Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia (DFFOO) - Global Tier List

DFFOO Tier List Global is the list that has been being gathered along with the current process of DFFOO game in Global version. Since, DFFOO Global version has different schedule of releasing characters and weapons than JP version. The Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia Tier List also has some significant differences from JP tier list.

At some point, the ranking of these character will match up with Japan version. However, that will a far, very far future. Therefore, you should not wait for any particular character in the far future. Just make yourself comfortable and have fun with the current meta. Isn’t this is the mere purpose of playing game (especially with Final Fantasy fans)? 😉

DFFOO tier list will provide you 2 types of tier list for your choice of reference:

  • The short & simple version: this Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia tier list version is pulled from the details table. This list will provide you the ranking of each character based upon their points in the details table. If you want to know their specific points, please refer the full table.
  • The full version: This DFFOO tier list version will give you the details about each character point and the in-game roles.

Update: May 14, 2019

Short and simple Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – DFFOO Tier List

S Tier (Point: 100 – 95)

  • Squall

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A Tier (Point: 94 – 85)

  • Terra, Vaan, Noctis

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B Tier (Point: 84 – 75)

  • Cloud, Tidus, Rem, Warrior of Light, Lilisette

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C Tier (Point: 74 – 65)

  • Ashe, Yuna, Lightning, Alisaie, Cecil, Firion, Layle

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D Tier (Point: 64 – 55)

  • Ace, Lenna, Sephiroth, Onion Knight, Bartz, Quistis, Shantotto, Thancred, Zidane, Serah, Eiko, Hope, Snow, Zack, Krile, Jecht, Sazh, Vincent, Yshtola, Papalymo, Laguna

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E Tier (Point: 54 – 45)

  • King, Kuja, Setzer, Prishe, Ramza, Rydia, Faris, Vanille, Zell, Cid, Kain, Seymour, Kefka

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F Tier (Point: 44 – 0)

  • Aerith, Galuf, Garnet, Wakka, Balthier, Celes, Vivi, Irvine, Seifer, Edgar, Maria, Edge, Penelo, Yuri, Cyan, Palom, Yang, Auron, Sabin, Shadow, Tifa, Fujin, Lion, Raijin, Yuffie, Cater, Steiner, Yda

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Full Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – DFFOO Tier List


Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – DFFOO Tier List (Global) is being updated based mostly upon two criteria:

  • In-depth analysis, evaluation, and calculation of veteran gamers in DFFOO.
  • Community votes in each banner.

Most players can confidently depends on this Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia Tier List to choose their team combination to play the game. However, because the nature of Final Fantasy series’ fan is all about husbando and waifu, therefore don’t rely on the DFFOO tier list too much if your favorite characters are not in high ranking.

Note to players who use Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – DFFOO Tier List

  • Don’t take this tier list as absolute.
  • Play with characters you love/like/prioritize/feel comfortable/etc.
  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred).
  • This table of Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – DFFOO Tier List (Global) is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.

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Details tier list table (with sorting)


Character EXPointRole
SquallYes96Physical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver
TerraYes90Magical DPS, Debuffer
Vaan88Magical DPS, Debuffer
NoctisYes86Launcher, Melee DPS, Ranged Shaver, Ranged DPS, AoE
CloudYes84Launcher, Physical DPS
TidusYes83Debuffer, Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS
Rem80Defensive Support, Healer
Warrior of Light79Tank, Ranged DPS
Lilisette77Buffer, Debuffer, AoE
Ashe74Offensive Support, Magical BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Yuna71BRV Battery, Defensive Support
Lightning67Physical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver
Alisaie66Magical Brv Shaver, Magical DPS
CecilYes66Launcher, Ranged BRV Shaver, AoE
Firion65Physical DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver
Layle65Launcher, Magical BRV Shaver
Ace63Magical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver
Lenna63Healer, Defensive Support, Debuffer, BRV Battery, Ranged BRV Shaver
Sephiroth63Physical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Onion Knight62Physical BRV Shaver, Magical BRV Shaver
Bartz61Physical BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Quistis61Debuffer, Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS
ShantottoYes61Magical BRV Shaver
Thancred61Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS
Zidane61Physical BRV Shaver
Serah60Offensive Support, BRV Battery, Magical BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Eiko59BRV Battery, Healer, Magical BRV Shaver, Offensive Support
Hope59BRV Battery, Defensive Support
Snow59Tank, Physical DPS
Zack59Tank, Physical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver
Krile58Magical BRV Shaver, Enchanter, BRV Battery
Jecht57Physical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver
Sazh57Offensive Support, Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver
Vincent57Ranged BRV Shaver, Enchanter, Debuffer
Yshtola57BRV Battery, BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Papalymo56Magical DPS
Laguna55Debuffer, AoE, Ranged BRV Shaver
King54Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver
Kuja54AoE, Magical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver
Setzer53Debuffer, Magical BRV Shaver, Ranged BRV Shaver, AoE, Offensive Support
Prishe50Physical BRV Shaver, Magical BRV Shaver, AoE
Ramza50Offensive Support, BRV Battery
Rydia50Magical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver, Offensive Support, Enchanter, AoE
Faris47Debuffer, Physical BRV Shaver, Ranged BRV Shaver
Vanille47Debuffer, BRV Battery, AoE
Zell47Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS, Ranged DPS, AoE
Cid46Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver
Kain46Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver
Seymour46Debuffer, Magical BRV Shaver, Magical DPS
Kefka45Debuffer, Magical BRV Shaver, Magical DPS
Aerith44Healer, BRV Battery, Offensive Support
Galuf43Tank, Physical BRV Shaver
Garnet41Magical DPS, Enchanter, Offensive Support, AoE
Wakka41Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Balthier39Ranged BRV Shaver
Celes39Tank, Physical BRV Shaver, Ranged DPS
Vivi39Magical BRV Shaver
Irvine38Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer, AoE
Seifer38AoE, Ranged DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Edgar37Physical DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer, AoE
Maria37Ranged BRV Shaver, Ranged DPS, AoE, Healer
Edge35Tank, Magical BRV Shaver
Penelo34Offensive Support, Healer
Yuri34Ranged DPS, Magical BRV Shaver
Cyan33Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS
Palom33Magical BRV Shaver, Magical DPS
Yang33AoE, Physical DPS
Auron32Physical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Sabin31Magical DPS, Magical BRV Shaver, AoE
Shadow31Ranged BRV Shaver
Tifa31Physical BRV Shaver
Fujin29Buffer, Enchanter, Physical DPS, Ranged BRV Shaver
Lion29Physical BRV Shaver, Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Raijin28Physical DPS, Physical BRV Shaver, Buffer, Enchanter
Yuffie27Ranged BRV Shaver, Debuffer
Cater26Ranged BRV Shaver, Magical BRV Shaver, AoE
Steiner26Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS
Yda24Physical BRV Shaver, Physical DPS

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  1. This list needs to be updated with the newer characters (i.e. Relm, Fang, Seven, Paladin Cecil, Beatrix [who is on Global], Leonhart, Golbez, Agrias and Locke, for starters as they are are now on Global) as they come along, because I feel that this list is outdated and some characters aren’t as useful as they were, while some others are now more useful. Otherwise, solid list!


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