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What is a good pull to start with?


First off, don’t just go for the pull with the units that are highest on a tier list. Tier lists don’t matter if your units can’t work together, so take them with a grain of salt. The answer you’ve been hearing to this is probably Sez, Destina, and Ravi, but I thought I might go deeper and talk about why these units are held in high regard.

Sez has great AOE DPS, but by no means is he the best DPS in game. Instead, the secret to his strength comes from a debuff on his S1 and S2: preventing the enemy from healing for a turn. This means that if you want to, you can hit a high priority target or boss and prevent them from healing continuously as long as Sez is able to attack. This combined with his AOE DPS is what makes him so good in both PvE and PvP content.

Destina’s strength comes from a lot of things. For starters, all of her skills heal; this is actually unique for healers, as most of them have an S1 that has another effect. Her S2 not only heals, but also increases unit readiness. Read the bit below about readiness for why it is so important. And lastly, her S3 takes off all debuffs then heals. In these types of games, debuffs are everything in PvP, and taking off all debuffs on all friendly units is extremely strong for all sorts of metas. The order of what this skill is also important, as this means that she can take away Sez’s debuff that prevents a unit from healing before restoring HP. Destina’s build usually consists of 3 HP sets, meaning that she can tank as well. Slap a candlestick on her, put her in the leader spot, and get ready for unlimited healing works.

Ravi is just an all rounder unit. Her DPS is decent, but where she shines is her amazing lifesteal ability. If she is able to stay in the fight for a while, she can deck out huge damage with enough Fighting Spirits. Ravi can be used as a sustain tank (arguably the tankiest warrior) which opens up the possibilities for a lot of unique builds such as lifesteal or counterattack.

Other than these special points, there are lots of 3* and 4* units with good raw DPS and healing. I would say that one of the big three units and a good 4* for another role is a good roll (for example, if I have Destina as my main I would want a 4* DPS and not another healer).


Some other great 4* and 3* units:

Silk is a legend in both PvP and PvE. I talk about her later down the line, but tl;dr she’s broken and a central piece in every single one of my team setups. Do keep in mind though that you can get her for free with some grind.

Kiris is almost essential for late game bosses with high HP. She has a chance to poison in her S1, and poison in this game can do a lot of damage.

Armin is one of the best tank/heal hybrid that you can get at the beginning. If you just have DPS on your team, Armin a great addition.

Cidd also gives himself extra speed after landing a critical hit, but where Cidd shines is his debuff that decreases enemy defense. In a game where debuffs are important, Cidd can promise a lot of pain.

Tiera is also a DPS unit that also provides a speed buff for her allies. Speed is very important in PvP at the moment and she can easily turn the tide of the fight from the first turn. She is a beast in PvE content as well. However, I would still pick Silk over Tiera as Silk does the same thing but more.

Karin is a speedy gal who gets even faster if she lands a critical hit. As I mentioned with Diera, PvP has a very heavy emphasis on speed, so she’s a great 4* DPS unit.

Carmainerose is a raw DPS nuke that can deal out insane amounts of damage. It might take a while to learn how to use her but definitely worth the effort. She can act as a tank especially with lifesteal equipment, thought here are other great tanks as well.

What is a good team setup?


Formation matters! This means that the unit in the leader position will be hit the most. This usually means that you will generally be putting tanks in the leader position and dps, buffers, debuffers, and healers in the other spots. Here are some recommended team setups in general:

Under Construction:

  • Tank as leader, DPS, Debuff, Heal
  • DPS leader (with lifesteal equipment), DPS, Debuff, Heal
  • Tank Heal Leader, DPS, DPS/Debuff, and Debuff

What should I focus on?

  • Do daily missions, weekly missions, and guild missions.
  • Do labrinth once a day and abyss 3 times everyday (you can do more if you are willing to buy resets at the shop).
  • Do crack of the worlds (3S, 5S) if you have a surplus of stamina or need weapon mats.
  • Always use up your flags and climb in PvP to the best of your abilities for those sweet sweet skystones (you can buy 5 flags for 100 friendship every day at the store, I highly recommend this to catch up to the arena rank you should be in).
  • Grind hunts for equipment.
  • Finish 10-10 and unlock moonlight summons, though this will take some time as the story mode is harder than most gacha games.
  • Do connection missions to unlock very strong characters for free. This can be found by going to the tavern (main lobby) and tapping on the person who is sitting apart from your team.

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Gameplay Mechanics

What do I build on X unit?

This depends on what your unit’s ability is. If there is any stat that the unit scales off of, then prioritize an equipment set that will maximize that stat. For example, most of Vildred’s skills scale off of speed. This would mean that you should prioritize a 4 speed set as well as speed substats for all of your equipment. If you are focusing on damage, the leftover set should usually be crit chance. Tanks and healers can build either defense or health, but again prioritize whatever set that maximizes the stat that skills scale from.

What is Effectiveness?

Effectiveness is the percentage chance of a skill effect working as well as the chance that an attack will hit the target. For example, Silk’s S3 has a base percentage of 80% chance to decrease enemy speed. Increasing the effectiveness stat would raise this percentage as well as the chance of it hitting the enemy.

What is Combat Readiness?

Readiness determines the order of turns for units. This can be determined by the bar on the left, which is essential to understand if you want to get far in this game. The lower a unit is on the bar, the higher their readiness is. This goes into why Silk is such a good ranger. Her S1 can decrease readiness, meaning that she can push back the turn order of an enemy unit. The best way to utilize this is to look for an enemy that is below and closest to a friendly unit. This essentially means that the enemy unit will attack, soon followed by the friendly unit. If you attack that enemy unit using Silk’s S1, this would decrease their readiness and potentially push back their turn order, allowing the friendly unit to have his/her turn first.

Tip: If you check top left, right above the combat readiness bar. There is a button to allow you to check the combat readiness % of all characters in battle and their cooldowns (Including enemy’s info).

What is speed?

Speed determines how fast your turn comes. If you look at the turn order bar on the left, some units move down the bar faster than others, thus sometimes getting their turn before an enemy even if the enemy was ahead of the unit in readiness before. This is why when reading the bar, you must take into consideration both speed and readiness. You may be easily fooled into thinking that your turn will come first, when an enemy unit may have a faster speed and get their turn first instead. This is also another reason as to why Silk is really good: her S3 is used to open fights by immediately putting all enemy units at a huge speed disadvantage.

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How do I get bookmarks to pull?

Bookmarks are purchasable with skystones, which drop in the story levels as well as through missions. Though you might be tempted to instantly spend 100 skystones for 5 bookmarks (1 pull), it is much more worth it to save to 950 skystones. This will get you 50 bookmarks (10 pulls) and 3 penguins of each element. The secret shop also randomly sells 5 bookmarks sometimes.

How do I level up my units quickly?

You can’t xD

My recommendation is just to focus on grinding for equipments with the units you want to level. The exp will naturally come to your units. If you really want to, it is technically possible to get stigma from abyss to instantly grow penguins, but I don’t think this is sustainable in the long run.

Also possible to buy penguins from shop with transmit stones. Abyss will also supply penguins along with events once in a while.

Which hunt should I grind?


Read the tip above on what to build for units, choose an equipment set that you think you need, and grind the hunt that drops this equipment set.

  • Wyvern: speed (4), effectiveness (2), critical hit chance (2)
  • Golem: defense (2), health (2), attack (4)
  • Banshee: counter (4), lifesteal (4), crit damage (4), effect resistance (2)

If you are unsure of which set you want to focus on, I would generally recommend Golem as those three are the most commonly used sets. Note that each hunt has an element theme, so if you want to auto them it is best to set up a team with elemental advantage. Sez is great for autoing Golem, since it has a tree buddy that heals him.

How do I get rings/necklaces?

Every time you beat a labrinth, you will get ancient coins. Use these on the ancient coin shop to buy the T2-T5 Accessory chest.

What do I do with unit dupes?

If your unit is at base stars, you can save the dupe and use it for promotion, giving you both the Memory Imprint as well as the promotion. Memory Imprint is a stat buff given to specific spots on the team.

If your unit is at a higher star, you can enhance the unit you are building with the dupe unit, as you would if you were leveling them up. This will also provide Memory Imprint/increase Imprint level. You can do this multiple times to increase the effect.

But again, promoting the unit will increase the effect as well so it’s advised to promote when using dupes.

What do I do with Phantasms?


Phantasms are the easiest ways to promote your units (3* -> 4*, 4* -> 5*, etc). They automatically come with max level, which means that you can promote them immediately. There are three types of Phantasms:

epic seven frequently asked questions faqs 1

Tera (4*)

epic seven frequently asked questions faqs 2

Giga (3*)

epic seven frequently asked questions faqs 3

Mega (2*)

Tera phantasms can be bought in the guild store, while others drop from various missions and story levels. Use 2* drops from maps to promote 2* phantasms into 3* phantasms, and use bad units or other phantasms (not recommended) to promote 3* phantasms into 4* phantasms. You need 2 fodder to promote from 2* to 3*, and 3 fodder to promote from 3* to 4*, etc. If you want to promote them again, you must level them up to max level which isn’t that bad since they have a 10% extra experience gain. Put them on a team and just go through missions. It’s also usable to have 2* fodder to promote 2* mega-phantasms, advise against using 2* phantasms to promote 2* phantasms since you can get 2* fodder from secret store, 28,000 gold.

How do I upgrade skill levels?

This can be done using MolaGora which is available once per week in the transit stone shop, guild member shop, and conquest points shop. The number of MolaGora needed per upgrade increases for every level, so be careful on who you want to use these on.

Which unit Connections should I prioritize?

I think for beginners, the two best connections are Silk and Elson. Elson is easy to unlock and takes like a minute, so do it as soon as you can.

Elson is a unique soulweaver that doesn’t heal much but buffs teammates really well. He also can decrease enemy attack with his S1, but focus on enhancing his S3 for the added effects (first gives you extra soul after usage, second lowers cooldown by 1).

Silk is easily the best objective for beginners, as she is currently molding the meta in my opinion. You can learn how to use her in the What is readiness section. To complete the 15 transit stone achievement, just raise the level of any artifact by one and this should complete the artifact enhancement achievement. This gives you 8 transmit stones which you can use for Silk’s connection.

Alexa is an ok unit, but if you have Kiris there really isn’t a point as Alexa does the same thing but worse. Get her if you are struggling on fire boses with large HP.

Lorina is renown for her single-hit attack damage, she’ll hit better than majority of 5* base DPS units.

Which building should I focus on upgrading?


I would recommend getting the first upgrade for High Command which will unlock Hunt Missions. The next thing would be getting your second and third slot in the Forest of Souls, then Heart of Orbis for a consistent source of currency (Mirror of Light if you think you’ll be checking the game often, Cradle of Life if not).

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Special credit:

  • jakchoy#8192 (Discord), author.
  • Winny#1128 (Discord), who gave a lot of additional information and filled in some of the stuff that I missed! A pleasure.
  • Sam#4272 (Discord), who gave input about buildings! He beat 10-10 already and is far ahead of most people, so ask him for advanced questions.


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