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This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Shooter Characters/Units which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version. You can combine with the updated list from Japanese version if you want to plan ahead for your party. The JP list has also been being edited to match with GL releases. If you want to check the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Shooter Characters/Units for JP version for your future plans and contents, please check the links at the end.

You can use both lists as your reference and plans for future contents. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always priotize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Shooter List (GL version) is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
 NameWeapon / Unit TypesPre-Rush Buffs Post-Rush BuffsDescription

Damage Buffer

Crit Buffer

Hitcount Racker

+40% Damage
- 20% Damage Taken (Self)

+40% Crit Rate (20s)

Dispels enemy buffs
Amazing overall utility, provides the highest pre-rush damage buff in the game, alongside having post-rush crit buffs, a dispel. Has great rush gain and overall quite reasonable DPS for our current units. A solid pick who covers a wide range of areas in a team.
Normal > Aiming > Crimson > Aiming > Crimson - General combo Rush/DPS
Normal > Crimson > Aiming > Crimson > Aiming - Slightly less DPS, builds hitcount earlier for rush
Normal > Crimson > Aiming > Crimson > Crimson - Higher rush/DPS (must be at distance, normal must hit after you use Crimson)
Gravity can be threaded into combos when enemy is stationary/there are a lot of enemies (maze for example)
Gravity Bullet (24)Aiming Device (20)Crimson Squall (29)


Crit / AP Reduction Buffer

Hitcount Racker

- 15% AP Cost
+10% Crit
15% Chance to poison on normal attack (Self)
+1 Repel (Self)

15% chance to deadly poison on normal attack, extra hit w/ 20% damage on normal attack (Self / 20s)
Poison is powerful, however it doesn't always work. Nel has decent damage and she provides a party wide -AP cost which helps out some units.
The minor crit buff also helps boost party dps slightly. Great against units that don't resist poison.
Note: Regular poison does 1.11% Max HP / 3 sec, while deadly poison does 3.33% Max HP / 4 sec
CA Terror > Poisonous Shot > Terror > * - Rush Build
CA Poisonous Shot > *n - Hit Build
Normal > Poisonous Shot > Shot > Shot > Terror > Shot (General DPS/Rush gain combo)
* Nel's normal attack is melee range. Use a normal only if you happen to be close.
Poisonous Shot (20)

Poisonous Terror (32)Poisonous Guillotine (35)


Hitcount Timer + 2 seconds
Additional Hit on that Deals 20% of Damage Dealt on Normal Attacks. (Self)

ATK +80% (Self / 20s)
Overall weak talents. Provides the highest post rush ATK self buff ingame, but that's about it.
Hunter's Moon (32)Seraphic Thunder (30)Heavenly Flight (35)

Healer / Cleric

Defensive Buffer

Hitcount Racker

+20% Damage
-40% INT Damage
Status Immunity (Self / 180s)
80% chance to survive at 10% HP or more (Self)
2500% - Dark

15% Max HP/3 seconds
(75% total)

All Status Immunity (15s)
Reimi is a great unit for now, she brings a lot of utility and is especially useful in the Status Mazes. She acts like a pseudo-healer due to her rush, whiie also having incredibly fast rush gain. Her offensive buffing is very small compared to other Sharpshooters (Maria, Clair) but she does decrease INT damage for caster bosses. Her rush damage is low, but with Sparrows her DPS can actually be quite high when comboing correctly. However, she can also create a loss in DPS due to her Sparrows knocking enemies up during Elemental Burst. Whilst she has certain uses, she also brings very little offensive support compared to her counterparts.
Normal > Sparrows > Squall > Sparrows
Normal > Squall > Crescent > Squall > * - Element Burst
* Sparrows will launch mobs into the air if they flinch!
Rapacious Sparrows (32)Crimson Squall (24)Crescent Wing (24)

Tank / Defensive Buffer

Damage Buffer

Hitcount Racker

- 30% ATK Damage Taken
20% Max HP Anti-flinch

+80% Damage (20s)
Clair is a shooter with defender talents, and can subsitute for one in most cases, with -30% atk damage taken and anti-flinch for the party. Her +80% Damage rush buff is the largest rush buff in the game (even in JP). Overall, her damage output and rush gain aren't amazing, but she brings a great set of tools to any party. She will fall off when defenders with better damage output start being added to the game.
CA Terror > Sylvan > Terror > * - Rush Build
CA Sylvan > * - Hit Build
Normal > CA Hydro > Sylvan > Hydro > * - Melee Range, Grounded/slow enemy, top DPS (also decent for Rush)
* Clair's normal attack is melee range. Use a normal only if you happen to be close.
Sylvan Shot (20)Hydroblade (20)Victory Terror (35)

Summer Miki

Damage Buffer

Crit Damage Buffer

+25% Damage
-20% ATK Damage & 70% chance to survive at 20% HP or more (front of enemy)
+20% Crit Rate (behind enemy)
+25% AP Recovery on Normal Attacks

+10% Crit Rate & +40% Crit Damage (20s)
Conditional buffs like her banner release sister SMyuria, this time based on positioning relative to the enemy. Those in danger will almost always be facing the enemy, making her defensive buffs almost always applicable when they are needed. Party-wide guts is very helpful, though may be less needed due to GL's improved equipment. AP Recovery is useful given a deficit of similar buffs, and will help party members get back to comboing sooner. Her skill and rush damage are also nothing to scoff at.. She is still a solid unit who brings a decent amount of unique buffs.

SMiki has been nerfed, notably her +%AP Recovery on Normal Attacks, and her damage buff, the nerf to her offensive buffs hurts her quite a bit but bring her in line with current power levels.
Down from +35% Damage and +50% AP Recovery on Normal Attacks in JP

[still leaves them roughly on par with GL power levels]
Howing Wind on floors 1-2 when applicable is very good for rush gain. Be careful using it to CA towards bosses.
Normal > Moon > Thorn > Moon*2 - (only if far enough for normal to hit before Moon)
Normal > Thorn > Moon > Thorn*2 (Large enemies)
Hunters Moon (29)Sonic Thorn(20)Howling Wind (32)


Damage Buffer

Hitcount Racker

+30% Damage
+10% Single Target Damage
Hitcount Timer +2 Seconds
3% HP regen/3 seconds (Self)

Critical Rate +30% (Self)
Just like her sister, she's not anything close to an upgrade, only an alternative to the units which are available. Both were unfortunately outshined by even the nerfed summer units, and do not do themselves any favours in terms of release schedule ordering. When not bringing ST damage on another unit, Silmeria technically has the same buff amount as Maria, with a lower crit buff (self only). However, she does bring significantly more damage (comparable to SMiki), and hitcount + 2 paired with actual other talents (sorry, Emmerson, you'll get your time) means it will be hard to drop a hitcount combo, making rush gain much smoother in movement heavy/annoying bosses.
Normal > Pigeons > Distortion > Pigeons*n (DPS)
Normal > Distortion > Pigeons > Wave*n (Rush)
Normal > Distortion >Pigeons > Distortion*n (Combo used against larger targets where Distortion can hit 9+ times)
Binding Distortion (20)Wave Motion (33)Homing Pigeons (26)

Vampire Victor
Damage Buffer

Healer / Sustain

ST Buffer

Hitcount Racker

Recover 10% of Normal Attack damage as HP (All)

Damage +30% (All Allies) / All Element Damage +10% when HP is 100% (All Allies)

Recover 3% of Skill Attack damage as HP (Self)

AP Consumption -40% when Skill Chain is 3+ (Self)

HP 40% Recovery (All Allies)

Single Target Damage +40% (All Allies 20 seconds)
Monster of a unit for GL. He provides excellent sustain on normals, which isn't common yet, and can easily substitute for a healer in a premade composition, or even in general pubs. Gives a burst heal AND ST damage on rush, boosting his already existing mult to 40. Thanks to his elemental bonus being fairly uncommon, in most situations, his base damage buff is the same value as Maria's, but even if it weren't, his more consistent post-rush damage and healing makes up for it.
Cleave vs Shockwave - Preference, Cleave is ranged and passes through targets (trash clearing), Shockwave has close range CA which may be situationally useful.

(Gyrfalcon > Dragon)*n [repeat until no AP] - DPS when running Shockwave
Gyrfalcon > Cleave > Gyrfalcon > Dragon*n [repeat until no AP] - DPS when running Cleave
Flying Cleave (15)Gyrfalcon Blade (14)Demonic Shockwave (27)Dragon's Might (28)

Damage Buffer

Mobility / Dodge Buffer

ATK Dmg Buffer

+30% damage (Party) / +40% damage when HP is 100% (Party)
-50% AP consumption during evasion (Party) / +30% movement speed (Party)
Air Dodge / +100% speed + movement distance (Self)
+15% ATK / +10% HIT (Self)

+50% HP Recovery (Party) / +30% ATK Damage (Party / 20s)
Very reasonable damage buffer with a unique set of buffs. Centered around buffing team mobility with dodge AP down and movespeed allows allies to maneuver around attacks more easily, and a post-rush heal allows him to keep the Nier units topped off for their buffs. He also comes with ATK damage on rush, which is uncommon at such a high value at the moment. That said, his skills are single hit and lack tracking, therefore his hitcount racking (ergo rush gain) is extremely weak. He is a sword user, making for a unique playstyle and allowing him to benefit from a select number of close range buffs, which would normally not be applied to shooters. After A2's nerf, 9S has become one of the highest damage units on GL.
Sword 3 vs Pod 1 - Pod 1 is likely preferred for more flexible ranged attacks, but Sword 3 provides an air dodge and close CA, and does do reasonable damage.

Pod 1 > Sword 4 > Pod 1 > Sword 4*2 - Ranged combo
Normal > Sword 4 > Pod 2 > Sword 4*2 - Melee combo
YoRHa Arms: Three (53)YoRHa Arms: Four (26)YoRHa Pod: One (13)YoRHa Pod: Two (20)

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit in Global version

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit

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