading skills (accessed by tapping the long button at the bottom of the child profile pop-up) takes gold and also increases HP. The upgrade will improve the ch-ild’s abilities depending on class (healers heal more, DPS does more damage, etc.).
  • Level up: Feed them other childs (usually 3* and under) or use them in battle. A child that dies in battle still will get exp. Exp slimes give much more xp on feeding compared to normal childs of the same star.
  • star+ requires you to have your child at max level and to sacrifice as many child of the same star level (exact duplicates not necessary) of the child you want to evolve (3-stars takes 3x 3-stars child to advance to 4-stars). This also requires a fixed amount of gold and evolution gems.

The main limitation you will encounter is the gold for skill and not enough childs to sack for onyx. But those are easy to come by.

For this Destiny Child guide for beginners, I would say don’t be too afraid to awaken, level or enhance a child. On the other hand, be careful on what you star+. Evolution gems are a pain to farm and get. Do not waste those unless you are certain it’s worth it. Be certain to check shops as often as possible (refreshes every 3 hours) and start piling up evolution gems.

Note: As a general guideline do Attackers > Healers > Buffers > Debuffers > Tanks

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Equipment & Options


In this part we will discuss what are options, how to farm those, and how not to waste them. As well as how to use the enhancement tokens.

Equipment comes with slots that are grey out until you reach a certain level on them (note: 4* can only reach Lv10 slot max, 3* Lv5 slot max).

To level the equipment you will need to feed it others items of the same category (weapons eat weapons etc.)

As you will play the game, and complete the events you might come across Upgrade/Enhancement Tokens

Theses comes with different + & Different type of Equipment they can be used on. Items level are like the player, or childs, meaning that last levels ask more experience than the previous one.


You should NEVER use token to start levelling an item. And always use them to finish the last level(s) of an item. As token give Flat level(s). +1 Give 1 full level, +10 gives 10 full levels regardless of the actual needed experience of the said level (unlike when you will feed other item where it’s going to be a set amount of experience & not levels).

Very important Note: 5* Weapon & Armor (not accesory) have an hidden buff. Depending on the rank of it A or B each level you are going to gain on item will give you a bonus to all stats not present on the item (eg. Bikini gives Hp Def, giving you the hidden buff to attack, crit and agility) that isn’t displayed anywhere in the game. The bonus of a +15 A is +935 to all stats not present on the item. +15 B is a bit lower than that +905.

Once you unlock options slots you will be able to click them and try your luck by consuming a Option box.

Every type (weapons, armor, accessory) of items got a different pool of Options Available. That are break down into the 3 slots which are also each unique as per item type & number of the Slot.

You will very soon discover that the higher the slot, the weaker the effect. (Generally speaking that will be the case, there are some exception to that depending on childs skills)


Slots 1 feature:

For all type Flat stats gain, or a % of a stat added to another one. A must on any item, this slot will make your equipment have even more impact.

Slot 2 Feature:

  • Weapons: Increased damage or Ignore armors on differents attacks (Auto (weak), Tap (decent), Slide (generally very good), Drive (very weak unless very tweak composition))
  • Armors: Increase Defenses against attacks (against Auto, Tap, Slide and Drive (highly situational but can be a game breaking point for raids if you rooster ain’t the best). Refer above to get an idea of the ranking (usually reverse for raids). Or reduce the amount of Ignored armor from an enemy attack.
  • Accessories: Increase chances to Apply, or Dodge a debuff (very useful as you will go up, Enemy will resist Status effect more and more). And, Increase Healings (easy to get as it’s only a rank E).

Slot 3 Feature:

The worst. I won’t even discuss them to empathize one very important point. Don’t reroll those ever. This is a huge waste of Option tools. The only worth anything are the S rank, and even if you get a S rank on the 3rd option, you gotta be lucky and draw one that actually is useful for the said item and Potential role user. Just don’t try to reroll it until very late game.

Options tools are valuable, and not that easy to farm. Don’t waste them on a 0.1% chance to get something that might be good.

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Which slot you should try to optimize (reroll)


The first one. It’s the one that’s going to give you the more gain technically.

That open the question: what you might want to have as stat gain? I really feel that’s an open question, and should be dealt as per childs.

A lv50+0 child will probably be better off stacking more HP to put him out of the danger zone of bosses Drives for example. Where a Lv60+2 or 3 will probably prefer to focus on more Attack power, Critical or Agility.

Once you have found a decent C or B Rank for the first slot i suggest you move to the 2nd slot and ask yourself again the same question, what is going to make the best gain for this child. For armor generally speaking Slide or Drive Defenses are very good.

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Equipment Tools, Crystal Tools, Option Boxes


Theses can be review in the item tab, by clicking the purple button at the bottom

Bringing up another menu

Each color correspond to one type of equipment, you can also recognize them with the top right icon. Each time you are going to want to craft one Option Box (bottom line). It’s going to cost you 1 Crystal Tools or Suspicious Stones (those are the same thing just differents names) + 1 Type (weapon, armor, accessory) Tool + 30 000 gold per box.

How to farm?

As far as I know (and recommend in this Destiny Child guide) there are only 2 ways to obtain these.

  • Being rank in Endless (rewarded once a week).
  • Completing certain events.

Needless to say that you will soon or later run out of those. As a new player, most likely of golds bing materials.

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In this part of the Destiny Child guide, we will discuss the most optimal way to become poor, and live under a bridge. But at least, the efficient way.

Gold where to get more

Gold is the resources that you are going to spend the most in this game, and run out the fastest. it’s used for pretty much everything:

  • Upgrading *
  • +(plusing) your childs
  • Levelling childs skills. Gets very expensive very fast when you are going to reach the above tiers (a rough estimation would be around 2 or 3 millions in total for a +6 child).
  • Feeding childs or weapons, to your main childs or weapons.
  • Pulling 1-3 stars items to increase faster you good & main e quipment. Using those items pulled to feed them to your main 5* A & B. Note: know what you are doing, don’t do that unless you feel like growing the auto hit of you +6 support isn’t that great unlike getting you full set 5*A to max for extreme example.

So really fast you are going to just run out of golds (no biggies since you spent these well). There isn’t many way to get gold . For your understanding, I’m going to put as for how much the game gives out:

  • Clearing your 3 daily gold dungeon: The easiest and biggest output. However limited daily unless you pay gems. (Don’t do it)
  • Clearing story stages: The backbone of your gold income.
  • Quest rewards: The higher the quest requirement the better the payout so as a new player not that much at first.
  • Pvp victory & Quests: It’s here just because if give gold.. like 300 or something.
  • Reaching max level on a child: A bit better than PVP but given the time (always understand resources) investment, you are going to commit not a good way to farm golds.


And here is the salvation. And why stamina optimization is such a good thing.

  • Special HOT TIME: Those are totally “random”, and can happen at any time. For example a maintenance is taking longer than expected? 50 hours of special hot time. Independence day in Korea? 24 hours of Special HOT TIME. Those HOT TIMES are different than the regular one. As they net you while they last a 100% increase in gold gained. That only work for Story dungeon or Raid dungeon when there’s some.

If you refer to the above ranking, you will see that Story mode is your main income by far. Meaning that all that stamina that you are keeping holding back in your quests, mails, etc. Is going to be put in very good work. I’m not as “unlimited” as a new player when it comes to Stamina. But for the last 24 hours of Hot Time i manage to farm around 4 Millions without even trying hard.

It goes without saying that you should focus hard on spend as much as possible stamina for these special HOT TIME (keep optimizing your player levels, and do not waste your stamina on full level childs).

For a new player that doesn’t mean much quite frankly, as you cannot burn your stamina the game is just going to flood you with it. Believe me 12 hours a day, and I couldn’t burn it, for more than 2 or 3 weeks. But that doesn’t mean that for the long run, you shouldn’t be aware, that as time pass and you get higher & higher level Stamina management is still a thing.

As you can see i bought the Monthly pack, and i’m basically stacking the rewards at the moment. And I’m waiting on special HOT TIME to make a bank.


My current stamina pool as a Lv100 is 500+ Meaning that I need 500*3-minutes to get it totally back, needless to say, that it’s more than enough down time to focus less on the game. Even if the side activity will be more & more accessible at this point, and will still make you able to catch up faster as you do them more & more.

As a new player if you didn’t do any in-app purchase, you will still get as of every player, a stamina compensation. I have absolutely no idea what are these. They last usually 7 day, so just do as you were doing before. Stack them until you really need theses, or they are about to expire. You will bless me when the special hot time comes, allowing you to make a very big chunk of gold.

Sadly this is all there is to it. There isn’t no real way to do it better than waiting on the right time to burn your stacked up stamina.

Even the in GOLD IN-APP purchases are bad. The 5-millions seems interesting at first. But let me tell you that a mere 5 millions that, I can consume & use efficiently in less than 20 minutes. In my opinion don’t buy it. It’s expensive, and 5,000 Stamina (in-app transaction) used at the right time are going to give you out way more than that. (loots, dungeon coins, experience for childs & player, and of course gold)

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Recommended long-term investment for golds


Anything that will last, is a good investment. Here I’m going to rank in my opinion where your golds should go to first.

5* Grade A Weapon & Armor if possible:

B are fine as well. As it’s going to take time for you to get the best A rank per slot & per role. Do not forget the huge hidden buff the game is giving you if you level A & B ranks. Those are going to make a world of differences for you.

My advice is to level as fast as you can 5 sets (5 times the following) of A (if possible) or B to +15 (this include only 1 weapon & 1 armor to +15 per set). As accessories doesn’t give that huge hidden buff. You will have to switch them around a bit at a start, but sooner or later there will be a decent pool that won’t force you to do this very tedious process.

You main roster (see “What is a balanced party”):

Level their skill to the max, and combine duplicate childs as soon as possible. I suggest you hold a good million in your pocket just in case of a lucky pull to be at maximal efficiency right away. This is a huge money pit it cost millions to level all skills of a child that is +6. If you feel like you are going to run out while levelling the skills of your childs, ignore the auto skill for now this is the least efficient of all. (First skill)

Pulling fodder items in the summon shop:

Do not use the one that is asking you gems, you are better off pulling childs, A & B come naturally as you will level & clear your Underground or events.


Note: I suggest that you do not start doing that before a good while (never invest heavily in 4*, they are pretty bad). For example right now, I’m holding 2 millions in my bank, and only allow myself to pull when I overflow this threshold. This is mine, yours could be lower, or higher. I just found it to be the safe number for anything that might come up. For example: If I get a 5* A rank would be directly invested in to maxing it’s level right away.

Child Evolution fund:

I didn’t talk about this part yet in this Destiny Child guide. But it’s going to drain you of a very good amount of gold. But is a necessary optimization for the very long run. You should almost never fodder a native 5* unless you are 100% certain that this child is a terrible one. And even then, terrible childs are prone to be be reworked at some point that can make them from trash to pretty good.

Meaning that your course of action to get 5* fodder to evolving your good childs (most of the time) is going to come from 4* that you are going to max level then evolve to 5* and use them to improve the good stuff.

400k EACH. Time 5. 2 millions each time you are going to make a full set(s) of fodder (not counting the extra 500k that the 5* is going to cost you to put it a 6*).

Needless to say that this is going to cost you a LOT of money. And hopefully you follow this guide advice on checking and draining the Story Shop for evolution gems every 3 hours if possible. Because you are going to need a SHIT TON OF THEM.

Note: This is late game optimization of this Destiny Child guide, as a new player you are going to run out of golds very fast. And that won’t be possible to keep up a decent economy with that way of upgrading, but once you reached the above suggestion, you gold should be invested in fodder.

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Optimal equipment per roles with explanation


Attack is what will determine in many cases the amount of damage all your skills are going to do. Some childs got a better rate than others it’s usually displayed between ( ). Eg. Frey slide (180%)


Agility, is the most “obscure” stats, as we know very little formula about it.

Avoidance, Miss chances:

Agility is checked against the opponent agility (with levels & stars taken into account). To determine if there is an avoidance opportunity.

Chances to miss your attack, skills etc.(This does not =/= Resistances chances of debuff for example. Only the chances to successfully hit a target or missing the target).

Formula: Note that those formula are already quite old. And that they cannot be trusted at 100% They are here to give you a rough idea of their importance

  • (attacked child AGI – attacker AGI) * 0.01 = basic attack avoidance.
  • When critical attack happens, attacker’s AGI x5
  • When elemental weakness attack happens, attacker’s AGI x 0.1.
  • Both are cumulative. Critical & Elemental weakness.

Debuff resistances


Let me start by saying that there is no way in raid very high level to land a debuff 100% of the time. That it’s just impossible. My assumption is that bosses got a Hard capped threshold they cannot go under.

Debuff resistance is going to be an issue as you will start optimize your DPS in raid for fever, and pushing to rank one. The mainline is: bigger agility, means better chance to apply a debuff. This is the community assumption even if a lot of thing point out the other way.


(the number of Stars of attacked child[☆]) x 2 + (the child’s level) x 0.1 + (the child’s AGI) x 0.02 + ( debuff avoidance bonus[leader buff or other buff]) = debuff avoidance.

Note: This is how it should be calculated, however, we have no way of knowing the agility of enemies. Making this formula useless to calculate efficiently the chances of applying a debuff, it’s here to give you an idea of what is taken into account. As you can see your chances to apply a debuff is not relevant to agility in the maths. That seems to be correct from what I gather from korean speakers.


Why are you reading this everybody know what health is.



Defense reduce all damages taken, making your health pool bigger. At the moment, I do not know the formula to calculate its ratio against HP.


Critical is a weird stats, on which we don’t know much. But as the name imply a critical attack is better than a non critical attack.

Total Power

Is a numeric representation on everything your child has. (Stats, Equipment, Skill level/tier)

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For now, this should conclude this Destiny Child guide for beginners. Even though, the guide stated “for beginners”, thare are indeed some very interesting aspects for experienced players as well. Hope you will have good time with Destiny Child game.

Join this Destiny Child Facebook Group for tips & discussions with other players! 😉 

Special credit:

  • Guide: Bre3zeR & Ffion


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