Star Ocean: Anamnesis Tier List

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis Tier List based mostly on JP version. Character value changes based on boss fight and party. This tier list is not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation. You can use this as your reference. Loosely ordered within tiers. This list is useful for players who play JP version for quite some times. This is also useful for those who play GL version, and want to plan ahead their units/parties for future contents. If you want to take a look at the Star Ocean: Anamnesis Tier List for Global version that has the current meta units, please check the links at the end.


Note to players:

  • Awakening_10 Signifies an Awakened character. Awakening is NOT a system present in Star Ocean: Anamnesis Global version, and likely won’t be for a year+. Unawakened characters are tiered separately from their awakened counterparts.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Tier List is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis Tier List

Power Creep
The best at
they do
Ideal in
Ideal in
Good in
Good in

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit in Global version


  • 12/28: RenaA added to Best. Misc tier label changes and overdue tier moves (mostly drops).
  • 12/20: XFidel raised to Ideal/Most in accordance with his rebalance. Hrist lowered to Ideal/Specific as she feels out-of-place next to the other Defenders in her tier now and what she provides isn’t as unique anymore,
    but she still boasts the only talent-based unconditional party -Damage Taken.
  • 12/13: XAshton added to Good/Most. XRena added to Ideal/Most. XClair added to Ideal/Specific.
  • 11/29: CyussA added to Best. IReimi added to Ideal/Most. IVerda added to Ideal/Most. IMiki added to Best. JKJK demoted a tier due to somewhat outdated buffs and higher variety in party Guts availability/AP gain. VRena dropped a tier as her buffs aren’t as valuable these days for how role-restricted they are. Further revisions to Shooter ordering likely soon to come.
  • 11/23: ReliaA added to Ideal/Most for excellent offensive as well as defensive buffing, on top of her potent healing. Rena dropped to Good/Most as crit buffs have become both more common and less restricted as of late, and ReliaA blows her out of the water as a stat-buffing healer. Awk9 Miki tentatively added to Ideal/Specific, as she does everything Awk10 does except with the world’s best regen instead of a role-locked revive.
  • 11/17: Long-overdue Caster overhaul! MyuriaA lowered to Ideal/Most in light of ATK-based carries improving and off-ele resist shackling her somewhat. Mystina dropped to Ideal/Specific as her damage output is rather dated and her buffs aren’t as unique as they had been, but she still uniquely provides ATK/INT Damage and Crit Rate/Damage passively in one slot. Freya dropped to Ideal/Specific due to requiring a better ATK buffer alongside her for the damage output reflected in DPS Tiers, and having compatibility issues with assists due to her mixed nature. BSOpera raised to Ideal/Most after correcting errors in her previous DPS calcs. Ronyx raised to Overshadowed as his unconditional INT+40% is still top class; even if his own performance is bad it gives him as much/more value to caster parties as the rest of his tier. Unrelated to Casters, WReimi and Zephyr dropped to Ideal/Most as with Caleen around they’re no longer “The best of the best”.
  • 11/15: Arumat added to Ideal/Most, FaizeA added to Ideal/Most, Fiore dropped to Good/Most as FaizeA role compresses her niche of party casting armor along with his own benefits. New tier created for Caleen.
  • 11/1: HRelia added to Ideal/Most. HNel promoted to Ideal/Most as she…isn’t really restricted in where she works, and provides some unique benefits. Pericci dropped to Ideal/Specific as more relevant sources of ATK Damage and crit rate have been added, but she still provides excellent role compression if needing ATK, ATK Damage, and crits in one slot.
  • 10/29: After discussing the viability of atk buffers, 2B’s been dropped a tier due to a demanding level of buff maintenance that other modern ATK buffers aren’t shackled by. WReimi takes her place due to consistency, versatility, hitcount racking and potent defensive merits in addition to her offensive ones. Welch also in consideration for a future promotion, but weapon elements are currently a limiting factor.
  • 10/25: Axebel added to Good/Most, HNel added to Ideal/Specific. Awoo raised to Ideal/Most and HVictor raised to Ideal/Specific in accordance with buffs.
  • 10/13: EmmersonA lowered to Ideal/Most upon finding errors in frame data/dps.
  • 10/11: Welch and VerdaA added to Ideal/Most
  • 9/28: CliffA raised to Ideal/Most; too much focus on combo DPS, not enough attention toward hitcount and rush damage.
  • 9/27: BMaria added to Ideal/Most, CliffA added to Good/Most, BMirage added to Ideal/Specific. BLeon raised to Best upon further assessment of abilities and removal of anti-Leon bias.
  • 9/26: Healers restructured, primarily emphasizing JK Meracle’s offensive merits and Rena’s usefulness solo.
  • 9/25: Raised JKJK back to Best; maybe not ideal for purely offensive minmaxing anymore, but she still offers so much in one character slot and works in all fights.
  • 9/21: BSOpera raised to Ideal/Specific due to underrating both her debuff and rush damage.
  • 9/13: Added LymleA to Ideal/Specific, BSOpera to Good/Most, Yrian to Ideal/Most. Raised HVerda to Ideal/Most due to her flexibility as an INT/ATK buffer compared to Leon/Freya.
  • 8/30: Added new rows at the top to designate newly added and currently unranked characters. Added EmmersonA to Best and MSophia/BLeon to Ideal/Most.
  • 8/26: Belated tier rise for CG Phia; her previous rank was a remnant of old tier labels. Recently discovered hitcount discrepancy with Lunar Mirror also actually makes her a stellar hitcount racker.
  • 8/19: Lowered SRatix to Ideal/Most; while definitely potent and hilarious against older content, +80% stun doesn’t seem as ridiculous in modern high-difficulty fights as first expected.
  • 8/16: SRena added to Ideal/Specific. Rain lowered to Good/Most; looking over his numbers I’m not sure why he was as high as he was for as long as he was.
    8/11: Lowered CDias and JKJK to Ideal/Most, primarily on the basis that NFiore/WPrecis edge them out for minmaxing purposes.
  • 8/9: SRatix added to Best; SEve added to Ideal/Most; Miki(awk) added to Ideal/Specific; Eve(awk) dropped to Good/Specific due to Miki(awk) doing her job far better unless Shooter/Caster revives are needed.
  • 8/1: Myuria(awk) returned to her throne. Turns out not even resistances truly hold her back (yet).
  • 7/29: Large overhaul to tier labels and character ranks across the board, hopefully allowing for clearer rankings. Notably Myuria(awk) dropped a tier due to recent off-element resistances limiting her usability as a thunder-locked hard carry.
  • 7/26: SMaria added to Proficient, SMillie added to Niche, ClaudeA added to Niche. SMyuria raised to Niche and SReimi raised to Good in accordance with buffs; other summer buffs not large enough to merit a change in rank.
  • 7/23: HVerda moved to Niche, due to a pattern of 50/60stam bosses having off-ele resists emerging.
  • 7/14: Pericci raised to Proficient.
  • 7/12: BAshton added to Proficient. Pericci added to Niche. Victor(awk) added to Niche. Edge(awk) lowered after having it pointed out that there isn’t any real situation he’s optimal offensively or defensively.
  • 7/11: Note added regarding Awakening. Lots of misc changes to lower tiers and tier labels, namely healers being dropped universally and Zephyr, WPrecis, and NFiore rising to the top.
  • 7/9: Myuria (awk) moved to Best. Even off-ele, her damage really is that good.
  • 7/8: SMiki dropped due to numerous better Guts options existing, eliminating her niche; Silmeria dropped for similar reasons with regen.
  • 7/5: HVerda dropped due to stealth Heroic Spark nerf bundled with the bugfix.
  • 6/30: HVerda moved up to Niche on defensive merits.
  • 6/28: Awakened Myuria added to Proficient. Nurse Fiore added to Proficient. Hero Verda added to Good. Sophia dropped to Subpar due to accuracy and cast times. Dias dropped to “Usually more trouble than they’re worth” due to not having a real niche unawakened and being generally less useful defensively than Victor/SMyuria, but the latter two aren’t better by enough to move up to me currently.
  • 6/21: WRena and FAnne moved out of bottom; they’re bad, but not quite that bad.
  • 6/17: Renamed “Capable, but not ideal” to “Good, but better alternatives exist”; moved Summer Sophia down to Subpar; moved Fina down to Good due to cast speeds combined with still needing to use an active buff.
  • 6/15: WPrecis moved up to Proficient.
  • 6/14: CDias and JKJK moved up to Best in accordance with dagger buffs. Added WClair to Capable, WPrecis to Niche, and Awakened Nel to Niche.
  • 6/6: Added unawakened characters. Moved Miki up a tier so unawakened Eve can have her own spot at the bottom. Moved WNel up a tier as her impact on the party is more noticeable than the others in Subpar. Moved Leanne up a tier, as she’s fairly competitive with Maria; her release timing’s where most of the negativity came from.
  • 6/4: Character icons updated to indicate awakening where relevant. Mavelle moved up to Niche due to her performance against large bosses. CDias moved back up to Proficient after a previous kneejerk drop. Renamed “Outclassed, but functional” to “Capable, but not ideal”.
  • 6/3: Fayt moved up to Outclassed due to awakening.
  • 6/2: WReimi moved up to Proficient; initially overlooked Hazy Dance being affected by her skill chain talent.

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Special credit: Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Japan Tier List


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