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This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Defender Characters/Units which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version. You can combine with the updated list from Japanese version if you want to plan ahead for your party. The JP list has also been being edited to match with GL releases. If you want to check the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Defender Characters/Units for JP version for your future plans and contents, please check the links at the end.

You can use both lists as your reference and plans for future contents. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always priotize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Defender List (GL version) is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
 NameWeapon / Unit TypesPre-Rush Buffs Post-Rush BuffsDescription


Tank / Defensive


+50% DEF
+10% Damage
25% Max HP Anti-flinch
80% Guts at 10% HP or more (Self)

-50% All Damage Taken (20 s)
Great starter defender, boasts high rush gain and is great for keeping the party alive with both his talents and his post-rush skill. For sheer defensive utility, he shouldn't be beat out too soon for his combination of talents. However, he has overall low DPS, but can loosely increase party DPS by sacrificing health for damage (anti-flinch). Due to him being the only 5* Defender, he will begin to fall off, as he has essentially no offensive merit in both buffs and damage.
(Normal >) Bloodstorm > Bloodstorm > * - Rush build + 0 AP
Normal > Bloodstorm > Dragon > Bloodstorm > * - Rush build + 5 AP
(Normal >) Dragon > Dragon > * - Groups
(Normal >) Bloodstorm > Dragon > Mirror Blade > * - Damage
* Vampiric Flash looks great on paper, but its effect isn't so pronounced. Best in a pinch against large groups.
* Mirror Blade is an option if you want to sacrifice sustain for damage.
Bloodstorm Revolution (38)Dragon Roar (29)Mirror Blade (38)Vampiric Flash (32)



20% Max HP Anti-flinch (Close)
Absorb 30% of normal attack damage as HP (Self)
Heals 3% Max HP / 3s (Self)
+60% Damage to Beasts (Self)
Heals 20% of Max HP every 4 seconds (Self / 20s)Despite being a 4* base, Shimada actually does the specific job of meat shield very well. His HP is almost as high as Victor's, and has self HP drain/lifesteal, as well as regeneration over time. He also brings anti-flinch for close range units. Provided he keeps aggro, Shimada is a great tank and doesn't need any babysitting.
Overall Shimada's skills are all pretty similar. Use them in whatever order makes sense.

Normal>Air Slash>Double Slash>Nether*n - Good for damage if the enemy is large and/or slow
Normal>Double Slash>Air Slash>Double Slash*n - Rush Gain
Double Slash (20)Air Slash (20)Nether Strike (24)



+40% DEF
+10% Damage
20% Max HP Anti-flinch (Close)
Critical Rate +20% (Self)
40% Max HP Anti-flinch (20s)Also a 4* base, brings decent damage with 20% self-crit, as well as def and damage buffs. Discount Victor, with a conditional (close-range) anti-flinch. However, on rush, he provides an upgraded anti-flinch.
Dragon Roar (29)

Summer Myuria

Tank / Defensive Buffer


Hitcount Racker

+20% Max HP & 20%HP anti-flinch (Party)
- 20% INT Damage Taken (Party)
+30% ATK, - 20% AP Cost (Self, with aggro)
+10% Single-Target Damage, +15% Stun Rate (to each ally without aggro)
4000% - Lightning

- 40% AP Cost and 15% Max HP/3s (Self / 20s)
SMyuria is GL's second 5* defender, with a set of interesting talents. Compared to Victor, she is drastically more offensive and thus fills a different role. Notably, with aggro, her ATK is very slightly lower than Cliff's, and her rush multiplier will be the 2nd highest in GL, meaning high damage comparatively. Her mixed range skillset helps her grab aggro for her talents and keep it from any distance, while also providing allies with buffs similar to Faize. Unconditional anti-flinch and HP increase also provide survivability, and she is still the only defender in JP to decrease INT damage. Her rush gain is still abysmal, leaving a lot to be desired, but this doesn't impact her pre-rush value.

She has been nerfed in the global version, notably her Single Target Damage and her aggro ATK buff.
Floor 1/2 (trash mobs) - Thunderfire spam or Bloodstorm spam (if you can hit multiple targets).
Bloodstorm can be used (its rush gain and DPS are similar to Aura/Air) but it is slow and prone to miss.

Normal > Aura Wall > Air Slash > Thunderfire Slash*n - (need 4-5 AP seeds) - DPS
Air Slash > Thunderfire Slash > Air Slash > Thunderfire Slash*n - Ranged Combo
Normal (if possible) > Aura Wall (until hitcount is 150+) > Thunderfire*n - Rush gain combo (lose a lot of DPS)
Thunderfire Slice (32)Aura Wall (20)Air Slash (20)Bloodstorm Revolution (38)


Tank / Defensive Buffer


+20% DEF & - 20% ATK Damage Taken
+30% ATK & +20% DEF (Self)
25% HP anti-flinch (Close Range Weapons)
+20% Damage (Attackers & Defenders)

- 50% AP Cost (Self / 20 s)
Interesting character who also subs well into a melee-heavy/only party. He buffs damage like a shooter, but unlike in JP at the moment, he's not too terrible compared to our shooter options. He brings respectable damage thanks to his hefty self buffs, as well as significant defensive buffs for melee allies. Similar to SMyu, his ranged skills are quite good, but he also packs the regular Double/Air for some reliable offense. Also quite reliable when soloing, but be careful when picking him in public games, as he mixes quite poorly with more than one shooter.
Normal > Air > Double > Air*n - Regular
Normal > Double > Air > Roar - Large enemies
(Air > Roar) *n - Ranged only
Annihilating Air Slash (20)Double Slash (20)Dragon Roar (29)Diabolic Whirl (29)


ST Damage Buffer


Tank / Defensive Buffer

+20% HP (Party) / 20% HP Anti Flinch (Party)
+100% AP recovery on perfect dodge (Self) / 10 AP recovery to party on perfect dodge (Self)
+15% single target damage (Party) / +25% single target damage when HP is 100% (Party)
+15% ATK / +20% DEF

+60% Single Target Damage (Self 20/s) / Recover 15% of Max HP every 3 seconds (Self 20/s)
An offensive defender who brings HP based damage buffs, which are quite useful to have your damage and anti-flinch bundled up in one unit. She still gives a bit of HP buffing for defense, while her self buffs allow her to do significant damage as well. Unlike 2B, her perfect dodge feeds the party AP and also refreshes her own AP for easy comboing uptime. Overall a great unit.
Sword 11 vs Pod 1 - Sword 11 provides excellent damage but is quite slow. Pod 1 allows for a full ranged combo and speed at the cost of DPS. Preference.

(Pod 1 > Pod 2)*n - Ranged set, ranged only combo
Normal > Pod 2 > Sword 11 > Sword 12 - Melee set combo
Normal > Pod 1 > Pod 2 > CA Sword 12 - Ranged set combo (CA required after Pod 1 backstep)
Pod 2 > Pod 1 > Pod 2 > CA Sword 12 - Ranged set, starting from ranged full combo
YoRHa Arms: Eleven (27)YoRHa Arms: Twelve (52)YoRHa Pod: One (13)YoRHa Pod: Two (20)

Winter Evelysse
"Xmas Eve"
ST DMG Buffer


Tank / DEF Buffer

Decent DPS

Dual Swords
-30% DMG Taken while Attacking (Self)

-15% ATK DMG Taken when above 50 HC (Party)

+20%/+40% Single Target DMG at 0, 150 HC+ (Party)

+20% HP (Party)

Anti-Flinch ≤ 20% HP (Party)

+15% HP/ATK (Self)
Snowman Press

40% AP | +30% ATK (Self / 20s)
A slightly more defensive version of A2, bringing less damage both pre and post-rush, but higher buffing overall. Dual Swords means she plays smoothly and easily. Overall, she also has a lot of personal bulk, with a damage taken redux while attacking, and a self DEF buff, in addition to her party HP/ATK Damage redux buffs. A reasonable substitute for A2, especially in pubs. Notably has a higher damage buff, though locked behind a fairly rough hitcount. Also cute as hell. Her main damage skill does launch during EB.
Normal > Blades > Blast > Helix*n
Blades*n - Hitcount to reach buffing
Resplendent Blades (15)Enchanting Twin Thrust (20)Threefold Blast (21)Helix Blade (31)

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit in Global version

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit

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