Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Greatswords List (Global version)

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Greatswords which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version.

You can use the list as your reference. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Gray colour indicates a limited-time weapon.
  • Atk/Int stats are derived from the weapon at level 20.
  • LB Factor Level is the limit break level at which the third factor is unlocked on the weapon (if applicable)
[4-stars base]
471466Imbues Attacks w/ Earth Element

+5% ATK


Earth Weak BossesThe only greatsword available for earth imbue at the moment. Comes with a bit of scaling ATK to help round off the pain of being a 4* base.
Durandal516511+15% ATK

Absorbs 10% of DMG Dealt by Normals

+10% DMG
5Coin Exchange

Non-elemental, A2 synergyDecent non-elemental GS, should be a transmute for A2 users in particular due to its innate lifesteal. Gives a decent set of factors which help make up for potential lackings in public parties.
Tyrfing651648+15% Single Target DMG

-10% AP Cost

-10% DMG Taken
5Coin Exchange

bad/10Its factors aren't bad, but the ST damage doesn't make up for the sheer stats it lacks compared to Durandal.
Type-4O Blade862857+20% DMG to YoHRa Arms XII

+50% AP RCV on Normals

-10% ATK DMG Taken
5Geared Wisp EventA2/10If you miss out on the gacha weapon, this is likely going to be a reasonable replacement and a good neutral / off-element choice. Innate AP recovery, some defensive mitigation and gacha level base stats. Overall just a solid neutral.
Beastlord963958Imbues Attacks w/ Light Element

-10% DMG Taken

-10% AP Cost
5Gacha (Limited)Light Weak Bosses

King of Beasts/10
Excellent greatsword, considering it's the only light imbued GS and it's limited. The factors aren't anything special, but given that this element is locked to a hard-to-obtain weapon makes this valuable if you get it. Not much else to say, GS is a young weapon even on JP.

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