Star Ocean: Anamnesis - DPS Tier

Some notes for this DPS tier table:

  • Party buffs are standardized to +60% ATK +95% Damage; self-buffs are applied but party buffs are (mostly) ignored, keeping characters accurate relative to each other regardless of comp.
  • Party INT is still applied, as parties generally don’t run more than one caster to begin with. Casters with relevant weapon types get +40% attribute.
  • Standardized to a 920 ATK/INT weapon vs a 4000 DEF 23m HP boss, with x1.25 element advantage (divide by 1.25 for off-ele damage).
  • Faize: lv20 Eldar Lord Rapier (476 INT, +20% INT, +30% dark damage, +20% Reaping Spark damage).
  • Awakened characters have an -A suffix (e.g. MyuriaA is awakened, Myuria is not).
  • As of June 15, 2018, these rankings now include downtime between combos rather than simply providing the dps per rotation. To put it another way, the rankings are more accurate to real-game now.
389~380kMyuriaA(postrush 100hit)
349~340kMavelle(Aurora 30hit)
319~310kCMaria(200hit 4hit Cross)
309~300kNelA(+Deadly Poison or Aqua Spread 6hit)
289~280kCMaria(100hit 4hit Cross)
279~270kArngrim(postrush), SLenneth(30hit Thorn)
269~260kCMaria(200hit 3hit Cross)
259~250kCMaria(4hit Cross)
239~230kCMaria(200hit; 100hit 3hit Cross), Mavelle(Aurora 20hit)
219~210kCMaria(100hit; 3hit Cross),
209~200kNelA(Aqua Spread 4hit), Arngrim
199~190kGFayt(postrush), Dias(4hit Roar postrush), NelA(+poison)
189~180kCMaria, Zephyr(postrush), SLenneth(20hit Thorn), Lezard(postrush), Lucifer(3hit nado 200hit postrush)
179~170kRain(postrush), Ashton(4hit Cross), WLeanneA, SLeanne(postrush), CDias(Dancing), Leon(postrush), Freya(postrush), MyuriaA(100hit)
169~160kCyuss(postrush), XFidel(postrush), A2(postrush+perfect dodge), Lucifer(3hit nado 100hit postrush), Sophia(postrush), SMaria(postrush)
159~150kDiasA(4hit Roar), Crowe(postrush), HClair(100hit), A2(postrush; perfect dodge), CDias(Phoenix), CelineA(postrush), BAshton
149~140kDiasA(3hit Roar postrush), Ashton(3hit Cross), A2, SLeanne, JKJK, Lucifer(3hit nado 200hit), Lucifer(200hit postrush), MyuriaA
139~130kFidelA(postrush), GFayt, 9S(melee), MNel(postrush), HClair, VVerda, Blackbel(postrush), WMaria(20hit gravity), Leon, Freya, Lucifer(3hit nado postrush), Lymle(postrush), NFiore, SMyuria(postrush+aggro), Dias(postrush 4hit Roar)
129~120kCyuss, XFidel, CGPhia(10hit gravity), Opera, WClair(postrush), Mavelle(Aurora 10hit), Lucifer(3hit nado 100hit), Lucifer(100hit postush), CelineA, Faize(postrush+Curse), Pericci, SMaria
119~110kRatix, LennethA, Rain, 9S(ranged), MNel, DiasA(3hit Roar), SMyuria(aggro), Crowe, Ashton, XEve(postrush), Michael(4 dead), Mirage(postrush 100%HP), VRena, Precis(100hit), HW Millie,
Blackbel, Zephyr, MariaA, Verda(20hit gravity), SilmeriaA, WClair, NelA, Lucifer (3hit nado), ClaudeA, Dias(4hit Roar)
109~100kFidelA, Capell(postrush), 2B, DiasA(postrush), Hrist, Mirage(100%HP), Vashyron, LeanneA, SLenneth, SMiki(4hit Spike), Lezard, Mavelle(Freezing Impact), Lucifer(200hit/postrush), Faize(+Curse), HVerda(150hit), Dias(postrush 3hit Roar)
99~90kFaytA, Sigmund(postrush), XEve, Mirage(postrush), Precis, WReimi, Phia, Lucifer(100hit), HVerda, VictorA, WLeanne
89~80kEdgeA, Albel(postrush), DiasA, SMyuria(postrush), Cliff, Mirage, FEdge, WNel, HVictor, WPrecis(100hit), Daril(vs Human), Lucifer, WEve(postrush), Dias(3hit Roar)
79~70kSReimi, Capell, Sigmund, Lasswell, Meracle(150hit), WMaria, CGPhia, SMiki, Ilia, Mafia, MClair, Mystina, WEve, EveA(postrush), Eve(postrush), Faize(postrush), SSophia, Fidel(postrush),
Lenneth, Fayt, Dias(postrush), Silmeria
69~60kAlbel, SMyuria, Michael, Meracle, Verda, Reimi, Aya, WPrecis, Chisato, Daril, Emmerson(postrush), Fiore, Sophia, FReimi, VWelch, SMillie, Claude, Dias
59~50kFAnne, WRena, Emmerson, Clair, JK Meracle, Faize, Fidel, Edge, Leanne
49~40kYuichi, Ronyx, Lymle, Maria
39~30kAnne, XPrecis, Victor, Nel
29~20kMillie, MillieA, Eve, EveA, Relia, Rena, Fina, Miki, Sarah, PClaude

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Special credit: Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Japan Tier List


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