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This is the Epic Seven Tier List – Global version. The list is based mostly on the analysis and experiences of players in Epic Seven community. Please do not take this list as absolute when playing. You can use the information from this Epic Seven tier list – Global to set up your desired team for the best experience when playing Epic Seven. Also, there is Epic Seven tier list from Korean players who have been playing Epic Seven for a few months in Korea before this global release. The rating can be somewhat different between the two tier lists (but not too much), except for some rare cases or nerfed characters. You can check the links below.

This Epic Seven tier list – Global will also be useful when you want to reroll for a good team in the beginning. This tier list will be constantly updating to match with the current situation of the game. Please do note that: do not play with all depends on the tier list. You can check the original Epic Seven tier list in the additional resources section. And, remember: Play with what makes you feel good. 🙂 That’s the best!

Update: February 13, 2019

Useful addition resources

Full Epic Seven Tier List – Global

Note to players who use Epic Seven Tier List – Global

  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always prioritize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of tier list is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.

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Details tier list table (with sorting)



NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Armin4-starsEarthBBBBBProphetic CandlestickAurius
Arowell3-starsLightCDCDDHilag LanceAurius
Bask3-starsIceDDBBCAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Butcher Corps Inquisitor3-starsFireDDDDDNoble OathAurius
Cecilia5-starsFireADCCCAuriusProphetic Candlestick
Charlotte5-starsFireCDCDCElbris Ritual SwordHilag Lance
Crimson Armin4-starsLightSBASA+AuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Crozet4-starsIceDDCDDHilag LanceAurius
Falconer Kluri3-starsEarthS+A+SS+S+AuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Fighter Maya4-starsLightDDDDDAurius
Kluri3-starsEarthDDDDDAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Krau5-starsIceA+ABA+A+AuriusHilag Lance
Ras3-starsFireDDCDDProphetic CandlestickAurius
Rose4-starsIceBDDDCElbris Ritual SwordAurius
Shadow Rose4-starsDarkS+A+AA+SAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Taranor Royal Guard3-starsIceDCDDDAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Tywin5-starsIceBDCDCAuriusHilag Lance

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NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Assassin Cartuja4-starsDarkSAAA+A+Sigurd ScytheDurandal
Azalea3-starsFireCDDDDAncient SheathSigurd Scythe
Cartuja4-starsEarthDCDCDDurandalSigurd Scythe
Chaos Sect Axe3-starsDarkA+AA+A+A+Sigurd ScytheHell Cutter
Chloe5-starsIceDBBCCUberius's ToothEl's Fist
Church of Ilryos Axe3-starsDarkCBAABSigurd ScytheHell Cutter
Clarissa4-starsIceACCCBSigurd ScytheHell Cutter
Commander Lorina3-starsDarkCA+A+A+AUberius's ToothEl's Fist
Corvus4-starsFireCCCDCEl's FistDurandal
Dark Corvus5-starsDarkCDDDCDurandalSigurd Scythe
Dingo4-starsFireDDCCCDurandalProphetic Candlestick
General Purrgis4-starsLightADCDCSigurd ScytheEl's Fist
Gunther3-starsLightDDDDDSigurd ScytheEl's Fist
Helga3-starsEarthDCCDDHell CutterEl's Fist
Judge Kise5-starsLightSDCDBCursed CompassSigurd Scythe
Ken5-starsFireCCDCCUberius's ToothHell Cutter
Lorina3-starsDarkCBAABUberius's ToothEl's Fist
Luna5-starsIceCSA+SA+Sigurd ScytheUberius's Tooth
Martial Artist Ken5-starsDarkS+A+SS+S+Sigurd ScytheEl's Fist
Mucacha3-starsEarthDDDCDRanon's MemorandumEl's Fist
Purrgis4-starsEarthCCDCCEl's FistHell Cutter
Ravi5-starsFireDCBABSigurd ScytheDurandal
Rikoris3-starsLightCDDDDRanon's MemorandumDaydream Joker
Sigret5-starsIceCBBA+BUberius's ToothHell Cutter
Taranor Guard3-starsIceDBBBBAncient SheathUberius's Tooth
Tieria3-starsFireDDDDDRanon's MemorandumEl's Fist
Yufine5-starsEarthA+BACASigurd ScytheHell Cutter

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NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Adlay3-starsEarthDDDDDAbyssal CrownKal'adra
Aramintha5-starsFireCS+BSA+Etica's ScepterTime Matter
Auxiliary Lots4-starsDarkBCDCCSira-Ren
Baal & Sezan5-starsFireBBCA+BKal'adraEtica's Scepter
Basar5-starsEarthADDDCEtica's ScepterTime Matter
Carmainerose3-starsFireDBBBBDaydream JokerKal'adra
Celestial Mercedes4-starsDarkBBBAB
Challenger Dominiel4-starsDarkA+SSS+SKal'adraAncient Sheath
Dominiel4-starsIceBCBCBAbyssal Crown
Gloomyrain3-starsLightCCDCCSira-RenExocist's Tonfa
Guider Aither4-starsLightBA+AA+AEtica's ScepterKal'adra
Hurado3-starsDarkADDDDSira-RenIela Violin
Ludwig5-starsEarthBDDDDTime MatterEtica's Scepter
Mistychain3-starsIceCCCDCDaydream JokerKal'adra
Romann4-starsIceCDDDCAbyssal Crown
Specter Tenebria5-starsDarkDBCCCKal'adra
Tenebria5-starsFireBDDCCTagehel's Ancient BookEtica's Scepter

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NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Alexa3-starsIceDDBDDRhianna & LuciellaDust Devil
Arbiter Vildred5-starsDarkBDDDCDust DevilAlsacian Spear
Assassin Cidd4-starsDarkSA+BAA+Rhianna & LuciellaWind Rider
Assassin Coli4-starsDarkSABCADust DevilRhianna & Luciella
Blood Blade Karin4-starsDarkA+CDBBWind RiderDust Devil
Cidd4-starsEarthS+A+BA+A+Wind RiderDust Devil
Coli4-starsIceBCDCCRhianna & LuciellaDust Devil
Haste5-starsFireCS+AA+A+Rhianna & LuciellaCursed Compass
Judith3-starsFireA+DDDCRhianna & LuciellaWind Rider
Karin4-starsIceAA+BAARhianna & Luciella
Kayron5-starsFireACCBBDust DevilWind Rider
Kise5-starsIceA+ASA+A+Elyha's KnifeRhianna & Luciella
Roozid3-starsEarthCDDDDRhianna & LuciellaRanon's Memorandum
Sez5-starsIceA+BDBBDust DevilRhianna & Luciella
Surin4-starsFireCA+BBBRhianna & LuciellaMoonlight Dreamblade
Sven3-starsDarkBDDDDRhianna & LuciellaWind Rider
Vildred5-starsEarthAACBBWind RiderDust Devil

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Soul Weavers


NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Achates4-starsFireBA+A+AA+Magaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Aither3-starsIceDDDDDShimadra StaffWondrous Potion Vial
Angelica4-starsIceCA+S+S+A+Magaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Destina5-starsEarthBBBA+BShimadra StaffProphetic Candlestick
Diene5-starsIceSS+S+S+S+Magaraha's TomeRod of Amaryllis
Doris3-starsLightDAAABProphetic Candlestick
Elson3-starsLightDCCCCWondrous Potion VialWater's Origin
Hazel3-starsFireDCDBCMagaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Jecht3-starsEarthCBCBBRanon's MemorandumWater's Origin
Lots4-starsEarthCSBCBWondrous Potion VialShimadra Staff
Maid Chloe5-starsLightSDCCBCelestineWondrous Potion Vial
Montmorancy3-starsIceDDDCDMagaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Requiemroar3-starsDarkAABAACelestineShimadra Staff
Rin4-starsEarthCCCBBWondrous Potion VialProphetic Candlestick
Ruele of Light5-starsLightSBBBAProphetic CandlestickWondrous Potion Vial
Shooting Star Achates4-starsDarkA+CCBBWondrous Potion VialMagaraha's Tome

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NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Bellona5-starsEarthASA+SSRosa Hargana
Celeste3-starsLightA+DCCBOtherworldly MachineryInfinity Basket
Iseria5-starsEarthBAA+SA+Rosa HarganaSong of Stars
Kiris3-starsEarthDAA+DCInfinity BasketSong of Stars
Leo4-starsEarthBDDDDSong of Stars
Nemunas3-starsFireCBDDCBloodstoneExorcist's Tonfa
Rima3-starsIceDDDDDRosa HarganaBloodstone
Schuri4-starsFireBAAAAExorcist's Tonfa
Silk4-starsEarthBBBABInfinity BasketAlsacian Spear
Wanda3-starsDarkCDDDDRosa HarganaInfinity Basket
Wanderer Silk4-starsLightDDA+DCSong of Stars
Watcher Schuri4-starsLightS+DCDCExorcist's Tonfa
Yuna5-starsIceA+CDBBOtherworldly MachineryRosa Hargana

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Roles explanation 


Main Roles When building a team you aim for a specific combination of roles we have classified the characters within 4 major roles for you to have an easier time when team building. Obviously at the end the one who chooses is you.
DDThe main damage dealer of your party.
subDDAnother damage dealer which mainly focus on helping your main DD to deal even more damage.
TankThe frontline of your team, takes majority of the dmg, can dish some back.
HealerIt's the one who keeps your team alive by healing, buffing or reviving.
Sub RolesThis roles gives a overall point of view of the skillset of the character. The order in which tags are made does matter since it's the main characteristic of them
DPSConstant damage dealing.
DOThas damage over time, DOTS are strong as they can stack constantly.
AOEFull party attack skill, Strong in pvp.
BurstMassive single target damage.
CDRCooldown Reduction.
BufferGives buffs to allies, this includes def increase, attk increase
DebufferHas some form of debuff like def down attk increase, silence,etc.
CCHas either stun or CD increase on a skill controlling enemys skill usage in arena.
HealHas large aoe heals or single target heals, HoT buff counts in this (Lotz)
ReviverIs a rare role but usually overall heal output in other departments is lacking
ShielderProviding shields as absortion damage.
LeechIt's able to heal himself.
ParryAble to block damage incoming from attacks.

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  1. You had Ken at C-Tier before his buff and now he just got HUGE buffs that make him a very, very good unit and he’s still in the exact same position? Then Armin who you had listed as a S tier tank prior is now lowered despite no changes happening to her at all?

    • I think the ranking is generally trying to match with new content 🙂 Armin is good from the beginning, but as of now, she is pushed a bit back. For Ken, in fact he is better now (but not too good, though), his overall performance can shoot up to almost 1 tier. So, I think it will be a bit more reasonable to be around C+ tier.


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