Epic Seven Tier List

This is the Epic Seven Tier List. The list is based mostly on the analysis and experiences of players in Epic Seven community. Please do not take this list as absolute when playing. You can use the information from this Epic Seven tier list to set up your desired team for the best experience when playing Epic Seven. If you want to check Epic Seven tier tist – Global which provides an assessment base on each character category. Please check the resources links below.

This Epic Seven tier tist will also be useful when you want to reroll for a good team in the beginning. This tier list will be constantly updating to match with the current situation of the game. Please do note that do not play with all depends on the tier list. Play with what makes you feel good. 🙂 That’s the best!

Also, we provide you 3 types of Epic Seven Tier List:

  • The short & simple version: this version is taken from the details tier list table. We use only the Overall point.
  • The full version: This version will be providing you with as many details about tier list of each specific roles as possible.
  • The image version: Simple, for better visual.

Update: February 13, 2019

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Short and simple Epic Seven Tier List

S Tier

  • Knights: Falconer Kluri, Shadow Rose
  • Warriors: Martial Artist Ken
  • Mages: Challenger Dominiel
  • Thieves: n/a
  • Soul Weavers: Diene
  • Rangers: Bellona

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A Tier

  • Knights: Crimson Armin, Krau, Pyllis
  • Warriors: Assassin Cartuja, Chaos Sect Axe, Commander Lorina, Luna, Yufine
  • Mages: Aramintha, Guider Aither
  • Thieves: Assassin Cidd, Assassin Coli, Cidd, Haste, Karin, Kise
  • Soul Weavers: Achates, Angelica, Requiemroar, Ruele of Light
  • Rangers: Iseria, Schuri

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B Tier

  • Knights: Armin
  • Warriors: Church of Ilryos Axe, Clarissa, Judge Kise, Lorina, Ravi, Sigret, Taranor Guard
  • Mages: Baal & Sezan, Carmainerose, Celestial Mercedes, Dominiel
  • Thieves: Blood Blade Karin, Kayron, Sez, Surin, Vildred
  • Soul Weavers: Destina, Doris, Jecht, Lots, Maid Chloe, Rin, Shooting Star Achates
  • Rangers: Celeste, Silk, Yuna

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C Tier

  • Knights: Bask, Cecilia, Charlotte, Rose, Tywin
  • Warriors: Chloe, Corvus, Dark Corvus, Dingo, General Purrgis, Ken, Purrgis
  • Mages: Auxiliary Lots, Basar, Gloomyrain, Mistychain, Romann, Serila, Specter Tenebria, Tenebria
  • Thieves: Arbiter Vildred, Coli, Judith
  • Soul Weavers: Elson, Hazel
  • Rangers: Kiris, Nemunas, Wanderer Silk, Watcher Schuri

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Full Epic Seven Tier List

Note to players who use the full Epic Seven Tier List

  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always prioritize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of tier list is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.

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Details tier list table (with sorting)



NameKorean NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Armin아밍4-starsEarthBBBBBProphetic CandlestickAurius
Arowell아로웰3-starsLightCDCDDHilag LanceAurius
Bask3-starsIceDDBBCAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Butcher Corps Inquisitor도살부대원3-starsFireDDDDDNoble OathAurius
Cecilia세실리아5-starsFireADCCCAuriusProphetic Candlestick
Charlotte샬롯5-starsFireCDCDCElbris Ritual SwordHilag Lance
Crimson Armin홍염의 아밍4-starsLightSBASA+AuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Crozet크로제4-starsIceDDCDDHilag LanceAurius
Falconer Kluri3-starsEarthS+A+SS+S+AuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Fighter Maya전투형 마야4-starsLightDDDDDAurius
Kluri쿠루리3-starsEarthDDDDDAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Krau크라우5-starsIceA+ABA+A+AuriusHilag Lance
Ras라스3-starsFireDDCDDProphetic CandlestickAurius
Rose로제4-starsIceBDDDCElbris Ritual SwordAurius
Shadow Rose그림자 로제4-starsDarkS+A+AA+SAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Taranor Royal Guard타라노르 왕궁병사3-starsIceDCDDDAuriusElbris Ritual Sword
Tywin타이윈5-starsIceBDCDCAuriusHilag Lance

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NameKorean NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Assassin Cartuja늑대 카르투하4-starsDarkSAAA+A+Sigurd ScytheDurandal
Azalea아젤리아3-starsFireCDDDDAncient SheathSigurd Scythe
Cartuja카르투하4-starsEarthDCDCDDurandalSigurd Scythe
Chaos Sect Axe3-starsDarkA+AA+A+A+Sigurd ScytheHell Cutter
Chloe클로에5-starsIceDBBCCUberius's ToothEl's Fist
Church of Ilryos Axe일리오스교 도끼병3-starsDarkCBAABSigurd ScytheHell Cutter
Clarissa클라릿사4-starsIceACCCBSigurd ScytheHell Cutter
Commander Lorina3-starsDarkCA+A+A+AUberius's ToothEl's Fist
Corvus코르부스4-starsFireCCCDCEl's FistDurandal
Dark Corvus어둠의 코르부스5-starsDarkCDDDCDurandalSigurd Scythe
Dingo딩고4-starsFireDDCCCDurandalProphetic Candlestick
General Purrgis대장 퍼지스4-starsLightADCDCSigurd ScytheEl's Fist
Gunther군터3-starsLightDDDDDSigurd ScytheEl's Fist
Helga헬가3-starsEarthDCCDDHell CutterEl's Fist
Judge Kise5-starsLightSDCDBCursed CompassSigurd Scythe
Ken5-starsFireCCDCCUberius's ToothHell Cutter
Lorina로리나3-starsDarkCBAABUberius's ToothEl's Fist
Luna5-starsIceCSA+SA+Sigurd ScytheUberius's Tooth
Martial Artist Ken무투가 켄5-starsDarkS+A+SS+S+Sigurd ScytheEl's Fist
Mucacha무카차3-starsEarthDDDCDRanon's MemorandumEl's Fist
Purrgis퍼지스4-starsEarthCCDCCEl's FistHell Cutter
Ravi라비5-starsFireDCBABSigurd ScytheDurandal
Rikoris리코리스3-starsLightCDDDDRanon's MemorandumDaydream Joker
Sigret세크레트5-starsIceCBBA+BUberius's ToothHell Cutter
Taranor Guard타라노르 근위부대원3-starsIceDBBBBAncient SheathUberius's Tooth
Tieria3-starsFireDDDDDRanon's MemorandumEl's Fist
Yufine유피네5-starsEarthA+BACASigurd ScytheHell Cutter

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NameKorean NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Adlay아들라이3-starsEarthDDDDDAbyssal CrownKal'adra
Aramintha아라민타5-starsFireCS+BSA+Etica's ScepterTime Matter
Auxiliary Lots보조형 랏4-starsDarkBCDCCSira-Ren
Baal & Sezan바알세잔5-starsFireBBCA+BKal'adraEtica's Scepter
Basar바사르5-starsEarthADDDCEtica's ScepterTime Matter
Carmainerose카마인로즈3-starsFireDBBBBDaydream JokerKal'adra
Celestial Mercedes외우주의 메르세데스4-starsDarkBBBAB
Challenger Dominiel도전자 도미니엘4-starsDarkA+SSS+SKal'adraAncient Sheath
Dominiel도미니엘4-starsIceBCBCBAbyssal Crown
Gloomyrain3-starsLightCCDCCSira-RenExocist's Tonfa
Guider Aither구도자 아이테르4-starsLightBA+AA+AEtica's ScepterKal'adra
Hurado휴라두3-starsDarkADDDDSira-RenIela Violin
Ludwig루트비히5-starsEarthBDDDDTime MatterEtica's Scepter
Mistychain미스티체인3-starsIceCCCDCDaydream JokerKal'adra
Romann로만4-starsIceCDDDCAbyssal Crown
Specter Tenebria5-starsDarkDBCCCKal'adra
Tenebria테네브리아5-starsFireBDDCCTagehel's Ancient BookEtica's Scepter

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NameKorean NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Alexa알렉사3-starsIceDDBDDRhianna & LuciellaDust Devil
Arbiter Vildred집행관 빌트레드5-starsDarkBDDDCDust DevilAlsacian Spear
Assassin Cidd4-starsDarkSA+BAA+Rhianna & LuciellaWind Rider
Assassin Coli암살자 콜리4-starsDarkSABCADust DevilRhianna & Luciella
Blood Blade Karin혈검 카린4-starsDarkA+CDBBWind RiderDust Devil
Cidd시더4-starsEarthS+A+BA+A+Wind RiderDust Devil
Coli콜리4-starsIceBCDCCRhianna & LuciellaDust Devil
Haste5-starsFireCS+AA+A+Rhianna & LuciellaCursed Compass
Judith쥬디스3-starsFireA+DDDCRhianna & LuciellaWind Rider
Karin4-starsIceAA+BAARhianna & Luciella
Kayron5-starsFireACCBBDust DevilWind Rider
Kise5-starsIceA+ASA+A+Elyha's KnifeRhianna & Luciella
Roozid루지드3-starsEarthCDDDDRhianna & LuciellaRanon's Memorandum
Sez세즈가이엔5-starsIceA+BDBBDust DevilRhianna & Luciella
Surin수린4-starsFireCA+BBBRhianna & LuciellaMoonlight Dreamblade
Sven스벤3-starsDarkBDDDDRhianna & LuciellaWind Rider
Vildred빌트레드5-starsEarthAACBBWind RiderDust Devil

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Soul Weavers


NameKorean NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Achates아카테스4-starsFireBA+A+AA+Magaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Aither아이테르3-starsIceDDDDDShimadra StaffWondrous Potion Vial
Angelica안젤리카4-starsIceCA+S+S+A+Magaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Destina데스티나5-starsEarthBBBA+BShimadra StaffProphetic Candlestick
Diene5-starsIceSS+S+S+S+Magaraha's TomeRod of Amaryllis
Doris도리스3-starsLightDAAABProphetic Candlestick
Elson엘슨3-starsLightDCCCCWondrous Potion VialWater's Origin
Hazel헤이즐3-starsFireDCDBCMagaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Jecht제크토3-starsEarthCBCBBRanon's MemorandumWater's Origin
Lots랏츠4-starsEarthCSBCBWondrous Potion VialShimadra Staff
Maid Chloe5-starsLightSDCCBCelestineWondrous Potion Vial
Montmorancy몽모랑시3-starsIceDDDCDMagaraha's TomeShimadra Staff
Requiemroar3-starsDarkAABAACelestineShimadra Staff
Rin4-starsEarthCCCBBWondrous Potion VialProphetic Candlestick
Ruele of Light빛의 루엘5-starsLightSBBBAProphetic CandlestickWondrous Potion Vial
Shooting Star Achates슈팅스타 아가테스4-starsDarkA+CCBBWondrous Potion VialMagaraha's Tome

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NameKorean NameRarityElementArenaHuntAbyssRaidOverallRecommended ArtifactAlternate Artifact
Bellona5-starsEarthASA+SSRosa Hargana
Celeste셀레스트3-starsLightA+DCCBOtherworldly MachineryInfinity Basket
Iseria이세리아5-starsEarthBAA+SA+Rosa HarganaSong of Stars
Kiris키리스3-starsEarthDAA+DCInfinity BasketSong of Stars
Leo4-starsEarthBDDDDSong of Stars
Nemunas네무나스3-starsFireCBDDCBloodstoneExorcist's Tonfa
Rima리마3-starsIceDDDDDRosa HarganaBloodstone
Schuri4-starsFireBAAAAExorcist's Tonfa
Silk실크4-starsEarthBBBABInfinity BasketAlsacian Spear
Wanda완다3-starsDarkCDDDDRosa HarganaInfinity Basket
Wanderer Silk방랑자 실크4-starsLightDDA+DCSong of Stars
Watcher Schuri주시자 슈리4-starsLightS+DCDCExorcist's Tonfa
Yuna5-starsIceA+CDBBOtherworldly MachineryRosa Hargana

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Image tier list


epic seven tier list 1

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