Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Attacker List

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Attacker Characters/Units. This list is being updated accordingly to the game progress in both GL and JP version. However, the current meta of JP is far from GL version. So, this list will include lots of characters/units that haven’t appeared yet in GL version. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

If you want to take a look at the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Attacker Characters/Units for GL version with only current released units, please check the links at the end.

Note to players:

  • Awakening_10 Signifies an Awakened character. Awakening is NOT a system present in Star Ocean: Anamnesis Global version, and likely won’t be for a year+. Unawakened characters are tiered separately from their awakened counterparts.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Attacker List is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
Sword- ATK+50% (all)
- AP-20%
- Able to airdodge
- At skill chain 3+, Damage+10%
- ATK+25% DEF+10%
- Ignore HP decrease fields
AP-60% (20s)
No-strings-attached 50% party ATK buff, and not much else. Straightforward and effective; there's plenty of reasons to pick other ATK buffers, but party members have no hoops to jump through with Fidel, which is something to appreciate in itself.
Normal>Air Slash>Double Air Slash>Air Raid*n
Normal>Double Air Slash>CA Air Slash>Air Raid*n - if needing to back up midcombo; Air Raid still hits from a distance.
Normal>Double Slash>Air Slash>Double Slash*n - Unawakened rush gain
Replace Double Air Slash with Double Slash unawakened.
Double SlashAir SlashCyclone BladeAir RaidDouble Air Slash
Knuckle- AP-40%
- ATK+50%
- Crit Rate/Damage +30%
- Able to airdodge
- CA crit penalty removed
- At skill chain 3/5+, ATK Damage +50/100%
No effect
(Assist: Rush Damage +50%/20s)
The rush king is back. Awakening's preserved his selfish nature and rush emphasis, introducing the game's first 5500% rush on top of the game's highest ATK stat. His new talents are unfortunately a bit cumbersome for his kit, but they're secondary to his top class rush damage and hitcount racking. Unlike modern carries he still lacks self-sustain, so either learn the fight or gear accordingly.
Normal>Crescent>filler>Crescent*2>Chariot*2 - Damage
(Normal>)Chariot>dash after hit 3>repeat - hitcount/rush gain
Trident ArtsCrescent LocusAcrobat LocusFlash ChariotMight Hammer
AnneKnuckle- Crit Rate +30% (all)
- Super Armor if damage <20% HP
Crit Rate +60% (20s/all)
She buffs crit rate, but there are modern characters who buff both crit rate and crit damage; Anne doesn't offer damage, in buffs or in actual output. She's an alright poverty option for Crystal Guardian and a solid assist, that's about the extent of her value.
Might HammerTrident ArtsScrew SpikeX-Claw
DarilSword- AP-20% (all)
- Super Armor if damage <20% HP
- Damage vs humans +60%
AP-40% (20s/all)
(Assist: Reduced to 10s)
His main niche is potent AP reduction; he passively provides the party AP cost-20%, which ramps up to -40% postrush. Certain characters benefit greatly from him, particularly recent ones with powerful high-cost nukes that can then be spammed at 300% multiple times in his presence (i.e. Arngrim). AP-40% postrush also facilitates building rush more quickly for the party, making <20sec rush rotations more feasible. His human slayer talent brings his combo DPS up to average levels by modern standards.
Blade RisingShotgun VoltSide KickHelmsplitter
RatixSword- Cast time -20% (all)
- Stun rate +40% (all)
- ATK+30%
AP-40%, Damage Taken -20% (60s)
(Assist: Reduced to 20s)
Buffs stun rate for the party, and boasts an amazing-albeit-selfish rush buff. Being able to chain stuns trivializes bosses, both preventing them from moving and allowing the party to unload on them without worrying about dodging, bolstering both DPS and survival. His efficiency falls off in anything below 60stam fights; save him for content durable enough for rush buffs and multiple stuns to matter. Best kept away from humanoid bosses; his performance falls off sharply if Shotgun Volt and Dragon Roar can't get bonus hits.
Normal>Shotgun>Air>Shotgun*n - Hitcount
Normal>Shotgun>CA Air>Roar*n - Rush gain
Air>Roar>Air>Roar*n - Ranged
Against smaller enemies, stick to Air Slash and Double Slash; Shotgun and Roar are size dependent.
Double SlashShotgun VoltAir SlashDragon Roar
Sword- ATK+40% (all)
- ATK Damage Taken +15% vs sealed enemies
- Rush Damage +20% (all)
- Seal immune (all/2m)
- 15% chance to inflict Seal from all attacks
- Able to airdodge
- CA crit penalty nullified
- AP-50% when skill chain 3+
- ATK+15% DEF+10%
High seal rate
DEF-30% (20s/all enemies)
(No Assist)
Her buffs are spread a bit thin, and her ATK Damage Taken debuff is contingent on winning dice rolls with Seal. Though she boasts some high mults, the corresponding skills are fairly slow. Still, she has no role restrictions, and every once in awhile Seal might keep a boss from using something annoying.
Normal>Glowing>Break>Glowing>Break - Unawakened, -5% AP
Normal>Glowing>Break>Launcher - Unawakened
Glowing PierceSky High BreakDual SlicerHeavenly LauncherReading Slash
Sword- ATK+40% (all)
- ATK+60% (Attacker/Defender)
- Damage Taken -20% (Healer)
- +150% AP from normals (all)
- Able to airdodge
- While airborne, gains super armor and Damage Taken -30%
- ATK Damage +100% at skill chain 3+
Damage+30% (30s/all)
Awakening's preserved his favortism toward Attacker/Defender comps, but now provides other roles with a +40% pity ATK buff as well. His damage output's been brought closer to average, he's received quality of life buffs to Helmetbreak use, and he boasts the first +150% AP from normals buff. Unfortunately for him his rush buff still may as well not exist, and with shooters being the best buffing role, not favoring them isn't great; VRena and SMaria still throw some of them a bone by comparison. Still, he works well in the proper parties.
Normal>Air Slash>Double Slash>Helmetbreak*n
Sword BomberHelmetbreakAir SlashDouble Slash
PhiaDagger- Crit Rate/Damage +50%
- ATK+20% DEF-20%
High Freeze rate
(Assist: Crit Rate/Damage +50%/20s)
Non-ace dagger Cliff, with similar performance. When she was new she had a monopoly on Critical Damage, which made her even better, but that and plentiful other damage buffs are now available partywide. Useful for Crystal Guardian, otherwise she isn't anything special by today's standards.
Dancing SwordSylvan ShotUnholy TerrorAqua Spread
AlbelSheath- DEF-30% (all enemies)
- ATK+30% (Attacker/Defender)
- Single Target Damage +20%
- AP-20%
ATK+100% DEF-50% (15s)
He was dominant when he was new, due to his selfish single target buff, incredible rush buff, and no cap on how long Aura Wall could extend Elements Burst for. His overall buffing is fairly low however, and his skillset isn't anything special by modern standards.
Normal>Air>Aura>Air*n - damage
Normal>Aura>CA Air>CA Aura>Aura*n - hitcount, CAs prevent pushing during element burst but can otherwise be omitted
Aura WallVampiric FlashDouble Slash of FuryAir Slash of Fury
IliaKnuckle- ATK+30% (all)
- Multi Target Damage +20% (all)
- Fire Damage +20% (all)
- AP-10%
AP-30% (20s Attacker/Caster)
Generic and dated ATK buffer. She's likely better than you'd expect, but there's still no modern use for her.
Crescent LocusPalm of DestructionX-ClawMight Hammer
Sword- ATK+40% (all)
- Imbue attacks with Fire/Light
- Attribute Damage +15/30% at 0/100hit (all)
- Super Armor if damage <15% HP (self/long range weapons)
- Able to airdodge
- CA crit penalty nullified
- AP-5%
- Air Raid Damage+100% during CA
Attribute Damage +50% (20s/all)
Innately does Light/Fire damage. Buffs both ATK and attribute damage, but his ATK buff is low and his attribute buffing isn't unique.
Awakening similarly didn't boost his skills by as much as it needed to; he takes a lot of investment for a subpar ATK buffer.
Normal>Mirage>Shotgun>Air Raid*2
Normal>Shotgun>Side Kick>Air Raid*2 - Unawakened
Side KickBlade RisingShotgun VoltAir RaidCrescent Mirage
MichaelKnuckle- ATK+40% (Attacker)
- AP-15%
- Fire Damage +10%
- Ice Resist -30%
- All stats+25% when ally dies
AP-50% (20s)
His main shtick is getting stronger as allies die, which, paired with his ATK buff only going to attackers, sets him up to run all-Attacker parties, where he picks up the slack if anyone dies. Unfortunately he doesn't do anything for other party comps, even ignoring the restrictions his ATK buff is mediocre, and his high AP costs and long skill animations result in far less damage output than you'd expect from the multipliers.
Normal>Fireball Rush>Breast Blow>Volcano>dodge
Normal>Fireball Rush>Breast Blow>Shooting Flare
Normal>Fireball Rush>Shooting Flare>Volcano>dodge
Normal>Shooting Flare>CA Fireball Rush>Shooting Flare>CA then walk
There isn't really a "best" loadout; just keep in mind that Rush is your cheapest skill, and Blow is your fastest but also has the worst rush gain.
Wedding Leanne
Gun- ATK+40% (all)
- ATK+55% when close (all)
- AP regen +50% when far (Attacker/Shooter)
- Super Armor when damage <20% HP
- AP-30% when skill chain 3+
- Able to airdodge
- Invincible for 0.3s after using a skill
ATK Damage +30% (20s/all)
(No Assist)
Versatile ATK and ATK damage buffer that favors close range characters. Her skillset works from long range, but is best up close - in addition to properly benefitting from her ATK buffs, Deadline Burst has a ton of unlisted hits that only connect in close range, nearly doubling its damage output. Awakening overhauled her AP costs, buff strength, and damage output, and even gave her an amazing bonus in startup invuln on all her battle skills; still being range restricted is her only downfall, she's all-around amazing otherwise.
Normal>Stardust>Skyline>Deadline*3 - close
Normal>Stardust>Skyline>Stardust*6 - far

Approach Blow over Skyline Shooting works if wanting an easier time positioning Deadline.
Skyline ShootingBarrage FireApproach BlowDeadline BurstStardust Aim
MeracleKnuckle- Crit Rate +30%
- Crit Rate +30% when close (all)
- AP regen +50% (self/defender)
- ATK+20%
- AP-20%
- Bonus ATK+10/20/30% at 100/150/200hit
AP-40% (20s)
Something like a second Cliff; rush bloat and bad skills. Her ATK is monstrous and scales further with hitcount, which further powers her rush
while somewhat (but not effectively) compensating her skills. Unlike Cliff, she does provide some degree of party support, offering close range
crit boosts and increased AP regen for defenders. Also like Cliff, her playerbase is small-but-dedicated, so it's usually safe to assume anyone
playing her is at least seasoned and capable.
Normal>Crescent>Screw>Crescent*n - DPS
Normal>Crescent>Screw>CA Myariot*n - minimal launching during Element Burst
Crescent LocusScrew SpikeX-ClawFlash Myariot
Wedding Rena
Knuckle- ATK+30% (all)
- AP+100% from normals (all)
- Single Target Damage +5/20% at 0/150hit (all)
- 5/10% regen at 0/100hit per 3s(all)
- Super Armor vs damage <10% HP
- Able to airdodge
- AP-20% at 50hit
- ATK+20%
Super Armor vs damage <25%
HP (20s/all)
Packs half-baked offensive buffs with horribly undertuned and committal skills. Her rush gain is also rather atrocious if not running Twister.
She has potent party regen that scales up to a ridiculous 10%/3sec at 100hit and good hitcount racking with Flash Chariot; consider just focusing on that and then catch up on rush with Twister after. While her combos are unimpressive, her rush hits like a truck.
Normal>Chariot>Trident>Chariot*2 - hitcount
Normal>Twister>Trident>Twister*2 - rush
Might HammerTrident ArtsTwisterFlash Chariot
Summer Reimi
Sword- ATK+55% when not in front of enemy (all)
- ATK+45% Rush Damage+15% when in front of enemy (all)
- AP+100% from normals and rush drain field null (close weps)
- AP-50% at skill chain 3+
- Able to airdodge
Clear status effects and Single
Target Damage +40% (20s/all)
Sort of a Lenneth clone; she has a similar skillset, and does less damage than Lenneth but has better potential buffing. Her "be behind the enemy" conditional is unfortunately not easy to maintain and gets shafted during most rushes, but her recent rebalance made her unconditional ATK buff less depressing in addition to fixing her previously lackluster rush gain. Boasts a rather potent rush buff, which also makes for a nice assist.
Normal>Crescent>Streak Breaker>Watermelon*n - higher rush gain with -AP

Streak Breaker over Aero Smash if wanting to trade DPS for rush gain.
Streak BreakerWatermelon DivideAero SmashCrescent Mirage
MirageKnuckle- ATK+20% (all)
- ATK Damage+20% when close (all)
- AP+100% from normals when close (all)
- Crit Rate/Damage+30% when 100% HP
10%/3s regen, AP-30% (20s)
Though her ATK is high and her rush is strong, her combo multipliers are low even by non-carry standards, and she needs to maintain 100% HP for full buff strength. To her merit, she's a carry with okayish party buffs and self-regen, but Attacker is a role with heavy saturation and plenty of better options exist.
Normal>Crescent>Current>Acrobat>Current*2 - postrush+ele burst
Acrobat LocusCrescent LocusTrident ArtsCurrent Knuckle
AshtonDual Sword- Attribute Damage+30% (all)
- Rush Damage+10/20% at 100/200hit (all)
- After using a fire skill, gain AP and ATK+15% (10s)
- After using an ice skill, AP+150% from normals (10s)
ATK+60% AP-30% (20s)
Carries a fairly unique buffset, buffing attribute and rush damage for the party. Shines against bosses large enough for Northern Cross to get bonus hits on.
Normal>Piercing>Twin>Sword Dance*n
Normal>Northern>Piercing>Northern*n>Sword Dance>dash after first several hits
Piercing BladeTwin StabNorthern CrossSword Dance
PrecisArm- Hitcount timer +3s
- ATK+25% at 100hit
- Crit Rate+30% when close (all)
- AP-40% when skill chain 3+
15%/5s regen (20s/all)
An oddball character who doesn't confer ATK buffs, but doesn't have carry stats either; her skills are decent, but she has the lowest ATK out of all ace Attackers when under 100hit. She does offer the party a 3 second timer extend, +30% crit in close range, and 15%/5s regen on her rush for party support, which can be found from better sources but are still things to appreciate.
Normal>Rocket Punch>Hammer Slammer>Jump'n'Thump*3

Replace Hammer Slammer with Forcefield if 104+ AP.
Hammer SlammerRocket PunchJump'n'ThumpBarrier
LasswellSheath- ATK+30% (all)
- ATK+40% (close weps)
- Null slow fields (close weps)
- AP-40% when skill chain 3+
- Move speed +20%
Damage+30% (20s/all)
(No Assist)
A subpar ATK buffer that for some reason still has role favoritism attached. Also has both poor damage output and terrible rush gain. Has a slight niche in being able to utilize racial weapons for ice-weak fights, but it isn't particularly redeeming.
Exorcising StormMirror of EquityMirror of HazeBlade Flash
CroweDual Sword- ATK+35% (all)
- ATK+55% (Attacker)
- Crit Rate+40% when behind enemy (all)
- Tri Zapper/Talon Pierce Skill Damage +150,300% at skill chain 3,5
- AP+100% from normals at 100% HP
AP-80% (5s)
An attacker-slanted ATK buffer, with good damage output thanks to fast, low-cost skills, incrementing skill damage with longer chains, and skills with lateral movement to let him maneuver without breaking his chain. Also buffs the party's crit rate when attacking from behind. Has unfortunately lacking rush gain, his attacker favoritism is restrictive, and modern ATK buffers don't need to ramp up to outdamage him.
Normal>Edge>other Edge>Tri*n
Dextral EdgeSinistral EdgeTalon PierceTri Zapper
Wolf Millie
"HW Millie"
Arm- ATK+35,45% at 0,100hit (all)
- AP+100% from normals (all)
- Null slow and rush drain fields (all)
- Pumpkin Pressure Skill Damage +100% at skill chain 4+
Attribute Damage+50% (20s/all)
Her ATK buff lacks role restriction but scales with hitcount, but is unfortunately rather dated by today's standards. She also buffs AP gain from normals and nullifies slow and rush drain fields for the party. Comparable to a ghetto 2B, but the gap in performance is large.
Normal>Lantern>Rocket>Lantern>Pumpkin - no AP reduc
Normal>Rocket>Lantern>Pumpkin*2 - AP-10%, higher DPS but lower rush gain
Lantern BurstRocket PunchHammer SlammerPumpkin Pressure
Devil Claire
"HW Clair"
Dual Sword- ATK+20%
- ATK Damage+20% at 50hit (all)
- AP-25%
- ATK+20% at 100hit
- Super Armor when damage <15% HP (Attacker)
DEF+30%,-30% (ally,enemy/20s)
Dual sword carry that hits harder as hitcount climbs. Her hitcount-tied talents kick in early, and her fat ATK combined with quick skills let her shred things after a brief ramp-up period. ATK Damage and -DEF aren't particularly common either, so she slots well into most parties; though weaker individually, her party benefits tend to put her on par with CMaria.
Twin StabSinistral EdgeDextral ZapperHazy Wheel
CapellSword- Stun rate+30% (all)
- Single Target Damage+30% (all)
- AP-20% at skill chain 3+ (all)
- AP regen+50% (all)
- Status immune (3m)
Clear status (all)
AP-50% (20s)
(No Assist)
A Ratix alternative. He offers some extra party buffs and lacks size dependency, but has a worse rush buff, worse hitcounts, worse damage output, and more restrictive skills in terms of both AP cost and range. Better than Ratix against humanoids, and interchangeable with him everywhere else that stun is useful.
Slash GavotteLevantine ImpactWhirlwind WaltzSlashing Canon
ChisatoKnuckle- ATK+15% (all)
- Paralysis immune (all/2m)
- AP+100% from normals when 100%HP (all)
- AP-40% at skill chain 3+
- Partywide rush gain after using Rising Dragon
Damage+60% (all/20s)
An oddball with an interesting niche; her skill Rising Dragon uniquely feeds the entire party around 5% rush (varies by character) when she uses it, regardless of whether or not it hits. If she's able to spam it liberally, it makes rushing every <20sec fairly trivial, allowing for rush buffs to be upkept fully. She doesn't contribute much passively and has low damage output, but her rush carries a hefty Damage+60% buff. There are a few points against her: rapid rushes are feasible without her with high hitcount; she needs to be able to melee freely to do her job; and Rising Dragon's rush gain is client sided for everyone individually, so lag can prevent people from receiving rush from her.
Normal>Dragon>Locus>Dragon - AP reduc or seeds required
Normal>Dragon*2 - Rapid rush gain, AP reduc or seeds required
TwisterCrescent LocusPalm of DestructionRising Dragon
Xmas Fidel
Gun- ATK+20% (all)
- AP+100% from normals at 100hit (all)
- ATK Damage+20% at 200hit (all)
- Linear Bomber, Barrage Fire Skill Damage +150,300% at skill chain 3,5
- ATK+15% HIT+10%
Crit Rate+30% AP-30% (30s)
Ranged carry with poverty buffs and good DPS on a safe and mobile kit. Nothing too special at the start of a fight, but his rush buff gives him a long period of increased crit rate and reduced AP cost, and his skills are all quick with infinite range and sideways/backwards movement. Simple, safe, and reliable.
Normal>Linear>Stardust>Linear*2>Barrage Fire*n
Skyline ShootingStardust AimBarrage FireLinear Bomber
AmgrimGreatsword- DEF-30% (all enemies)
- Dead End Dmg+100% during CA
- 15%/3s regen holding CA
- 95/30 Guts
- <10% damage super armor
- ATK+20% HP+15%
Crit Rate+100% (10s)
(No Assist)
Dead Ends things harder than most characters rush for. He needs to CA for full damage, opening himself up to crits, but his combo rotations are the fastest in the game for some of the highest damage/combo in the game as well. 95/30 Guts combined with CA regen offsets his risky playstyle somewhat. Though -DEF isn't substantial, it's an uncommon talent and still provides some degree of party support. Combined with his guaranteed crits post-rush, he's well-equipped for speedrunning endgame content.
Normal>CA Dead End>Knuckle>CA Dead End - Requires 103AP and -5% AP cost
Normal>Knuckle>CA Dead End*2 - Requires 103AP and -5% AP cost; less damage, but may be preferable for boss movement
Storm EdgeDead EndSpinning Back-KnuckleHighwind Slash
Valentine Rena
Knuckle- ATK+40% (all)
- ATK+60% (Attacker,Defender)
- <30% damage super armor during CA (Attacker)
- AP+100% from normals (Attacker)
- Dodge AP-50% (Attacker)
- 70/20 Guts
Single Target Dmg+40% (all/20s)
Highest ATK buff and second highest damage buff in the attacker role, on top of a pile of QoL perks for attackers. Heart Discharge is slow, but tuned appropriately for its level of commitment, and packs 40% of its damage/rush gain into the first three hits. Though most of her perks are limited to Attackers, her full ATK buff is actually melee weapon tied, making her useful for Defenders, 9S, and WPrecis as well.
Crescent LocusPalm of DestructionX-ClawHeart Discharge
Valentine Verda
Arm- Skills apply ATK/INT Damage Taken+15% debuff (10s)
- AP-20% at skill chain 3+ (all)
- ATK Damage+100,200% at skill chain 3,5
- ATK+15%, HIT+10%
ATK/INT Damage Taken+40% (all enemies 20s)
Sort of like a Crowe carry variant; her damage ramps up with longer combos, and she has melee spins that let her circle enemies midcombo.
She's quite versatile, but has issues with skills hitting properly, skills being slow hurting DPS overall, and reliance on long skill combos.
Her ATK/INT Damage Taken debuff used to be unique, but MClair stole the spotlight. Unlike other characters with skill chain ramp-up, her talent is ATK Damage rather than skill damage, meaning it doesn't stack with ATK Damage from characters like Hrist or Mystina. She also suffers from poor rush gain. Due to the uniqueness of her rush debuff, she makes for an excellent assist.
Normal>Field>CA Spin>(Rocket/Field)*n
(C-)Clockwise ArmClockwise ArmRocket PunchMagnetic Field
2BSword- ATK+40% (all)
- ATK+60% when 100%HP (all)
- AP+100% from normals (all)
- Dodge AP-50%
- Dodge AP-100% after perfect dodge (10s)
- Able to airdodge
- Imbue attacks with light/dark
Attribute Damage+70%,50% (self, all/20s)
(No Assist)
The queen of offensive buffing. Carries a hefty partywide +60% ATK, which is cut to +40% if not at full HP, alongside +100% AP on normals and +70%/50% self/all attribute damage on rush. Perfectly timing a dodge gives her free dodges for 10 seconds, and she innately does light/dark damage, which combined with sword's options gives her perfect elemental coverage. Her own damage output is also great.
Normal>Sword 1>Pod 2>Sword 2(>Pod 2>dodge)
Pod 2>whiff Sword 1>Pod 2*n - ranged combo
Sword 1Sword 2Pod 1Pod 2
Sakura Maria
Dual Sword- CA crit penalty nullified
- ATK dmg+40% during CA (Attacker)
- ATK+15,30% at 100,200hit
- AP-40%
- ATK+20% HP+10%
AP-50%, 10%/3s regen (20s)
An absolute behemoth. Combines an unparalleled ATK stat with high-damage, high-speed, low cost skills that get stronger when CA'd, and by far and away the best rush in the game. Even off-element there aren't many characters capable of outdamaging her, though the ones that will also tend to provide more party support than she does.
Normal>CA Sinistral>Zapper>Northern>Zapper>Northern>Zapper

CA Dualsword is usable over Northern if preferred, and recommended for bosses Northern can't get 3+ hits on.
Sinistral EdgeDextral ZapperNorthern CrossDualsword Arts
Maid Nel
Sheath- ATK+20% (all)
- Single Target Dmg+30% when close (all)
- AP-15% when far (all)
- AP+100% from normals when 100%HP (all)
- ATK+20% after Gliding Edge (10s)
- Able to airdodge
- Mirror Slice Dmg+100% during CA
AP-30%, 10%/3s regen (20s)
Odd character with various restricted buffs. Has Hrist's normals, allowing her to start combos properly at long range, and has +100% Mirror Slice damage on CA similar to Arngrim, letting her close in for higher damage output, though Mirror Slice is nowhere near as strong as Dead End. She also provides long range AP reduction and increased AP gain on normals when at full HP, things many party members are likely to appreciate.
Normal>Gliding>Lightning>CA Mirror*n
Gliding EdgeMirror SliceQuick ThrustLightning Slash
Black Commander Albel
"GS Albel"
Greatsword- ATK+45,50,55% at 0,50,100hit (all)
- Additional 20% hit on normals (all)
- Hitcount timer +1s
- 15% drain on normals at 50hit
- Crescent Moon Slash Dmg +100% during CA
DEF-30% (all enemies/20s)
AP-40% (self/20s)
Respectable ATK buffer with lenient hitcount contingency and no role restriction. Though he features a skill with +100% damage when CA'd, his Air Slash is also unexpectedly powerful. Packs other fun bells and whistles, such as 15% drain past 50hit, timer extend, bonus hits on normals for the party for faster HC racking, and -DEF -AP on rush. Unfortunately lacks any form of increased AP gain.
Normal>Void Claw>Air Slash>CA Crescent*n
Normal>Air Slash>Void Claw>Air Slash*n - sometimes higher DPS postrush than above depending on party comp, also not crit vulnerable
Caving SlashAir Slash of FuryVoid ClawCrescent Moon
ZephyrGun- ATK+30% (all)
- ATK+60% (far weps)
- Null HP drain fields (all)
- AP+100% from normals at 100%HP (all)
- Dodge AP-50% (all)
- Dodge AP-100% after perfect dodge (10s)
- Dodge speed+100%
AP-30% Crit Rate+100% (10s)
(No Assist)
Gives +60% ATK at long range, but only +30% up close. Also boasts good damage output and excellent hitcount racking, the latter making him particularly good both for hitcount talent support and accelerating his own otherwise-lacking rush gain. Mobile, ranged skills make him great at kiting and rarely require him to drop a combo, and guaranteed crits postrush allow him to break past the defenses of high level bosses. Not every character synergizes with him, but in a ranged party his ATK+60% is effectively unconditional, making him the ideal ATK buffer.
Normal>Rage Scream>Killer Distance>Rage Scream*n>dodge or Killer Distance - CA the last skill for positioning purposes
Sideways TriggerReverse TriggerKiller DistanceRage Scream
Bridal Reimi
Bow- ATK+40,50,60% at 0,100,150hit (all)
- AP regen+50% (all)
- Rush gauge +20,10% at mission start (self,all)
- Hazy Dance/Chaotic Blossom Dmg+100,200% at skill chain 3,5
- Move speed+30%
- Dodge speed+100%
15%/3s regen (20s/all)
A bow attacker who plays similarly to dual gunners, utilizing skills with jumping and sideways movement. Has hitcount-based ATK buffs like GS Albel, but with a wider variance of 40~60% and steeper requirements - not too big a deal considering her own hitcount racking is much better.
In addition to her high ATK buffing, her rush bestows the party with 15%/3s regen, providing a whopping 90% party heal over its duration, offering much-appreciated role compression.
Normal>Rainstorm>Sparrows>Dance*3 - DPS/Rush
Normal>Sparrows>Rainstorm>Sparrows*4>Dance - Hitcount

Remove Savage Sparrows if leaving her on auto.
RainstormHazy DanceSavage SparrowsChaotic Blossom
Bridal Clair
Dagger- ATK/INT Dmg +20,30,40% at 0,100,200hit (all)
- AP-15% when far (all)
- Able to airdodge
- ATK+20% HIT+10%
ATK+80% (20s)
Hitcount ATK/INT buffs, long range AP reduction, and a potent rush. Her skills leave something to be desired, on the other hand, and the reqs for her buffs are steep for what they provide. Somewhat comparable to a ghetto XFidel; she's safe and mobile at range while attacking, she just lacks the damage output. All her skills are pretty comparable in performance, so you can pick what you want; Mirror Slice and Victory Terror are where her rush gain's at, but aside from Mirror having slightly better damage output everything else is similar.
Normal>Flower>other Flower>whatever you want
Normal>Victory Terror>Flower>whatever you want
Shadow FlowerB.Shadow FlowerMirror SliceVictory Terror
PericciKnuckle- ATK+45% (all)
- CA crit penalty nullified (all)
- ATK Dmg+40% during CA (all)
- AP+100% from normals (all)
- Move speed+30% (all)
- Able to airdodge
- Dodge AP-50%
- AP-30% after perfect dodge (10s)
Crit Rate+50% (all/20s)
Has an interesting mix of CA talents, ATK buffs, and crit on rush, as well as AP reduction after perfect dodge. While ATK+45% looks unappealing, her total buffing is both very high and unconditional. Good damage output as well as rush gain. Note that about half JP Somer-sault's animation time is endlag that can be dodged out of, speeding up her gameplay substantially. Also note that when she CAs to close range from a distance, she moves behind and to the right of the enemy.
Normal>Palm>Axe>Somersault*n>dash after last kick of last Somersault
JP SomersaultMight HammerPalm of DestructionAxe Kick
Summer Maria
Greatsword- ATK+45% (all)
- ATK+60% when close (all)
- 10% drain on normals (all)
- Super armor and damage taken -20% when attacking
- AP-30% Crit Rate+50% at skill chain 3+
AP-60% (20s)
Something like a melee version of Zephyr; close range-biased ATK buff with self crit rate up, though with ranged characters getting +45% she doesn't penalize them anywhere near as hard. Unlike most other recent ATK buffers, she brings party drain instead of any form of AP recovery, which can make her a tad clunky if AP gain it isn't provided elsewhere in the party, but also provides great role compression with ATK buffs and healing in one slot. High rush gain.
Normal>Tailswing>Brandish>Zapper*n - slight DPS loss for more rush gain
Normal>Zapper>Brandish>Zapper*n - 105 AP and AP-5% minimum, slight DPS loss but very high rush gain
Impact BallistaBrandish EdgeTailswing KnuckleGran Aqua Zapper
Summer Ratix
Sheath- ATK+20% (all)
- Stun rate+80% (Attacker, Defender)
- Stun rate+40% (Shooter)
- AP-15% when SRatix is close to target (all)
- ATK+20% HP+10%
ATK+80% (20s)
After leaving stun buffs intact at +40% max for over a year and a half, Tri-Ace decided to introduce SRatix and bump it up to +80% - which sounds huge, but relative to the original Ratix it's about a ~28.6% increase in stun rate. There's also the catch that only Attackers and Defenders gain +80%; Shooters still get +40%, while Casters and Healers get nothing. He also hits quite hard - comparable to GFayt - and reduces party AP costs, making him useful offensively as well.
Normal>Quick Thrust>Air Slash>Seven Star*3>dodge after hit 2 of third Star
Normal>Air Slash>Seven Star>Air Slash>Seven Star*2>dodge after hit 2 of second Star - 104 AP, alt combo if you hate Quick Thrust
Normal>Air Slash>Quick Thrust>Air Slash*3>Seven Star>dodge after hit 2 - 105AP, better rush gain and slightly better DPS but risks losing close range -AP against mobile bosses
Air SlashMirror SliceQuick ThrustSeven Star Double Slash
TikaArm- 90/10 Guts
- 10%/5s regen
- ATK/INT Dmg+30% at skill chain 3+
- ATK+30% (all)
- Damage vs Beasts,Gods+40% (all)
AP-20% Damage Taken-20% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Story freebie, who can currently only be used in story and is limited to LB1. Provides the party ATK+30% and +40% Damage vs Beasts and Gods.
L. Spin ArmRocket PunchHopping DeviceBeam Cage
Bunny Maria
Sword- ATK+20%,10% when 100%,50% HP
- 15% drain when behind enemy
- Dodge AP-80%,50% (self, all)
- AP-30% on perfect dodge (10s)
- AP+100% on normals when 100%HP (all)
- ATK+30%
AP-30% ATK Dmg+40% (20s)
A second Maria carry variant. While CMaria was about hitcount and charge assaults, BMaria is about maintaining full HP and perfect dodges. Her rotations depend heavily on the AP cost reduction from her perfect dodge and rush, but in many cases she can outpace even Arngrim and CMaria without needing to ramp up or worry about the size of the boss. Coming packed with cheaper dodges and increased AP gain for the party, a skilled pilot will make her presence appreciated.
Normal>filler>Twin Zapper>Storm Edge*n
Mirage PenetrateBlast RaiderTwin ZapperStorm Edge
WelchAxe ATK+45,60% at 0,150hit (all)
- DEF-30% when hit by Welch Rock Bomber (10s)
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage taken-40% while attacking
- ALL+20% above 50hit
ATK Dmg+50% (all/20s)
hammers aren't axes tri-ace
Normal>Bomber>Cracker>higher mult S

Spinchop for DPS/faster combos, Hurricane for crowd control/rush gain
Welch HurricaneWelch CrackerWelch Rock BomberWelch Spinchop
Wolf Albel
Axe- ATK+20% (all) [1]
- DEF-20,30% normally, HAlbel HP100% (all enemies) [1]
- +2s hitcount timer (all)
- AP-10,20% at 50,100hit (all)
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage taken-40% when attacking
- ATK+20% HP+10% [4]
AP-40% 10%/3s regen (20s)
Despite his status as a carry, Axebel packs skills that are both weaker and more expensive than the previous Axe 5*, Welch - so much so that even with his higher ATK he doesn't hit as hard as her until his -AP kicks in. If you wanted hitcount emphasis with party -AP, Emmerson, OPrecis, and mjk all do the job better while also providing higher team support. His main selling point is his high damage reduction while attacking, though as an attacker he won't be holding aggro anyway.
Normal>Dragon>Collider>Claw*2 - with -ap
Normal>Dragon>filler>Claw*n - postrush
Gravity ColliderDivine RingDragon HammerDemon Claw Wave
Bandaged Fiore
Knuckle- ATK+45,60% at <100,100%HP (all) [1]
- 10% drain on normals (all)
- 2% drain on skills
- 90/20 Guts
- +100% AP from normals

Single Target Dmg+40% (all/20s)
Hits a middle ground between 2B and SMaria, providing HP-contingent ATK buffs but with a 45% minimum and party drain available to patch it back up. The price she pays for her self-sustainable ATK+60% is low hitcount generation and the worst rush gain of any ATK buffer.

Amusingly hard to kill due to her combination of skill drain and 90/20 guts.
Impulse*n - crowd control
Impulse ForceCrescent LocusX-ClawGigant Fist
ArumatScythe- Imbue attacks with Fire and Wind
- ATK Damage +50% when close (Attackers)
- Nullify CA crit penalty
- Begin combos at 200% cancel when starting with CA
- +100% AP regen
- 100% AP recovery on perfect dodge
- ATK+30% [4]
Aerial Gallows

AP-30% Attribute Dmg+50% (20s)
CA Decapitation > Bloodstorm*n
Unholy MaelstromPurgatory PalmBloodstorm RevolutionDecapitation
CaleenScythe- ATK+40,55,70% at 0,100,250hit (all) [1]
- AP-10,20,40% at 100,200,400hit (all)
- Additional 5% damage hits on skills (all)
- Able to airdodge
- 100% AP recovery on perfect dodge
- ALL+20% at 100hit [3]
Wailing Black Wings

Crit Rate/Damage+30% (all/20s)
At first glance, you'll notice Caleen powercreeps both party ATK buffs and party AP reduction by a significant amount. That's only where the fun starts. Despite high hitcount requirements, she both has excellent hitcount racking on her own, and effectively doubles the whole party's hitcount racking by adding additional hits to all skills. The additional hits on skills talent is insane: 150hit is free for maxed rush gain, making <20sec rush rotations effortless; it's effectively a straight x1.05 multiplier outside of damage buffs, which is better than it sounds considering diminishing returns on +damage stacking; and despite being 5% power, the additional hits contribute the same amount to stun as the base hits do, both effectively doubling the party's stun rate and stacking with other stun rate increases. If that wasn't enough, she also hits the hardest out of all ATK buffers and brings crit buffs with on her rush, effectively condensing all the buffs that matter for high level content in one party slot that doesn't compromise on any of them. Even off-element, there's no reason not to bring her. Do note though that while she's an offensive juggernaut, she doesn't have any form of healing or increased AP gain like most ATK buffers before her. There's been increased availability for these things in different roles lately, but it's something to keep in mind.
L Normal>Purgatory>Wings>Backspin*n - works with S normal after AP reduc kicks in
L Normal>Wings>Maelstrom>Backspin*n - alt version
S Normal>Backspin>Wings>Backspin - close starter, requires AP seeds and -5% AP
Unholy MaelstromPurgatory PalmWings of DeprivationBackspin Blade
Idol Reimi
Dual Sword- ATK+40,65% normally, not behind (all) [1]
- +150,100% AP recovery from normals (self,all)
- Damage Taken -30% when attacking
- Able to airdodge
- Crit Rate+50,100% at skill chain 3,5
- AP+20
Blue Star Serenade

Clear all status effects (all)
AP-80% (8s)
(Assist: 5s)
More or less Girl Crowe, in that she's a dualsword ATK buffer who favors long skill chains and boasts a similar rush buff. Her upfront ATK+65% is rather nice, though depending on the fight or your character's rush animation you may not like the backhit penalty, but it has no rampup or role restriction and doesn't demand perfect play to maintain a buff that tops every ATK buffer sans Caleen.
Normal>filler 1>filler 2>filler 1>Starry*2 - prerush
Normal>filler 1>filler 2>Starry*7 - postrush
Fillers are up to preference. Author's choice is Dextral+Stinger, but Mistral+Dextral may be preferable for more flexible movement.
Mistral SlashDextral ZapperStinger EdgeStarry Rain

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