Destiny Child Tier List - Global

This is the Destiny Child Tier List – Global. The list bases on the analysis, calculation, and experiences of Destiny Child players within the community. In this tier list, we separate into character classes for easier navigation and reference. We don’t guarantee that the character ranks in the tier list are always accurate. Because even though going through deep analysis and calculation, the assessment of each character always subjectively bases on community opinions. This Destiny Child tier list also uses some points and assessments from players who have been playing Destiny Child long before the international release. So, in the meantime, this tier list can reflect quite accurately the ranks of each character.

This Destiny Child tier list is separated into 5 sections as 5 classes in the game: Attackers, Buffers (Supporters), Debuffers, Healers, and Tanks. Make sure you use the link to each class’s table in this tier list for easier navigation and reference.

As a player, you can always choose to follow the tier list for better gaming experience, especially, if you want to have some good characters and team combination at the start of the game. Again, please do not take this list as absolute when playing. Playing is for fun and enjoying.

This Destiny Child tier list will be constantly updating to match with the current situation of the game. Please do note that, do not play with all depends on the tier list. Play with what make you feel good. 🙂 That’s the best!

We also provide 2 types of Destiny Child tier list:

  • The short & simple version: this version is taken from the details tier list table. We use only the overall Tier point, and cover up to Tier 7. For, any character lower than Tier 7, please the full version.
  • The full version: This version will be providing you with as many details about tier list of each specific roles as possible.

Update: February 13, 2019

Useful resources

Short and simple Destiny Child Tier List

Tier 10 (highest rank)

  • Attackers: Eve
  • Buffers (or Supporters): Chang’e
  • Debuffers: N/A
  • Healers: Maat
  • Tanks: N/A

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Tier 9

  • Attackers: Frey
  • Buffers (or Supporters): Leda, Pantheon
  • Debuffers: N/A
  • Healers: Syrinx
  • Tanks: Dana, Mars

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Tier 8

  • Attackers: Artemis, Elysion, Mafdet, Medb, Krampus, Guardian Chang’e, Hestia, Morrigan, Victorix, Yuna, Charlotte, Amor, Thanatos, Siren, Neith, Maiden Detective
  • Buffers (or Supporters): Melpomene, Erato, Naias, Myrina
  • Debuffers: Jupiter, Persephone, Midas
  • Healers: N/A
  • Tanks: N/A

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Tier 7

  • Attackers: Titania, Danu, Tisiphone, Inanna, Abaddon, Sonnet, Elizabeth, Frey, Bastet, Korra
  • Buffers (or Supporters): Hermes, Aria, Hatsune Miku, Epona
  • Debuffers: Lan Fei, Freesia, Nirrti, Neamhain
  • Healers: Selene, Daphne, Merlin
  • Tanks: Daoine Sidhe

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Full Destiny Child Tier List

Note to players who use the Destiny Child Tier List

  • Use the SEARCH function either on your browser or at the table will help you A LOT!
  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always priotize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of tier list is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.

Also, we cover some of very basic things that you should prioritize as a new player (or even an experienced player) for Destiny Child game. You can check below, after Destiny Child tier list (or click the link below):

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Details tier list table (with sorting)

Destiny Child Tier List: Attackers


Guardian Chang'e5-starsGrass88888
Maiden Detective4-starsWater7.57788

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Destiny Child Tier List: Buffers (Supporters)


Hatsune Miku5-starsWater6.756498
Red Nose4-starsGrass55555

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Destiny Child Tier List: Debuffers


Lan Fei5-starsDark7.258975

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Destiny Child Tier List: Healers


Snow Miku5-starsWater67683

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Destiny Child Tier List: Tanks


Daoine Sidhe5-starsFire7.2564109
El Dorado4-starsFire5.56664
Old Skull4-starsDark33333

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General priorities guide for Destiny Child players

Priorities as a new player

  • Do the Devil Fiesta event. This is a limited time event for new players which is active for only the first 7 days after starting the game. Upon completion, this will give you a 5-stars that isn’t amazing but that’s still a 5-stars! Just by playing the game, you are going to do a good 70% of it.
  • All tasks carry over each day, so it is possible to complete several sections early. Just remember to claim rewards. The task list changes every few months or so.
  • Farm the story mode shop (1-stars and 2-stars evolution gems). These gems are a pain to get. At the start you won’t have many Dungeon coins, stopping you from buying a lot. But keep in mind that you should check it fairly often as you level or complete missions and earn coins.
  • Try to complete each ongoing event. They generally hold very good rewards that will give you a good boost.
  • Do your daily missions. These hold a good chunk of gems and gold, and reward a blood gem on completion of the full set. Start hoarding these early.
  • Focus on your best attacker first. Attackers will give you the most noticeable improvement and trivialize all the early game.
  • Try to do what you can. Learn what raids you can or cannot do, how many PVP dailies you can clear, how far you can push the Lab (Re:birth Labyrinth), how far you can go in the Underground, etc. You won’t be able to do all of these efficiently as a new player but still, try to do a portion of each.
  • Try to use exploration. It gives a little experience and gives a few evolution gems, but that’s still something when you aren’t able to play.

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Raiding for new players


Note that raid is content that can give you an enormous boost, especially as a new player. You must be at least level 15 to participate or summon them.

Raids are a recurring thing in Destiny Child. There are On-season and Off-season raids. On-seasons raids are usually based around a newly released child. The range of level varies from level 1 to level 50. Off-season raids get every previous raid available, with the same range of levels.

Something important that I want to point out is that there is a reason they are called raids. I often see new players complain or feeling down that they cannot do their raid solo. The logic of a raid is to get help for those and share the potential rewards with other players. They destroy your raid for quick and easy rewards, and you try to leech theirs to get some as well.

The basic rules of off-season raid rewards

  1. Must deal at least 2% of boss HP damage to receive rewards. Founders are exempt from this requirement.
  2. Top damage (Rank 1) and raid founder receive the same highest chance to receive rewards.

As such, it is beneficial for you to share your raid with other stronger players. Since it is unlikely to reach top damage at the start, settle for fulfilling the minimum requirements and let others do the rest. There are channels for raids on the discord server where you can seek help.

Try also to focus on raids which have the 200% damage up. It will make your life easier.

Reaching 2% isn’t generally the issue. Your survivability will most likely be. Try to find a team composition that’s solid enough to survive the boss’s Drive skill. Attaining fever usually means that you will be doing your 2%.

Try different raids in off-seasons. Some are really easy to do, where the boss does little damage and basically stays there as a punching bag. Rewards in off-season are raid chests. Those can contain a 5-stars child or a 5-stars A/B rank equipment making them very valuable for a long time. Even I still benefit from 5-stars B equipment. On top of that, they can drop 5-stars accessories which are the hardest to farm.

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A couple of things that make your life as an early raider easier

  • Seek Immortality and Invincibility effects. Use them immediately before the drive of the boss hits you. Depending on who the boss is, the boss drive can hit 3 to 5 childs in your party. Lots of team buffs affect 2 to 4 childs, making you live though one more drive of the boss.

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 1Immortal – When you take a killing blow, HP will remain at 1

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 2

Invincible – Ignore and remove all harmful effects

  • Note that Invincibility is a really strong ability. Timed well, it allows you to ignore 100% of the damage taken. It comes with stacks: 1 (Medusa slide) to 5 (Syrinx slide).
  • Play yourself. There isn’t any way around it, you will need to turn off the auto skill. AI randomly using skills is definitely no good here.
  • Watch for text bubbles. I’m not 100% certain if bosses that have additional childs with them have these, but the ones who are alone do. These bubbles announce an upcoming action (Tap, Slide, Drive). Watch out when the boss is about 90+% of their drive gauge as when they take an action, they might drive you right after that.
  • Dealing with the healers. There is one raid in particular that comes to mind, Anemone raid, level 10-19 water. One of the childs with the boss can effectively heal 30% of the total HP of the boss. If you notice it going off as a new player click on pause right away and quit. The game will still register the damage that you have done so far and that will prevent the healer to outheal all the damages that you have done. Note that she will heal through all the fight but unless you are starting to see crazy heal-over-time (HoT) around 13k+ stay in game.
  • Watch out when you are about to fever, especially on raids that have poison, blind, or evasion:

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 3

Poison – every action does poison damage

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 4

Blindness – attacks are more likely to miss. LIKE A LOT (80%~)

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 9
Evasion – increased chance of not taking hits

  • If you are under Poison effect you will take a tick of its damage every time you tap. This does not apply to other damage-over-time (DoT)
  • For blindness, you will lose a big chunk of damage because of it. Cleanse your attacker, or wait for it to fade. As for evasion, it’s the raid boss that you have to watch for this effect. Though I’m not 100% certain if any boss has the ability.
  • Understand what bosses do and adapt. Like I said previously, Invincibility and Immortality are going to help you a lot. But some bosses will have other effects that can kill without needing to reach drive, such as bleed, poison, decomposition, damage reflect, and confusion.

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 5

Bleed – continuous damage, can be shortened

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 6

Decomposition – similar to bleed but cannot be shortened

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 7

Reflect – a portion of damage taken is returned to attacker

Destiny Child Tier List - Global 8

Confuse – skill targets switched; attacks go to own team, buffs go to opposite team. Drives are not affected by confuse.

  • Lastly, and probably most importantly, make use of weakness damage. You should bring an attacker that will do weakness damage if possible, otherwise your strongest attacker (as long as it is not weak to the boss’s element). For instance, my Inanna level 60+6 (dark) does less damage than my Siren level 50+1 (forest) on water raid. So keep your attackers even if they aren’t the best.

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Special credit:

  • Guide: Bre3zeR & Ffion


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