Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Daggers List (Global version)

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Daggers which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version.

You can use the list as your reference. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Gray colour indicates a limited-time weapon.
  • Atk/Int stats are derived from the weapon at level 20.
  • LB Factor Level is the limit break level at which the third factor is unlocked on the weapon (if applicable)
Elemental Edge5450ATK + 15%

Flying Guillotine Damage +20%

Critical Chance +4%
3Launch Coin Shop

Dagger Coin Shop

Transmute fodderNot as good at the other launch coin weapons for its respective user. No 5* has the skill up, so it only provides some subpar stat boosts.
Golden Thunderblades8400Imbues Attacks with Lightning Element

Victory Terror Damage +20%

n/aDagger Coin Shop


Clair (Skill)

Lightning weakness bosses (Jie)
Excellent weapon if you get it. Does require LBs to outclass the event daggers, but it boosts a fairly relevant skill for Clair. An upgraded version of the event lightning daggers, but require a lot more resources in order to get the maximum out of them.
Ice Blades8350Ice Damage Dealt +15%

Sylvan Shot Damage +20%

n/aDagger Coin Shop


Clair (Skill / Element)Decent pick for non-elemental daggers for Clair. Boosts one of her main damage skills and another through element.
Dragon Spirit Blades5300ATK + 15%, DEF - 15%

Hydroblades Damage +20%

n/aDagger Coin Shop

Transmute fodderThere are better choices in the dagger pool for everything it does. Pass.
Golden-bolt Destroyers4710Imbues Attacks with Lightning Element

Poisonous Guillotine Damage +20%

ATK +10%
5Jie Revorse Coin ShopNel (Skill)

Lightning weakness bosses (Jie)

Overall, keep
Beats the Gacha variant at max level MLB, which should be available to anyone during the Jie event. Free lightning element daggers, decent scaling. Not much to dislike here. Still used on JP today.
Serpent Edges4750Imbues Attacks with Ice Element

Hydroblades Damage +20%

Hitcount Timer +0.5 Seconds
5Jie Revorse Coin ShopClair (Skill)

Ice weakness bosses (None)

Overall, keep
Just as good as its event sibling above for ice content, the only ice daggers even in JP. For general element burst use, take the Goldenbolts. Niche use while going for the 999 combo achievement.
Gan Jiang & Mo Ye8500Damage dealt +15% when attack hits a single enemy

Mirror Blade +20% Damage

Damage Dealt +10%
5GachaClair (Skill)

Don't pull for this
Not recommended due to being Gacha only, available for weapon coins on JP. Despite being buffed on GL, no element/racial passive holds them back. If you did roll them, average non-elemental choice for their single-target damage buff.
Suzaku962961Damage dealt to demons +40%

AP recovery speed +25%

ATK damage dealt +10% when not targeted by enemy
5GachaDemon race bosses (Queen, Eyeball)

Worst weapon in the banner/10
Overall this weapon sucks. Ideally it works for these events, but unlike knuckles, dagger has some great elemental choices already courtesy of Jie. If you're managing to kill the boss pre-Elemental Burst then these might be okay, but otherwise, stick to element imbue. (or if you want to see your Clair/Nel do as big damage as they can).
Cobalt Blades862858Divine Wrath (Falling Petals) Damage +30%

+20% ATK Damage

Absorb 15% of Damage Dealt by Regular Attacks as HP
5Millioneyes Gacha Box (Misery 2)Nel (Rush)

Dagger change to ranged when/10
These are Nel's daggers, buffing her fairly subpar rush and giving a fairly solid 2nd factor. The 3rd - well, think about it. Daggers are a melee-normal ranged weapon, which means you don't get any use out of it. It's honestly a very good looking weapon, but realistically, you'd probably prefer something else. It works as a nice damage stat stick due to base stats.
Ruby Princess Blades4730Dancing Sword +15% Damage

Single Target Damage +10%

DEF +10%
5Hell Siren (Shop)Phia (Skill)

Transmute fodder
Some event daggers. Not even great for Phia, so take them and make something better for her, like Ice Blades.
Slayer of Men584581ATK +15% / DEF +15%

Damage to Humans +25%

AP Consumption -10%
5GachaPhia (DPS unit)

When lacking on-element / boss resists element

decent edge/10
These are an okay consolation prize. While not on element, they basically fit Phia decently, as she is a DPS, preferring to just do more damage. They give her ATK scaling, so it's quite nice, while the DEF makes up for her innate debuff. Would require MLB to reach full stats, but were buffed by 50 in GL. In general, may have other options (Cobalt Blades, Ice Blades, Elemental Edge).
Bloodstone Protectors962957Imbues Attacks with Light Attribute

80% chance to survive a lethal attack at 10% or more HP (80/10 guts)

When HP is 100%, ATK Damage +20%
5GachaVampire Victor

begone fiend/10
Excellent weapon, light imbue and innate 80/10 guts make the user (especially HVictor) a monster. He can take the hit, likely survive and sustain back up. Bonus at LB3, where he gets a buff for maitaining full health. 900 series base stats. Nothing to dislike here.
Vouivre Nail Knives511508Dragon's Might 20% Damage

AP recovery speed +30%

Critical Chance +15%
5Pumpkin Cryptvine (Shop)Transmute Fodder

nine inch nailves / 10
They're okay? Standing AP recovery is decent for dagger units as they tend to avoid AP from normals due to melee normals. Crit isn't too bad and the percentage on this weapon is reasonable. Usable for new players, though generally would still be better to just transmute a pair of Thunderblades.
Shellbreaker Swords - Habakiri959960+40% DMG to Insects

RCV 3% HP / 5s

+30% AP RCV
5GachaInsect race bossesNot stellar, unless you manage to (un)luck into MLB. At MLB, their AP recovery is quite good for dagger users on neutral bosses. Otherwise, there's no real use except when off-element, on-race. Minor niche for dagger users paired with Nier units, off-element, as usual.

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