Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Shooter List

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Shooter Characters/Units. This list is being updated accordingly to the game progress in both GL and JP version. However, the current meta of JP is far from GL version. So, this list will include lots of characters/units that haven’t appeared yet in GL version. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

If you want to take a look at the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Shooter Characters/Units for GL version with only current released units, please check the links at the end.

Note to players:

  • Awakening_10 Signifies an Awakened character. Awakening is NOT a system present in Star Ocean: Anamnesis Global version, and likely won’t be for a year+. Unawakened characters are tiered separately from their awakened counterparts.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Shooter List is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
Gun- Damage+50% (all)
- Damage taken-20%
- Dodge AP-50% (all)
- Dodge speed+100%
- 10% drain on normals at 100hit
- AP regen+50% (all)
- AP-5%
- ATK+30% HP+10%
Dispel (all enemies)
Crit+40% (all/20s)
Good up-front unconditional damage buffing, and dispel+crit buff on rush. Fast dodges and halved party AP cost on dodges both make her great at kiting and ease dodging for the party. Though her skills seem unremarkable, her sky high ATK results in good overall damage output, and her hitcount racking and rush gain are both superb. Though she's particularly useful where dispel is effective, her crit buff also makes her an attractive option for any bulky fight; combined with her rush gain, she's been a popular pick for high level content. Though rarely useful, she also gets drain on normals above 100hit; she fills rush before 100hit solo, though.
Normal>Raptor>Aiming>Raptor*2 - Damage
Normal>Squall>Raptor>Squall*2 - Rush
Normal>Aiming>Squall>Aiming>Squall - Unawakened
Aiming DeviceCrimson SquallLaser EmissionGravity BulletRaptor's Bullet
Dagger- 15% poison rate on normals
- Damage+30% (all)
- Poisoned enemies receive ATK damage+15%
- Crit+15% (all)
- AP-15% (all)
- Aggro-1
- ATK Dmg+80% at skill chain 3+
- ATK+30% HIT+10%
High chance of Deadly Poison
+15% Deadly Poison rate on normals (20s)
Extra hit on normals worth 20% (20s)
(Assist: +15% poison rate on normals (∞))
Poison is powerful...when it works. After awakening, Nel herself is also now powerful though, in addition to finally providing damage buffs alongside her crit and AP reduction. In normal circumstances she's fairly average, but against larger enemies Aqua Spread combined with her new skill chain damage boosts reaches disgusting levels of damage. So long as she can either inflict poison reliably or get 3+ hits with Aqua Spread, she's worth your time now.
Normal>Aqua>Sylvan>Aqua*n - large enemies
Normal>Dash>Normal>Dash*n - Poshrush deadly poison procs
Sylvan>Terror>Sylvan>Terror or Sylvan spam - Unawakened/EN
Sylvan ShotFlying GuillotineVictory TerrorMirror SliceAqua Spread
Gun- Hitcount timer +3s (all)
- Extra hit worth 20% dmg on normals (all)
- Extra hit worth 5% dmg on skills
- Damage+35,50,65% at 0,100, 200hit (all)
- AP-10,20% at 50,100hit (all)
- Aggro-2
- Crit rate/dmg+50%
- 100% AP recovery on perfect dodge
- ATK+40% DEF+20% HIT+10% HP+10%
ATK+80% (20s)
Awakening turns Emmerson from the laughing stock of the 5* lineup to a real character, as you can probably tell from his listed talents. His buffed stats and crits make his DPS excellent for a party buffer, his hitcount racking is absurd, and he packs both the highest raw Damage buff pre-rush and a hefty AP reduction buff for the party along with it. The catch is his skills haven't changed all that much; you'll need to play closer than most shooters do for his slow projectiles to reliably hit, and if he can't crutch on multihit Sonic Thorn for rush gain he tends to fall behind (though with his absurd hitcount, this isn't usually that big a deal). His high personal crit rate and ATK buff on rush also make him rather self sufficient, allowing him to compensate for pub parties that start with poor comps.
Normal>Moon>Thorn>Moon*n - -AP
Normal>Thorn>Thunder>Moon*n - -AP, optimal damage if okay with committing to Thunder
Heavenly FlightLaser EmissionSeraphic ThunderHunter's MoonSonic Thorn
ReimiBow- Damage+20% (all)
- INT Dmg-40% (all)
- Status immune (3m)
- 80/10 Guts
15%/3s regen, status immune
Her main selling points are healing/status shield on rush, absurd rush gain, and a substantial -40% INT Damage Taken to the party. She has the worst offensive buffing among shooters that provide buffs, a pathetically weak rush, and her only notable skill, Savage Sparrows, launches things into the stratosphere, typically preventing party members from dealing damage or building rush as well and usually wasting element burst. If she's ever used, it's typically for defensive merits.
Normal>Squall>Crescent>Squall*2 - Element Burst
Chaotic BlossomsCrimson SquallCrescent WingSavage Sparrows
ClairDagger- ATK Dmg Taken-30% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
Damage+80% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
She was the original Defender, back when her super armor and damage cut were more protection than any existing Defenders provided...and even in modern game, it's still a bigger cut than you get from most. Modern Defenders have far better damage output than her though, which is her ultimate downfall. Her +80% Damage rush buff is still the largest rush buff in the game, but considering she provides zero offensive buffs passively and other more capable characters have a similar or higher total spread, it isn't enough to make bringing her along a good idea.
Fortunately, she can be used as an assist for that now, albeit at a nerfed 10sec duration.
Aqua SpreadSylvan ShotMirror SliceVictory Terror
Bow- Damage+30,35,40,45% at 0,100,150,200hit (all)
- Single target dmg+10% (all)
- Hitcount timer +3s (all)
- 5%/3s regen (all)
- AP-10,20,30% at 50,100,150hit
- ATK+15% HP+15%
Crit+30% (60s)
(No Assist)
Her offensive buffing is mediocre when considering the necessary ramp-up and lack of rush buff, but her damage output is solid, and she provides two welcome safety nets between her hitcount timer extension and potent party regen.
Normal>Wing>Restrict>Wing*n - DPS
Normal>Restrict>Wing>Wave*n - Rush
Normal>Restrict>Wing>Restrict*n - DPS/Rush vs large enemies (9+ hits per Restrict)
Restrict DistortionVolcano ShootWave MotionAiming Wing
Federation LymleGun- Damage+25 (all)
- Damage+35% (self,healer,caster)
- Cast time-100%
- Cast time-20% (all)
Damage+60% (self,Heraldry/20s)
Feels more like a proof-of-concept for testing out -100% cast times, which is probably why she was a free event character. Her pre-rush buffs are lacking and post-rush is overly restricted. She also has atrocious damage output, even before considering that INT buffs are lesser than ATK.
Amusingly gets griefed by Lezard.
Aiming DeviceGravity BulletFire BoltWind Cutter
Gun- Damage+40% (all)
- ATK Dmg+20% at long range (all)
- Damage taken-15% at close range (all)
- 80/10 Guts
- 5%/3s regen (all)
- Crit rate/dmg+20% at skill chain 3+
- Able to airdodge
Damage+60% Crit+30% (all/20s)
(No Assist)
Highly mobile, with a lot of up-front damage buffing for ranged characters, and now comes with party regen just like Silmeria. Maria hits harder and builds rush more quickly, but Leanne provides better buffs to ranged parties, and regen is a much-appreciated safety net.
Stardust AimSkyline ShootingApproach BlowDestiny RaysBarrage Fire
Bridal Maria
Gun- Damage +40,50,55,60% at 0,100,150,200hit (all)
- Extra hit on normals worth 10% damage (all)
- AP-15% ATK+10% at 50hit
ATK+60% (20s)
Unawakened Maria with real stats and slightly better skills/talents, but a far worse rush buff. No real niche over awakened Maria.

Burst Emission is useless; Laser Emission is slotted solely for a close-range CA
Aiming DeviceLaser EmissionGravity BulletBurst Emission
Bridal Nel
Dagger- Crit Rate/Dmg+10,20,30% at 100,150,200hit (all)
- Single target dmg+20% (all)
- Hitcount timer +3s (all)
- ATK+30% during CA
- AP-10%
- Super armor if dmg <10% HP
- CA crit penalty nullified
ATK Dmg+40% (all/20s)
A rather odd buffer; she provides single target damage immediately, then slowly adds crit rate/damage with hitcount. Because of her buff types, she generally doesn't want to be with defenders other than GFayt. Unfortunately her damage output is poor, and there aren't any situations where she beats out CG Phia or WPrecis.
Normal>CA Guillotine>CA Sylvan>CA Guillotine*n - damage
Normal>CA Sylvan>CA (Guillotine/Flower Wheel)>CA Sylvan*n - hitcount
Sylvan ShotFlying GuillotineDancing SwordFlower Wheel
Summer Miki
Bow- Damage+45% (all)
- ATK Dmg Taken-20% when in front of enemy (all)
- 70/20 Guts when in front of enemy (all)
- Crit+30% when behind enemy (all)
- AP+100% from normals (all)
- Able to airdodge
Crit Rate/Dmg+10/40% (all/20s)
Carries excellent perks for high-difficulty missions. Partywide unconditional 70/20 Guts combined with -20% ATK Damage Taken when in front of enemy are her two biggest selling points, amping survival greatly. She also provides increased AP gain on normals, and a slight crit rate increase from behind. She is unfortunately outclassed in both offensive buffs and damage output by a number of other shooters, and Nurse Fiore,
Awakened Millie, and depending on party JKJK and Summer Millie are better options for party Guts now. Favors low mobility bosses for Hunter's Moon, or large ones for Sonic Thorn.
Heavenly FlightSonic ThornHunter's MoonResounding Wind
Gun- ATK/INT/DEF-15% when hit by Magnetic Field (10s)
- Damage Taken+20% when hit by Break Horn or Break Bullet (8s)
- Damage+40% (all)
- Seal immune (all/3m)
- Nullify rush drain fields (all)
- 80/10 Guts (far weps)
- Nullify CA crit penalty
- AP-20%
- Super armor during CA
- HP+15% ATK+15%
ATK Dmg+30% Move speed+30%
The first character to receive a +Damage Taken debuff, but it didn't last long before SLenneth and VWelch stole her niche. Otherwise plays like a hybrid of Maria and WMaria, though with a better rush buff than the latter. Awakening improved her numbers, made CA Magnetic Field far more practical, and gave her some additional utility with party guts for ranged weapons. Performs excellently against large enemies, not so much against humanoid ones.
Normal>Break Bullet>filler>Break Bullet*n
Normal>Mag>filler>Mag*n - Enemies too small for Break Bullet; poor rush gain
Magnetic FieldBreak HornCrimson SquallBreak Bullet
Federation Edge
Gun- Damage+30,45% normally,100% HP (all)
- Damage taken-15% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <10% HP (all)
- HP+30%
- +1 aggro
ATK Dmg+40% (all/20s)
Despite taking up a gun, he sticks to his Defender roots, in spirit at least. His damage cut and super armor are both weak, but he does have a
large HP pool and high innate aggro pull, so he can at least tank sufficiently. His total damage buffing is potent, but falls off sharply if anyone gets hit. In terms of playstyle, he handles much like a weaker awakened Maria.
Heavenly FlightAiming DeviceHunter's MoonRaptor's Bullet
Vampire Victor
"HW Victor"
Dagger- Damage+35% (all)
- Attribute dmg+10% at 100%HP (all)
- 15% drain on normals (all)
- 3% drain on skills
- AP-40% at skill chain 3+
40% heal, Single target+40% (all/20s)
(Assist: 30% heal)
Sustain is the name of HW Victor's game. On top of his damage buffs, he provides the entire party with drain on normals, a heal on his rush, and even his own skills have a drain effect to them. Unfortunately his damage output is terrible; some healers actually top his damage output, which makes his niche of replacing healers questionable.
Flying GuillotineGliding EdgeShockwaveFalling Dragon
AyaBow- Damage+30,40,55% at 0,100,200hit (all)
- Hitcount timer +2s (all)
- AP-20% at skill chain 3+
- ATK Dmg+30% at skill chain 3+
Single Target Dmg+40% (all/20s)
(No Assist)
Her max buff strength is high, but she takes awhile to ramp up sufficiently - it's probably best to assume you'll only be at +55% for Rush, if even then. Committal skills with poor rush gain and damage output hold her back to a worrying degree.
Normal>Snipe Split>Raven Focus>Snipe Split*n
Canary CloakRaven FocusSnipe SplitPhoenix Feather
Federation Anne
Gun- Attribute Dmg+30% (all)
- Single Target Dmg+15% at close range (all)
- AP regen+50% at long range (all)
- AP-30% at skill chain 3+
Crit+50% (all/20s)
Attribute buffs deviate from the shooter standard and crits are always appreciated, but poor damage output and horrid rush gain hold her back.
Barrage FireStardust AimSkyline ShootingBullet Locus
Youth Sophia
Dagger- Damage+40% (all)
- Single target dmg+15% at long range (all)
- 90/30 Guts (far weps)
- Stun+15% (far weps)
- AP+100% from normals when close (all)
- AP-15%
- ATK+15%
30% heal ATK/INT Dmg+25% (all/
Highly potent in all respects. She has substantial up-front damage buffing, particularly for long range characters; her damage output is good, as is her hitcount/rush building; her rush comes with a party heal; she provides increased stun rate; she gives melee characters increased AP gain; and she gives all ranged weapon users a hefty 90/30 Guts, making for an amazing safety net that she restores with one use of her rush. Her excellent offensive and defensive capabilities earn her a place anywhere, and make her especially potent in high difficulty fights.
Flying GuillotineSylvan ShotUnholy TerrorGremlin's Lair
Blue Sky Lenneth
Bow- Damage+20% (all)
- AP regen+30% (all)
- ATK+10% after Starlight Fang (6s)
- Damage Taken+30% when hit by Killing Thorn (8s)
- AP-30% at skill chain 3+
Attribute Damage+50% (all/20s)
(No Assist)
DPS Queen, especially against large bosses where Killing Thorn's already-excellent damage can double or triple. Unlike most shooters, plain Damage is the minority of her buffs, which allows her to stack well with a second shooter. On the flip side, 80/100 of her damage buffs are manually applied, so she does require a skilled pilot for the party to properly benefit from her (and similarly is terrible on Auto). Excellent party buffing overall, between high total buffing and being the only consistent source of Damage Taken +30%, which makes her an optimal pick for parties minmaxing damage.
Volcano ShootAiming WingStarlight FangKilling Thorn
Crimson Grace Phia
"CG Phia"
Bow- Crit Rate/Dmg +20,30,40% at 0,100,200hit (all)
- Dodge speed+100%
- ATK+20% HIT+20% after Lunar Mirror (10s)
ATK Dmg+30% (all/20s)
Buffs critical rate and critical damage, which makes her especially valuable against bulky bosses. Her damage ranges from below to above average depending on boss size, and her rush gain and hitcount racking are both excellent. She also has +100% dash speed, which is particularly useful with her aggro generation. WPrecis is generally a more popular crit buffer due to higher total buffing, but CG Phia isn't too far behind, and has the advantages of both being more accessible as a perma character and using a weapon type that covers all elements.
Normal>Mirror>Lamp>Mirror*n - Non-gigantic enemies, hitcount
Normal>Lamp>Mirror>Lamp*n - Gigantic enemies (8+ lamp hits)
Crimson SquallShadow LampChaotic BlossomsLunar Mirror
9SSword- Damage+45,55% normally,100% HP (all)
- Dodge AP-50% (all)
- Move speed+30% (all)
- Able to airdodge
- Dodge speed+100%
- ATK+15% HIT+10%
50% heal ATK Dmg+30% (all/20s)
(No Assist)
His talents and rush are similar to JKJK's, but with increased mobility instead of stun/guts, and Damage buffs that stack more nicely with Defenders and close range characters. His close range damage output is high, but every single one of his skills is single hit, and he is also the sole shooter with no homing or vertical tracking, so he doesn't appreciate mobile bosses and hitcount-based characters don't appreciate him.
Being a sword user, he benefits from things many other shooters don't, such as VRena's full +60% ATK, Rena's regen/crit rush, and Dias's super armor.
Pod 1 > Sword 4 > Pod 1 > Sword 4*2
Normal > Sword 4 > Pod 2 > Sword 4*2

Slight AP regen after Sword 4; AP recovered increases with lower framerates, allowing laggier devices 1-2 extra sword throws per combo.
Sword 3Sword 4Pod 1Pod 2
Sakura Dias
Dagger- Damage+50% Crit+20% if not aggro (all)
- Damage+40% ATK/INT Dmg Taken-20% if aggro (all)
- Super armor if dmg <15% HP (all)
- Aggro+2
- ATK+15% DEF+15% HP+30%
Single target dmg+30% AP regen
+50% (all/20s)
Mixes Defender and Shooter roles to a much more proficient degree than FEdge. In addition to his damage buffs, characters pulling aggro receive -20% ATK/INT Damage Taken, while characters not pulling aggro get +20% crit rate. He's able to slot in place of a defender, but he also stacks nicely with ones who don't conflict with his buffs, and his offensive buffing and damage output are both splendid thanks to passively buffing both damage and crit and carrying some beefy skills - particularly Dancing Sword.
Normal>Phoenix>Chain>Phoenix*n - ranged
Normal>Chain>Phoenix>Dancing*2 - melee
Lightning ChainFlying GuillotineDancing SwordPhoenix Drive
OperaRifle- Damage+40,60% normally,far (all)
- DEF+15% at close range (all)
- Stun rate+15% when far (all)
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage taken-40% while attacking
- AP-30% at skill chain 3+
- ATK Dmg+40% at skill chain 3+
Crit Rate/Dmg+30% (all/20s)
Though her damage buff and skill multipliers are both massive, her ATK is low and her long skill animations tone her damage output down to levels closer to average. Her main niche is having unbreakable super armor and -40% Damage Taken while attacking; she shrugs off attacks well on her own, but combined with Defenders she becomes a veritable wall. She also works well as both a tank and damage enabler in ranged parties.
Normal>Gravity>Alpha>Spread*2 - Higher DPS, but loses the ability to dodge
Normal>Spread>Alpha>Spread*2 or Normal>Alpha>Spread>Lightning*2 - If running both Spread Ray and Lightning Blade
Alpha On OneGravity ShellSpread RayLightning Blade
Summer Leanne
Rifle- Damage+30,50% normally,100% HP (all)
- 10% drain on normals (all)
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage taken-20% while attacking
- AP-30% at skill chain 3+
- ATK+20% HP+10%
AP-40% ATK Dmg+30% (20s)
(No Assist)
HW Vic, except with actual damage output. Extremely high, unconditional damage output at that. Her total buffing is lower, but it's all loaded into vanilla Damage, so she's less likely to conflict with other characters or equipment. Also gets damage reduction and super armor similarly to Opera, though her damage reduction is lesser. Generally amazing character for both offense and defense; Leanne goes both ways. Can both jump over and sneak under attacks thanks to her skillset.
Lay Down: SnipeProjectile: BoltHeaven Air RaidWarhead Delivery
Mafia KajitaGun- 20% freeze chance on all attacks
- Damage+30,40% normally,100% HP (all)
- Aggro+1
- Damage taken-10% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <10% HP (all)
- HP+25%
Imbue attacks with ice (20s)
Ice Damage+40% (all/20s)
Freeze all allies and enemies
(No Assist)
Ghetto freebie non-ace FEdge. Bulky for a shooter. His kit specifically supports ice damage, and he's actually a capable shooter in those fights, but the restrictive nature of his kit limits his usefulness and his rush unfortunately freezes the party.
Heavenly FlightAiming DeviceHunter's MoonRaptor's Bullet
Bridal Precis
Arm- Crit Rate/Dmg +15,30,45% at 0,100,150hit (all)
- Hitcount timer +2s (all)
- Move speed+30% (all)
- CA crit penalty nullified
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage taken-30% while attacking
- AP-20,40% at 50,100hit
- ATK+20% at 100hit
Damage+70% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Hitcount-based crit rate/damage buffs with a lower base and higher max than CG Phia, timer extend, and self-hitcount talents to go along with it. While similar to CG Phia, her hitcount racking is both better and more consistent, and her total buffing is far higher - actually the highest total buffing from one character to date. Arms are rather starved for elemental coverage as a weapon type, but that doesn't keep her from being a highly desirable character in any fight, and particularly a staple of high-difficulty comps.
Normal>Barrier>Parabola>Barrier>Parabola - Ranged
Normal>Parabola>Barrier>Parabola*n - Ranged, -AP
Normal>(CA or whiff)Jump'n'Thump>Barrier>Parabola*n - DPS
Hammer SlammerBarrierJump'n'ThumpParabola Beam
Nurse FioreRifle- ATK/INT Dmg+40% (all)
- ATK/INT Dmg Taken+10,15% at 100,200hit (all enemies)
- 80/20 Guts (all)
- 4%/3s regen (all)
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage taken-30% while attacking
- AP-30% at skill chain 3+
40% heal Single target dmg+40% (all/20s)
(Assist: 30% heal)
Normal>Capsule>Highwind>Capsule*2 - 103 AP or AP reduction required
Rotate CageHighwind BlastSpread RayCapsule Scatter
Summer Eve
Rifle- Damage+30% (all)
- Damage+60% (self,close weps)
- AP regen+50% when far (all)
- Rush dmg+20% at 100%HP (all)
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage taken-30% while attacking
50% heal ATK Dmg+30% (all/20s)
(Assist: 30% heal)
Strangely favors close ranged weapons for her max damage buff but gives increased AP regen for ranged characters...but getting shorted on damage is nowhere near as painful as ATK/INT, and her total buffing is still quite high even for ranged weapon characters. Boasts fast and powerful skills, with Aqua Ignition in particular being the highest unconditional DPS skill to date; her damage output becomes obscene with AP reduction, even moreso if playing on a laggy device that gains AP regen between skill uses. Uooooooo, acchi!
Normal>Gravity>Balloon>Aqua Ignition*n - DPS
Normal>Aqua>Gravity>Aqua - Slightly lower damage, better rush gain, no Balloon backstep
Normal>Gravity>Aqua>Gravity>Aqua - Slightly lower damage, better rush gain, no Balloon backstep
Normal>Aqua>anything>Aqua - it all works really, Gravity's just the most efficient
Balloon SplashSpread RayGravity ShellAqua Ignition
Butler Leon
Dagger- Convert 50% of INT to ATK (Attacker,Defender,Shooter)
- ATK/INT Dmg+20% at long range (all)
- AP regen+100,50% (self,all)
- CA crit penalty nullified
- Crit+40% during CA
ATK Dmg+50% (all/20s)
Unlike previous INT converters, BLeon is an ATK-based character, meaning he actually benefits from his own conversion. On top of this, as a dagger user he can function as an on-element INT converter for every fight, and he provides modest damage buffing on top of this. For the icing on the cake, he also packs AP regen and damage buffs along with his conversion. The frame data on his skills may look a bit underwhelming, but his personal doubled AP regen almost entirely eliminates downtime, and compensates their flaws handily.
Normal>Guillotine>Gremlin>Dancing Sword
Flying GuillotineShockwaveDancing SwordGremlin's Lair
Maid Sophia
Gun- Damage+40,50,60% at 0,100,200hit (all)
- AP-10,20% at 50,100hit (all)
- Rush dmg+40% at 250hit
- Dodge AP-50% (all)
- Dodge speed+100%
Crit+30% AP-40% (20s)
As you'd probably expect from dual gunners at this point, she's a mobile ranged fighter with below average rush gain. Her talents focus on ramping up damage via hitcount, and lowering AP costs for ranged weapon users. Her unique skill, Sweep Trigger, is actually quite powerful and somewhat justifies her selfish rush buff, but for the most part she comes off as a budget awakened Emmerson, albeit with a different playstyle. Strangely she also has a selfish rush damage +40% boost at a staggering 250hit requirement, but with a 4000% rush coming off 2494 ATK, people probably will be expecting her to rush first or second still on the rare occasion you do get things set up.
Normal>filler>Sweep>filler>Sweep*n - no -AP or at least AP-20%
Normal>Sweep>filler>Sweep*2 - AP-10%
Skyline ShootingStardust AimHard KnockerSweep Trigger
TikaArm- 90/10 Guts
- 10%/5s regen
- ATK/INT Dmg+30% at skill chain 3+
- Damage+20%
- Damage vs humans,plants+30% (all)
AP-20% Damage Taken-20% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Story freebie, who can currently only be used in story and is limited to LB1. Provides the party +20% damage and +30% damage vs humanoids and plants.
R.Spin ArmRocket PunchBarrier DomeBeam Cage
Operator Precis
Arm- Damage+35,55,75% at 0,150,250hit (all)
- AP+100% from normals (all)
- Hitcount timer +1s (all)
- AP-15% when far (all)
- CA crit penalty nullified
- Super armor during CA
- Damage taken-30% during CA
- ATK+20% HP+20% [4]
ATK+80% 10%/3s regen (20s) [1]
A third character in the same vein as MSophia and EmmersonA. Robocis takes buffing to a new extreme, reaching an unprecedented Damage+75%, but at an extreme 250hit requirement - depending on party comp, you likely won't be reaching this even during rush, and her buffs are meager until they've ramped up. That isn't too big a deal, however; her damage output is ridiculous, and between her CA damage reduction, innate bulk, and rush regen, she's incredibly tanky as well. She's effectively a ranged carry that carries damage buffs, AP reduction, and even increased AP from normals on the side.
Normal>Mujin-kun>Barrier>Mujin-kun*3 - damage, rush
Normal>Barrier>Mujin-kun>Barrier*n - hitcount
Hammer SlammerRocket PunchBarrierMujin-kun Rocket
Idol Miki
Dagger- Damage+30,70% normally, not behind (all)
- AP regen+100,50% (self, all)
- Move speed+50%
- 85/20 Guts (all)
- Dash speed/distance +100%
- Able to airdodge
Sweetheart Symphony

15%/3s regen (all/20s)
Upfront Damage+70% is quite nice, as is the sustain she provides from rush regen. Increased AP regen and mobility also make it trivial for her to kite. Highly splashable, works anywhere with nearly anyone, though OPrecis still has merits over her such as no positional requirements and much higher damage output. She also offers unconditional party Guts at an even better rate than NFiore, in case you still wanted more reason to bring her along.
Normal>Honey>Creamy>Honey*n - If Honey Spread gets 4+ hits
Blade à la CarteHoney SpreadCreamy DartAerial à la Mode

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