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This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Caster Characters/Units. This list is being updated accordingly to the game progress in both GL and JP version. However, the current meta of JP is far from GL version. So, this list will include lots of characters/units that haven’t appeared yet in GL version. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

If you want to take a look at the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Caster Characters/Units for GL version with only current released units, please check the links at the end.

Note to players:

  • Awakening_10 Signifies an Awakened character. Awakening is NOT a system present in Star Ocean: Anamnesis Global version, and likely won’t be for a year+. Unawakened characters are tiered separately from their awakened counterparts.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Caster List is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
Staff- Stun Rate+30%
- INT+40%
- Cast time-60%
- AP-20%
- AP-50% at skill chain 3+
- INT Dmg+50% at 100hit
Thunder, Heraldry
INT+80% (20s)
Standard thunder caster. Though she still lacks party support, her awakening fixed everything else wrong with her; her AP costs are now manageable, her rush gain went from abysmal to fantastic, and her damage output has similarly gone from laughable to unmatched. Even without any INT buffs she hits well above average, and her rush buff providing her INT both makes her self-sufficient and puts her on her own level of damage output, even off-element.
Tri-Ace likely realized they went a bit too far with her however, as every boss after her awakening has had off-element resistance. Be wary that despite being a caster, she has rather high aggro pull awakened.
Normal>CA Plasma>Flare>Plasma
Normal>Flare>Blast>Flare*n - If casting from outside Plasma Cyclone's Range
Normal>Flare>Plasma>Flare - Unawakened
Deep FreezeThunder FlareFreezing ImpactPlasma CycloneLightning Blast
RonyxBow- INT+40% (all)
- Damage+20%
- AP-20%
Fire, Heraldry
Cast time-50% (all/20s)
Pathetic everything. Huge AP costs, long cast times, horrid stats, and all his spells are slow and inaccurate. INT+40% is admittedly still the largest party INT buff available, but you can also get that from Leon, Freya, and HVerda - all of which are actually functional characters. If you're soloing and just expecting your AI characters to die his buff can be made use of, but he's really not a character you want to have to play.
Pick elements based on fight. Normal>(CA strong spell)>(weaker spell)>(stronger spell)
Staff- INT+20% (all)
- Fire Dmg+60%(self,Attacker,Defender,Shooter)
- Crit+50% at skill chain 3+
- Damage Taken-40%
- Super armor if dmg <40% HP
- INT+10% DEF+50% GRD+10% HP+20%
Fire, Heraldry
INT+120% Cast time-70% (20s)
(Assist: INT+100% Cast time-70% 10s)
Awakening's emphasized Lymle's bulk, fire damage, and rush buff; notably she now provides the party INT+20% and physical classes receive an impressive Fire Damage+60%. Her rush buff's been increased to a whopping INT+120% and lasts five seconds longer. Her own rush gain's also gone from horrid to above average. She's still unfortunately cursed with slow and unreliable fire spells, and still lacks AP cost reduction to fit more 300% spells in, though assists and teambuilding can fix the latter.
Normal>CA Burst Flame>Fire Bolt>Burst Flame
Fire BoltBurst FlameWind CutterTornadoExplosion
Sheath- Single Target Dmg+40% (all)
- Stun rate+25% (all)
- 90/10 Guts
- Cast time-90%
- Damage taken-20% while casting (all)
- Super armor while casting vs damage <25% max HP(all)
- 90/20 Guts (far weps)
- INT Damage+50% at skill chain 3+
- INT+20% DEF+30% HIT+10% HP+30% [4]
AP-30% (20s)
Faize's awakening further enhances his party buffing both offensively and defensively; to oversimplify, he's effectively Capell-meets-Fiore with a side of party Guts now. Extinction meshes with his kit well,both providing obscene rush gain and offering a delayed hit he can exploit with his new skill chain talent, but you'll still be forced to bring Needles for combo filler without at least -10% AP. His rush now has a proper mult as well. Strong on his own, incredible with INT buffs; even without them though his party support is highly appreciated. Note that alongside his awakening (but not tied to it), he was also reworked to be a Hrist-style sheath, giving him a proper ranged normal and facilitating full combos as a result.
Normal>Extinction>Spark>Needles - Because of the delays on Faize's spells, everything simultaneously hits at 300% to maximize his skill chain bonus.
Dark DevourerDarkness BladeShadow NeedlesReap SlicerExtinction
Staff- INT+50%
- Crit+30% (Casters)
- AP-20% (Casters)
- Cast time-30%
Fire, Heraldry
INT+70% AP-60% (20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Standard fire caster. Boasts the highest INT in the game, but Explosion requires a non-moving target to connect properly, so she has issues with performance consistency, and her cast times are slow. Her damage output is excellent on things she is able to reliably hit, though. She also carries Growth, allowing her to provide the party an additional +25% ATK.
Normal>CA Explosion>Bolt>Explosion*n
Normal>CA Bolt>Explosion>Bolt*n - vs moving targets
Fire BoltRock RainGrowthExplosion
Staff- INT+30% (all)
- Seal immune (2m/all)
- +25% Seal chance on all attacks
- INT Dmg+20% at 100%HP
- Super armor while casting
- Cast time-50%
- AP-40%
- Rush Dmg+10%
- INT+20%
- Heraldry Dmg+50% at skill chain 3+
Thunder, Heraldry
INT+50% (20s)
Standard light caster. Though she still suffers the unfortunate fate of being a staff caster, her awakening did a lot to bring her damage output up to respectable levels, and she boasts accurate spells alongside excellent crowd control and massive rush gain. She's also an INT buffer with Growth, which lets her fill a similar role to INT converters and buff both sides of the spectrum, though her benefits for ATK-based characters are lesser.
Normal>CA Star Light> - > Star Light*n

Fillers: Growth for buffing; Sunshine for damage; Plasma Cyclone for crowd control, rush gain, and reliability
Star LightLightning BlastSunshinePlasma CycloneGrowth
Bridal Eve
Staff- INT+45%
- AP-20,30,40,50% at 0,50,100,150hit
- AP+80% from normals (all)
- Super armor while casting
- Cast time-30%
Earth, Heraldry
AP-60% INT Dmg+40% (20s)
Standard earth caster. Highly AP efficient, with her efficiency ramping up further alongside hitcount, but like most old casters she has long cast times on a bad weapon for casting and spells that aren't strong enough to compensate. VWelch is amusingly a better earth caster than she is.
Normal>CA Press>Comet>Flower*n
Normal>CA Flower>Comet>Flower*n
PressSunshineSummon CometDivine Flower
FioreOrb- INT+25%
- INT+20% (all)
- Super armor while casting (all)
- ATK/INT Dmg+15% at skill chain 3+ (all)
- AP-60% at skill chain 3+
- Cast time-30% at skill chain 3+
Dark, Heraldry
DEF-40% (all enemies 20s)
Standard dark caster. High AP efficiency, but her spell list is pretty poor for actually dealing damage, and her talents aren't good for enabling it. Her selling point is partywide casting armor, making life easier for everyone in caster parties.
Normal>CA Shadow>Ice>Shadow*n - large enemies
Normal>CA Extinction>Shadow>Extinction*n - smaller enemies, crowds
Shadow NeedlesIce NeedlesFreezing ImpactExtinction
Prince Claude
Bow- INT+25% (all)
- Multiple Target Dmg+20% (all)
- Freeze/Paralysis immune (90s/all)
- AP-40% at skill chain 3+
Fire, Heraldry
AP-50% Cast time-30% (20s)
Nearly as pathetic as his father, but he at least has AP cost reduction and spells that can hit things. There's still no justified reason in using him, though.
Normal>Fire Bolt>Ice Needles>(Burst Flame or Freezing Impact)*2
Fire BoltIce NeedlesFreezing ImpactBurst Flame
MavelleOrb- INT+40%
- AP regen+100% after Shiny Lancer (20s)
- AP+100% Ice Skill Dmg+300% after Hail Orb (20s)
- AP regen+30% (all)
- Super armor while casting
Ice, Heraldry
INT Dmg+50% (20s)
"Standard" ice caster. Notably she has a self-buff that doubles the AP cost but increases ice spell damage by +300%, turning her into a one-hit wonder with Freezing Impact. The switch to single spell casts leaves her remarkably mobile compared to other casters and lets her put out her full damage even when pulling aggro, but being limited to 150% cancel bonuses holds her damage output back. On the other hand, she doesn't suffer this issue with her light spells; her high INT and fast casting allow her to abuse fat bosses with impunity via Aurora Rings.
Normal>CA Shiny Lancer>Hail Orb - buff rotation
Normal>CA Freezing Impact>dodge - post-buff rotation
Normal>CA Aurora>Lancer>Aurora - vs large/light-weak
Hail OrbShiny LancerAurora RingsFreezing Impact
Federation Reimi
Staff- INT+20% (all)
- Crit Dmg+35% (all)
- 5%/3s regen (all)
- Crit+40% at 100%HP
- Status immune (3m)
- Cast time-80%
Dark, Heraldry
AP-40% Cast time-25% (20s)
Standard wind caster. Unfortunately her spells and stats are both underwhelming, as is her weapon choice. Boosts party crit damage passively, but only buffs crit rate on rush. Also provides party regen.
Normal>CA Magnum>Frigid Saucer>Magnum
Wind CutterMagnum TornadoIce NeedlesFrigid Saucer
LeonBook- ATK+30% (all)
- INT+40% (all)
- AP regen+30% (far weps)
- Shadow Flare dmg+150% after Frigid Saucer (8s)
- INT+20% after Shadow Needles (8s)
Dark, Heraldry
AP-40% Cast time-25% (20s)
Buffs both ATK and INT for the party, in addition to boasting fast cast times and nuclear damage with Shadow Flare. Ideal dark caster parties will run him to buff casters in addition to providing an ATK buff for a shooter, but he's also nice for pub play to ensure stat buffs for any party comp. Recommended to run an Emerald Ring or other source of AP cost reduction; gaining access to two 300% Shadow Flares per combo amps his pre-rush damage output greatly.
Normal>CA Needles>Saucer>Flare*n
Normal>CA Flare>Needles>Flare*n - Postrush if buffs from previous rotation are still up
Frigid SaucerDeep FreezeShadow FlareShadow Needles
FreyaOrb- Imbue attacks with Light
- ATK+20,35% normally,close
- INT+20,40% normally,far (all)
- AP-25% when far
- Rush dmg+30% at 150hit
- ATK+10% INT+10%
AP-40% Crit+30% (20s)
(No Assist)
Hybrid caster+attacker who buffs both sides of the spectrum, doesn't have cast times, is highly mobile, and rushes for absurd damage, usually going 4th even off-element. Unlike Leon, her buffs are range restricted; not usually an issue with INT though, and there's likely a better ATK buff supplied elsewhere in the party anyway. Recently, orbs have begun receiving element imbues, allowing her access to other elements as well; being able to function as an INT buffer in multiple elements will definitely increase her usefulness down the road.
Normal>Victory Sword>Smackdown>Heavenly*n - DPS; replace Sword with Crimson Strike if wanting crowd control
Normal>Victory Sword>Crimson Strike>CA Heavenly*n - Ranged
Victory SwordCrimson StrikeSmackdownHeavenly Punishment
LezardBook- INT+20% (all)
- Convert 50% of INT to ATK (Attacker,Defender,Shooter)
- INT+30% after Dark Savior (10s)
- Crit+30% after Mystic Cross (12s)
- AP-40% at skill chain 3+
- Cast time-40% at skill chain 3+
Dark, Heraldry
AP-80% Cast time-80% (10s)
(No Assist)
INT→ATK conversion is incredibly powerful, providing around +25% ATK to attackers and +40% to shooters/defenders, while also letting them benefit further from INT buffs and stacking with standard ATK buffs. Prismatic Missile makes him top class at all of rush gain, hitcount racking, and crowd control as well; these two factors combined make him a highly valued character in all content, even if his spells are resisted. When they aren't resisted, his own damage output is also respectable, especially postrush.
Normal>CA Cross>Savior>Prismatic*n - buff rotation
Normal>CA Prismatic>Savior>Prismatic*n - DPS/rush rotation if crits are already handled
Replace Prismatic with Shadow Servant in dark-weak fights; Prismatic is otherwise preferable for hitcount.
Prismatic MissileMystic CrossDark SaviorShadow Servant
MystinaStaff- ATK/INT Dmg+40% (all)
- Crit rate/dmg+20% at 100%HP (all)
- Cast time-80%
- 50%/20s regen
- AP-40% at skill chain 3+
- INT+30% HP+10%
Light, Heraldry
Super armor while casting (40s)
AP regen+50% (all/30s)
(No Assist)
Hefty and uncommon damage buffs on top of respectable damage output and silly self-regen. She easily slots into any party, though Freya being released right before her as a limited light caster stole the spotlight from her, and MClair is more versatile without being crippled by staves, so she's a bit of a rarity.
Normal>CA Javelin>Cross>Javelin
Mystic CrossFire LanceFire StormSacred Javelin
Maid Clair
Bow- ATK/INT Dmg+35% (all)
- ATK/INT Dmg Taken+15% after Shadow Lamp (10s)
- AP-30% at skill chain 3+
- Cast time-60% at skill chain 3+
- Stun rate+20% after using Heraldry (10s)
- Additional 10% hits on normals after using Special Attacks (10s)
- INT+20% HP+15%
Crit Rate+50% (all/20s)
Like FLymle, she's a hybrid INT shooter/caster, but unlike FLymle, she is a Caster and as such doesn't get griefed by Lezard. Similar general buffing and damage output to Mystina. As she has INT-based bow skills in addition to spells, she has the option of running elemental bows to be on-element in any fight. Because of the speed of her bow skills, she's able to cast Black Spirit at 150% and rack cancel bonus up to 300% before it actually reaches the enemy.
Normal>CA Spirit>Lamp>Squall>dodge
Normal>CA Spirit>Lamp>Spirit>dodge
Normal>Lamp>Squall>Lamp>Squall*2 - no cast time or too close for spirit; still weaker even in non-dark weak fights than Spirit combos though
Shadow NeedlesShadow LampCrimson SquallBlack Spirit
Orb- INT+15% (all)
- Convert 55% of INT to ATK (Attacker,Defender,Shooter)
- Crit+20,40% at 100,200hit
- AP-50% after using Magnum Tornado (10s)
INT Dmg+60% (20s)
The second character with INT→ATK conversion. He and Lezard are mostly interchangeable, so long as Tornado gets at least three hits; he edges Lezard out against large bosses such as Armaros and Virus Pod, while Lezard performs better against humanoids and in terms of hitcount.
Normal>CA Magnum>Tornado>Wing>Tornado*3
Right WingLeft WingTornadoMagnum TornadoRight Wing Left Wing Tornado Magnum Tornado
Hero VerdaOrb- ATK/INT +30,40% at 0,150hit (all)
- Rush Dmg+20,50% after 1,3min (all)
- Move speed+50% (all)
- Super armor while attacking
- Able to airdodge
- INT+10% HP+10%
AP-20% AP regen+50% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Dollar store Freya, and the first non-elemental caster. Though she's a hitcount-based character, her main skill is single hit. She has a partywide rush damage buff that increases as time passes, but it takes a minute for the buff to even exist and three for it to cap, and all content can feasibly be cleared before it can even come into play. Compared to Leon and Freya, she trades damage output for more bulk and evasiveness. It seems that lately bosses have been gaining elemental resistance on 50/60stam difficulties, which technically gives her a niche as a fight-flexible INT buffer.

Swap Spark for CA Atomic as needed for range control.
Shooting StarLightning JudgmentAtomic SmashHeroic Spark
TikaArm- 90/10 Guts
- 10%/5s regen
- ATK/INT Dmg+30% at skill chain 3+
- INT+20% (all)
- Super armor while casting (all)
- Damage vs mecha,undead +40% (all)
Wind AP-20% Damage Taken-20% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Story freebie, who can currently only be used in story and is limited to LB1. Provides the party INT+20%, super armor while casting, and +40% damage vs mecha and undead.
Blast HurricaneWind CutterTornadoStream Sphere
Crimson Opera
Blue Sphere
Orb- Convert 50% of ATK to INT (self,Healers)
- AP-15% after Lightning Blast (10s)
- INT Dmg Taken+30% when hit by Shiny Lancer (10s)
- Super armor while casting
- Dmg taken-40% while casting
- Cast time-60% at skill chain 3+
- INT+30%
Light, Heraldry
INT Dmg+40% Crit+30% (20s)
Converts ATK to INT for herself and healers (Freya ruins everything), and has (de)buffs tied to her two filler spells. Interestingly she's the first character ever to have good rush gain off Sunshine. Though her convert supports healers, the only one that both does proper damage and matches her element is JK Meracle with a light fist; she's more about debuffing for caster parties and flaunting her ridiculous rush.
Normal>CA Lightning>Shiny>Sunshine*2
Normal>CA Sunshine>filler>Sunshine - Better rotation if one of the buffs are already covered by the party
Lightning BlastShiny LancerSunshineThunderbolt
Pumpkin Relia
Staff- 5%/3s regen (all)
- 10%/5s regen (close weps)
- INT+30% (all)
- Rush drain/DoT fields nullified (all)
- AP regen+50% at 100%HP (all)
- Stun rate+15% at 100%HP (all)
- Cast time-50%
- Super armor while casting
Light, Heraldry
Damage+70% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Awakened Celine v2. Combines better damage output with better party buffing, and provides extra QoL buffs such as stun rate up and HP/AP regen as icing. If she weren't similarly light-locked, she'd be an excellent pick anywhere; enjoy her where you can.
Normal>CA Twinkle>Lancer>Twinkle*n
Shiny LancerBurst FlameGrowth [2]Twinkle Bomb

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