Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia - Buffs list

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia – Buffs list is a compilation of up-to-date buffs list of all characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia Global version. The buffs are taken from each character and their respective 5-stars weapons and EX weapons. Other useful lists that you might use for better understanding of the game can be found at the end of the post (here).

Tips and notes to use the list

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  • This list is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility and usability, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
  • WP = Weapon passive
  • EXT = Extend passive
  • S = Small
  • M = Medium
  • L = Large

The buffs list will have these categories

Generic attack buff ranking

120%ViviFocus (WP+EXT)4T, self100%
120%WakkaBrave Reels (WP)6T, self90%
100%ViviFocus (WP)4T, self100%
70%SazhAttack Boost (WIP+EXT)6T, AOE100%
60%SazhAttack Boost (WP)6T, self & single100%
60%GilgameshDeath Claw (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
60%SerahMoonlight (WP+EXT)5T, AOE100%
60%YangFocus (WP)5T, self100%
60%YdaSnap Punch (WP+EXT)5T, self100%
60%AerithCetra's Prayer (WP)4T, self100%
50%RamzaSupport (WP+EXT)9T, AOE100%
50%KrileLight of Hope/+ (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
50%WakkaBrave Reels4T, self33%
50%SazhAttack Boost2T, single100%
50%ViviFocus2T, self100%
40%EikoHP Regen (WP+EXT)12T, AOE100%
40%ShadowNo Beat (WP)10T, self100%
40%ShadowNo Beat8T, self100%
40%GilgameshDeath Claw (WP)6T, self100%
40%FujinSai/+ (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
40%LagunaGrenade (EXT)6T, self100%
40%JechtBeast Rush/+ (WP)6T, self100%
40%ThancredKiss of the Jugulator (WP&EXT)6T, self100%
40%AceMega Spiral Combo (EXT)6T, self100%
40%RemCure (EXT)5T, AOE100%
40%WoLThrow Buckler (WP)5T, self100%
40%RemCure5T, self100%
40%LightningSparkstrike (WP&EXT)5T, self100%
40%SabinAura Cannon4T, self100%
40%SerahMoonlight (WP)3T, self100%
40%ZidaneFree Energy (EXT)3T, self100%
40%LightningSparkstrike (WP)3T, self100%
30%EikoHP Regen (EXT)12T, AOE100%
30%Cait SithMoogle Dance++ (WP)9T, AOE100%
30%RamzaSupport (WP)8T, AOE100%
30%MariaArrow Rain (WP+EXT)6T, AOE100%
30%KainGungnir (WP)6T, self100%
30%ThancredKiss of the Jugulator (WP)6T, self100%
30%SquallRenzokuken/+ (WP)5T, self100%
30%NoctisShift Raid&Break/+ (WP)5T, self100%
30%TerraMeltdown&Meteor (WP)4T, self100%
30%EdgarDrill (WP)4T, self100%
30%AceMega Spiral Combo4T, self100%
30%MariaArrow Rain (WP)3T, AOE100%
30%Onion KMultihit (WP)3T, self100%
30%CecilValiant Blow (WP)3T, self100%
30%YangFocus3T, self100%
30%TerraMeltdown&Meteor3T, self100%
30%ThancredKiss of the Jugulator3T, self100%
25%ShantottoDM&PR: Bio (WP)5T, self100%
20%CaterTriple Slip (WP)8T, self100%
20%Cait SithMoogle Dance++6T, AOE100%
20%RamzaSupport6T, AOE100%
20%FujinSai/+ (WP)6T, self100%
20%KrileLight of Hope/+ (WP)6T, self100%
20%QuistisMaser Whip (WP)6T, self100%
20%LionSneak Attack (WP)6T, self100%
20%YunaCheer (WP)5T, AOE100%
20%WoLThrow Buckler5T, self100%
20%GalufCover+5T, self100%
20%YdaSnap Punch (WP)5T, self100%
20%PeneloHaste Rumba (WP)4T, others100%
20%CelesRunic Blade (WP)4T, self100%
20%LagunaGrenade4T, self100%
20%VaanRed Spiral (WP)4T, self100%
20%SazhAim (WP)4T, self100%
20%GilgameshDeath Claw3T, self100%
20%GalufCover3T, self100%
20%KrileLight of Hope/+3T, self100%
20%VaanRed Spiral3T, self100%
20%HopeShell (WP)3T, self100%
20%SazhAim3T, self100%
20%YdaSnap Punch3T, self100%
20%JechtBeast Rush/+2T, self100%
20%KingQuick Bullet (WP)1T, self100%
10%EikoHP Regen (WP)12T, AOE100%
10%FujinSai/+3T, self100%
10%TidusQuick Hit (WP)3T, self100%
10%SerahMoonlight3T, self100%

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Generic physical attack buff ranking

ValueCharacterSourceTurn / targetRate
60%Cait SithToy Soldier/+/++ (WP+EXT)8T, self100%
50%AuronDragon Fang6T, self100%
40%Cait SithToy Soldier/+/++ (WP)8T, self100%
40%BalthierGrace Aiming (EXT)8T, self100%
30%BarretBig Shot (WP+EXT)7T, AOE100%
30%LagunaGrenade (WP+EXT)7T, self100%
30%MariaArrow Rain (EXT)6T, AOE100%
30%RaijinPalm Heel Strike (WP+EXT)6T, AOE100%
30%AsheHeaven's Wrath (WP+EXT)6T, AOE100%
30%JechtJecht Slash/+ (WP)6T, self100%
30%ZellBooya (WP)6T, self100%
30%OKMulti Hit (EXT, w/ Ninja III)5T, self100%
30%IrvineGrape Shot (EXT)5T, self100%
20%FangWhirlwind (WP)10T, self100%
20%AsheHeaven's Wrath (WP)6T, AOE100%
20%OKMulti Hit (EXT, w/ Ninja II)5T, self100%
20%CloudFinishing Touch (WP)5T, self100%
20%Cait SithToy Soldier/+/++5T, self100%
20%BarretBig Shot (WP)5T, self100%
20%LagunaGrenade (WP)5T, self100%
20%PrisheSpinning Attack (WP)5T, self100%
20%RaijinPalm Heel Strike (WP)4T, AOE100%
20%JechtJecht Slash/+2T, self100%
15%AsheHeaven's Wrath5T, self100%
10%OKMulti Hit (EXT, w/ Ninja I)5T, self100%
10%BarretBig Shot2T, self100%
10%RaijinPalm Heel Strike2T, self100%

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Generic magical attack buff ranking

ValueCharacterSourceTurn / targetRate
80%AerithCetra's Prayer (EXT)8T, self100%
60%OKBlizzard Combo (EXT, w/ Sage III)5T, self100%
40%OKBlizzard Combo (EXT, w/ Sage II)5T, self100%
40%RydiaFlare IV5T, self100%
30%AsheNorthswain's Glow (WP+EXT)6T, AOE100%
30%DeuceDissonant Sonata (WP)6T, AOE100%
30%LayleEnergy Gain (WP)6T, self100%
20%PapalymoUmbral Ice (EXT, w/ Astral Fire)8T, self100%
20%AsheNorthswain's Glow (WP)6T, AOE100%
20%OKBlizzard Combo (EXT, w/ Sage I)5T, self100%
20%KujaUltima IX/+ (WP)5T, self100%
15%AsheNorthswain's Glow5T, self100%
10%RydiaFlare IV3T, self100%
10%LayleEnergy Gain3T, self100%

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Generic max brv buff ranking

ValueCharacterSourceTurn / targetRate
100%TifaBattle Cry (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
100%ZidaneBooster 86T, self100%
100%WakkaBrave Reels (WP)6T, self90%
100%YangFocus (WP)5T, self100%
100%GilgameshUltimate Dance (WP)5T, self100%
100%ZackRush Assault (WP)5T, self100%
100%TifaBattle Cry (WP)4T, self100%
100%ViviFocus (WP)4T, self100%
100%FirionAbsorb Sword+ (WP+EXT)3T, self100%
90%YuriRela Crystal (WP)4T, self100%
80%RemTurn Convert (WP+EXT)5T, self & single100%
80%GilgameshDance (WP+EXT)5T, self100%
80%TerraRiot Blade (2/3)5T, self100%
80%ShantottoPlay Rough: Aero5T, self100%
80%FirionAbsorb Sword+ (WP)3T, self100%
80%ZidaneStellar Circle 5 (EXT)3T, self100%
60%ShadowThrow Barrage (WP)10T, self100%
60%Cait SithMoogle Dance+/++ (WP)9T, AOE100%
60%RamzaSupport (EXT)9T, AOE100%
60%LagunaGrenade (WP+EXT)7T, AOE100%
60%Y'shtolaPulse of Life (1/3)8T, AOE100%
60%CyanConcentrate Dragon (WP+EXT)8T, self100%
60%VincentLivewire Shot (WP+EXT)8T, self100%
60%SazhAttack Boost (WP+EXT)6T, AOE100%
60%SazhAttack Boost (WP)6T, self & single100%
60%GalufShirahadori/+ (WP)6T, self100%
60%GalufCover/+ (EXT)6T, Others100%
60%KrileThunder+ (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
60%RelmSummon Sketch (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
60%SteinerSword Magic (EXT)6T, self100%
60%RemTurn Convert (WP)5T, self & single100%
60%GilgameshDance (WP)5T, self100%
60%TerraMeltdown (EXT)5T, self100%
60%PrisheNullifying Dropkick (2/3)6T, self100%
60%Y'shtolaMedica II (WP+EXT)5T, self100%
50%SelphieWall (EXT)6T, self100%
50%ViviFocus2T, self100%
40%EikoHP Regen (WP+EXT)12T, AOE100%
40%VincentLivewire Shot (WP)8T, self100%
40%AuronPurgatory (EXT)8T, self100%
40%LilisetteSensual Dance (WP)6T, AOE100%
40%AsheHeaven's Wrath (EXT)6T, AOE100%
40%ZellPunch Rush & Booya6T, self100%
40%ZellBurning Combo & Meteor Combo6T, self100%
40%RaijinSecret Art: Dragon Rising (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
40%JechtJecht Slash/+ (WP)6T, self100%
40%RydiaSummon Magic Levia (WP)5T, AOE100%
40%LagunaGrenade (WP)5T, AOE100%
40%Y'shtolaMedica II (WP+EXT)5T, others100%
40%BartzDoublehand+5T, self100%
40%TerraMeltdown5T, self100%
40%ShantottoSpirit Magic: Aero & Play Rough: Aero5T, self100%
40%LennaBarrage+ (WP)4T, self100%
40%EdgeShock (EXT)4T, self100%
40%FirionAbsorb Sword+3T, self100%
40%KingQuick Bullet/+3T, self100%
40%YuriRela Crystal2T, self100%
30%EikoHP Regen (EXT)12T, AOE100%
30%KainGungnir (WP)6T, self100%
30%RelmSummon Sketch (WP)6T, self100%
30%SeiferBloodfest (WP)6T, self100%
30%RaijinSecret Art: Dragon Rising (WP)6T, self100%
30%AlisaieEnchanted Redoublement6T, self100%
30%PrisheSpinning Attack (WP)5T, self100%
30%NoctisShift Meteor/+ (WP)5T, self100%
30%GarnetPeridot's Radiant Thunder (WP)4T, self100%
30%RemTurn Convert3T, self & single100%
25%CloudFinishing Touch (WP)5T, self100%
25%YangFocus3T, self100%
25%D. CecilDarkness (WP)2T, self100%
25%YuffieI'll Take That (WP)1T, self100%
20%DeuceConcerto (WP)8T, AOE100%
20%CyanConcentrate Dragon (WP)8T, self100%
20%Cait SithMoogle Dance+/++6T, AOE100%
20%KrileThunder+ (WP)6T, self100%
20%SetzerRed Card (EXT)6T, self100%
20%CelesShine Edge (WP+EXT)6T, self100%
20%LionPowder Keg (WP)6T, self100%
20%AsheHeaven's Wrath6T, self100%
20%ThancredShadow Fang (WP)6T, self100%
20%SevenCatch & Lash (WP)6T, self100%
20%SerahMoonlight (WP+EXT)5T, AOE100%
20%MariaTrue Shot (WP+EXT)5T, self100%
20%Y'shtolaMedica II (WP)5T, self100%
20%WoLShining Shield5T, single100%
20%SquallRenzokuken (WP)5T, self100%
20%KujaUltima IX (WP)5T, self100%
20%SabinVacuum Wave (WP)4T, self100%
20%EdgarAuto Crossbow (WP)4T, self100%
20%CelesShine Edge (WP)4T, self100%
20%VincentLivewire Shot4T, self100%
20%IrvineCanister Shot (WP)4T, self100%
20%SeymourDoublecast (WP)4T, self100%
20%AceBurst & Mega Burst (WP)4T, self100%
20%SetzerFreeze Joker (WP)3T, AOE100%
20%LagunaGrenade3T, AOE100%
20%SerahMoonlight (WP)3T, AOE100%
20%MariaTrue Shot (WP)3T, self100%
20%OKMulti Hit (WP)3T, self100%
20%KrileThunder+3T, self100%
20%GilgameshDance3T, self100%
20%ZackRush Assault3T, self100%
20%ZidaneStellar Circle 53T, self100%
20%LennaBarrage+2T, self100%
20%SetzerRed Card2T, self100%
20%TifaBattle Cry2T, self100%
10%EikoHP Regen (WP)12T, AOE100%
10%CyanConcentrate Dragon4T, self100%
10%RydiaSummon Magic Levia3T, AOE100%
10%RelmSummon Sketch3T, self100%
10%RaijinSecret Art: Dragon Rising3T, self100%
10%CelesShine Edge2T, self100%
10%SazhBRV Attack (L15 passive)3T, selfS

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Generic int brv buff ranking

ValueCharacterSourceTurn / targetRate
100%SelphieWall (WP+EXT)6T, AOE100%
60%SelphieWall (WP)6T, AOE100%
40%WoLThrow Buckler (WP)5T, self100%
40%SquallSolid Barrel/+5T, self100%
20%AerithHealing Wind (WP)10T, AOE100%
20%KrileThunder V+6T, self100%
20%SelphieWall3T, single100%
20%KrileThunder V3T, self100%
10%AerithHealing Wind5T, AOE100%

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Generic defence buff ranking

ValueCharacterSourceTurn / targetRate
100%WakkaBrave Reels (WP)6T, self90%
50%GalufShirahadori+ (WP)7T, self100%
50%GalufShirahadori (WP)4T, self100%
50%WakkaBrave Reels4T, self33%
45%ZidaneFree Energy (WP+EXT)5T, self100%
40%SteinerSword Magic (WP)6T, self100%
30%GalufShirahadori+5T, self100%
30%ZidaneFree Energy (WP)5T, selfL
30%SazhAim (WP) vs debuffed target4T, self100%
30%ZidaneFree Energy3T, selfM
30%GalufShirahadori2T, self100%

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