Emulator Reroll Guide for Star Ocean Anamnesis - Global Version

This guide is based on my personal experience with what works and does not work.

  1. Download the latest version of Nox. At the time of writing, the version I was running ( did not work. The latest version,, did work.
  2. Open Nox’s MultiPlayerManager. You can find this in the Nox install/bin folder, or use the side buttons on the default Emulator.
  3. At the bottom, there is an “Add Emulator” button. Click it and add a 5.1.1 Emulator. 4.4.2 does not work. If you already have a 5.1.1 Emulator, make sure that you still run MultiPlayerManager and you should get prompted to update it when you open it. Worst case scenario, make a new one anyways. This has been a huge issue for some people updating from a previous version of Nox.
  4. Emulator Reroll Guide
  5. Change the Emulator settings to enable Root. Also, for Graphics Rendering, the default (OpenGL) runs very smooth but for most the gameplay is very dark. With DirectX the game is brighter, but performance may vary and load times tend to be WAY longer when you start up the game. Choose whichever you prefer.
  6. Install the game. If you can’t get it to show up in the Play Store, manually install the APK. APK Download.
  7. Run through the tutorial. Pick your starter (Most are picking Maria or Fidel due to tier list). Accept gifts. Summon characters.
  8. If you don’t get what you want, close the game and open File Manager. Navigate to /data/data/com.square_enix.android_googleplay.StarOceann/shared_prefs and delete the file Aska.xml. Start the game up again, and repeat. This method avoids having to redownload the game files.

** If you couldn’t get it to appear in the play store (incompatible device), and it immediately closes back to the home screen when install from the apk file.


  1. Close nox.
  2. Start multi-instance manager (find it in program files / bignox).
  3. Select and start your 5.1 from here – it will ask to update the 5.1 to a new 5.1.
  4. After the update the game will work.

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Credit: Gotians Games


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