Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Arms List (Global version)

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Arms which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version.

You can use the list as your reference. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Gray colour indicates a limited-time weapon.
  • Atk/Int stats are derived from the weapon at level 20.
  • LB Factor Level is the limit break level at which the third factor is unlocked on the weapon (if applicable)
Striped Cat Mitts961958Imbues Attacks with Light Attribute, Light Damage +20%

AP Consumption -10%

80% chance to survive a lethal attack at 10% or more HP (80/10 guts)
5GachaAwoo Millie
Light weakness enemies
Excellent release arms for GL, innately comes with AP reduce, which is excellent for its release unit Awoo Millie, as well as imbue and an element damage buff together. Powercrept stats and if you hit 3rd factor, unconditional 80/10 guts.
Atomic Arms650649Single Target Damage +15%

ATK Damage +10% at 100 hits or more

HP Recovery 5% every 3 seconds

Arms Coin Shop
They're okay due to limited pool, but worse than Super. Skip unless this is the only set of arms you can obtain.
Super Puncher517510ATK +15%

AP Recovery speed +50%

30% chance to survive a lethal attack at 20% or more HP (30/20 guts)

Arms Coin Shop
Best neutral arms and best if lacking gacha at the moment. Scaling attack is excellent in general due to working off of base stats as well. Recovery is weaker given AP recover on normals, but still nice if at range. 30/20 isn't great, but it's free, so no real complaints.
Farmer's Arms510509Lantern Burst +50% Damage

Rush Combo Damage +10% at 100 hits or more

ATK Damage -10% at short range
5Pumpkin Cryptvine (Shop)Awoo Millie

Transmutation Fodder
Decent arms for Awoo, giving a huge multiplier to her highest damage skill, a little rush combo bonus and an ATK damage decrease which should be active the majority of the time. Given the lack of arms, this is usable if lacking gacha arms.
Polar Bear Paws960955+40% DMG to Demons

80% Chance to Survive a Lethal Attack at 10% or more HP (80/10 Guts)

RCV 5% HP / 3s
3GachaRacial arms. They're pretty average, but they do have guts, so they're a decent non-elemental choice.

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Special credit: SOA (GL) Discord (Tori, Shaun and Emunisa)


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