Star Ocean: Anamnesis - One Handed Swords List (Global version)

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of One Handed Swords which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version.

You can use the list as your reference. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Gray colour indicates a limited-time weapon.
  • Atk/Int stats are derived from the weapon at level 20.
  • LB Factor Level is the limit break level at which the third factor is unlocked on the weapon (if applicable)
Cursed Balmung Blade5450ATK + 15%

Helm Splitter Damage +20%

AP Costs -10%
3Launch Coin Shop

OHS Coin Shop

Daril (Skill)

Works well on pretty much any Sword user
Great starter weapon choice. Available from the launch coin shop allows it to be usable very early on. It syncs well with a lot of units, however it is not really worth investing too much into.
Claidheamh Soluis8400Imbues Attacks with Light Element

Cyclone Blade Damage +20%

n/aOHS Coin Shop


Fidel (Skill)

Generally useful with element imbue Light weakness bosses (none currently)
One of the safer choices for GL transmutes for general OHS users, and should be useful in the mid-long term due to its element imbue.
Lightning Sword8350Lightning Damage Dealt +15%

Rising Blade Damage +20%

n/aOHS Coin Shop


Roddick (Element)

Daril (Skill)
Syncs great with Roddick as three of his skills (includng his rush) are all Lightning Element, it also boasts a high attack stat. Outside of Roddick however there are better swords to use.
Moonstone Sword5300ATK + 15%, DEF - 15%

Air Slash Damage +20%

n/aOHS Coin Shop


Fidel (Skill)

Roddick (Skill)

Transmutation fodder
A slightly worse version of the Cursed Balmung Blade. Fits well with Fidel, however there are much much better weapons available. Notable for being currently the only ATK % in transmute pool (not coin shop).
Aurora Blade4780Dragon Slash Damage +20%

Damage Dealt to Machines +20%

Crit Chance +4%
5Jie Revorse Event ShopRoddick (If you have literally nothing better)

Transmutation Fodder
Overall a bad weapon. Roddick's event weapon, it has a Machine Killer racial which works well against Jie, however it's incredibly low base attack stat alongside no element and a bad LB factor weigh it down. Best used as a way to make another copy of a 5* sword for free.
Blade of Ruin8500Single Target Damage Dealt +15%

Air Raid +20% Damage

Damage Dealt +10%
5GachaFidel (Skill)While it looks good on paper, it lacks both element and racial abilities. On top of that, it's Gacha only. On JP, it becomes available in the coin shop. This sword is not recommended, even with its buffed stats on GL, but if you have it already, it's decent for Fidel (but hard to MLB).
Thunderstroke Broadsword862858Omega Thunderclap Blade +20% Damage

INT damage taken -10%

Lightning Damage dealt +15%
5Marezeria Coin [Blue] Event ShopRoddick (Skill)Straight up better version of the Lightning Sword, has a huge ATK stat, buffs Roddick's rush, and keeps the +lightning damage. Amazing for a free option, basically a gacha-level weapon. Weapons from the future, man.
Centrifuge Blade513508Heaven's Sword Damage +20%

Recover 3% HP every 3 seconds, if behind an enemy

- 10% AP Cost
5Deimont Exchange ShopSReimi (Skill / Factor)It's bad. The only redeeming factor is the -10% AP cost, but at event weapon base stats, literally use any other OHS over this (except Aurora). The regen is subpar even if it were unconditional, and it isn't so... keep as a trophy or trash it.
Braublitz965960Gain Thunder Attribute

Stun Rate +20%

Critical Chance +30% when you are not being targetted by an enemy.
5GachasReimi (Talent)

Literally the best Thunder OHS ingame even on JP.
A must pickup if you main or plan to main any OHS user. The only sword to imbue thunder even on Japan. Boasts decent effects, stun rate is always nice to have (however useless when partied with a Roddick) and the 30% Critical Chance syncs with how sReimi works as a unit.
Slayer of Divine Beings4750Gain Light Attribute

Heavenly Launcher Damage +15%

AP Usage reduced by 10%
5Blood Valkyrie Event Shop (VP Part 1)Lenneth (Skill)Good freebie sword, comes with an imbue and AP Redux. Problem is that Soluis is buffed to the heavens and has almost 400 attack on this thing at MLB. Use it if you don't want to MLB Soluis with the coins they sell in shop, or happen to just be starting on this event, but the big gap in attack doesn't really make up for the AP Reduction and bonus damage on skill.
Slayer of Divine Beings II8610Gain Light Attribute

Valkyrie's Mercy +20% Damage

AP Usage reduced by 10% & Damage taken -10%
2nd factor 1

3rd factor 5
GachaLenneth (Skill)It's bad. Claid is only slightly worse but it's free and its MLB is accessible. If you do manage to MLB this, it's better, but why? It's just diluting the pool. GL exclusive.
Sacred Tear4790Sword Bomber Damage +10%

Damage to Humans +15%

ATK +5%
5Hell Siren Event ShopClaude (Skill)Event weapon, what you'd expect. Sword Bomber is a sad and bad skill. Does have some ATK scaling if you choose to use it.
Icicle Sword585583ATK +15%

Imbues Attacks with Ice Element

AP Consumption -10%
5Gacha (Alongside Michael)All OHS UsersOnly Ice OHS sword on JP to this date. Comes with ATK +15%, and GL's was buffed by 50 ATK. On a character with 2500 ATK before weapon (not including self buffs) this is worth the same as an MLB Claid. Excellent imbue weapon.
Type-4O Sword964958Elemental Damage +20% (All) and Damage to Machines +30%

Absorbs 15% of damage dealt by Normal Attacks

Critical hit chance +10%

This weapon is made for units that have self imbuement (Fayt, GFayt, 2B) or units where most of their skills have elemental imbuement (Roddick). If you have these units, this weapon is really really good, but I would avoid using it on units without a way to apply element as you will not get the first passive, and you will not contribute to stunning. You should still always prioritize elemental advantage when choosing weapons, which makes this one kind of a niche pick, but in the right circumstances it's definitely the best available.
Veinslay961956Damage to Divines +40%, Damage to Humans +20%

AP Consumption -10%

80% chance to survive a lethal attack at 20% or more HP (80/20 guts)

Not bad for a neutral sword, excellent for imbued units, or psuedo-imbued units (Rod, 2B, Fayt). AP redux is great, and if it does get MLB'd, 80/20 guts is excellent. The racial % is quite high as well, making it a solid weapon, though the god/human racial on enemies isn't that common.
Jade Bastard Sword492486ATK +5%

Critical Chance +5%

Colossal Ethereal Blast damage +10%
5Luther's Descent (Event Shop)

Luther's Descent (Achievement)
Transmutation Fodder

Fayt (Skill)
It's very whatever. Nothing special, even for Fayt, with some minor scaling. Take the 5 copies and transmute them, like most event weapons.
Virtuous Contract86385920% damage to YoHRa Arms: Two

RCV 3% HP / 5s

+10% ATK DMG Dealt
5Geared Wisp (Event Shop)2(B)/102B's sword. Outclassed by Type-4O overall, but it's gacha statted. Useful for new players who need some decent weapons to get themselves started but otherwise not stellar.
Cruel Oath861858+20% DMG to YoHRa Arms: Four

+30% AP RCV Speed

-10% AP Cost
5Geared Wisp (Event Shop)9(S)/10Actually a decent neutral sword for 9S, but given that OHS has element coverage, is not as good as it could be. Still very useful when off-element or lacking coverage, due to the AP recovery working with his ranged kit, and AP redux letting him sneak in a few more attacks.
Type-3 Sword962956Imbue Light Element

+5% ATK
+5% HIT

RCV 10% HP / 3s
5Gacha (Limited)Light Weak BossesNothing extremely special, but is slightly stronger than Claid even at LB0 due to its slight stat utility. It's another light sword.

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