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This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Healer Characters/Units. This list is being updated accordingly to the game progress in both GL and JP version. However, the current meta of JP is far from GL version. So, this list will include lots of characters/units that haven’t appeared yet in GL version. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

If you want to take a look at the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Healer Characters/Units for GL version with only current released units, please check the links at the end.

Note to players:

  • Awakening_10 Signifies an Awakened character. Awakening is NOT a system present in Star Ocean: Anamnesis Global version, and likely won’t be for a year+. Unawakened characters are tiered separately from their awakened counterparts.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Healer List is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
Staff- INT+40% HIT+10% GRD+10% HP+20%
- Cast time-40%
- 80/10 Guts
- Status immune (3m)
- 5%/3s regen (all)
- ATK Dmg+40% (all)
- AP-20%
- Heraldry Damage+50% at skill chain 3+
Light, Heraldry
Revive all Attackers and Defenders with 1HP
(Assist: Changed to 30%/4s regen all/10s)
Pre-awakening, she's nothing more than a healbot. Post-awakening...healbotting is still what she's actively doing, but she's received decent party buffing for ATK-based parties, and now also amazingly boasts a revive for Attackers/Defenders on her rush without having her high rush gain compromised. Also having passive Guts on top of this, she greatly exceeds Eve in both offensive and defensive support in most cases.
Her own damage output is still effectively nothing, though.
(Normal>)Fairy Star*2
Normal>Shiny Lancer>Sunshine>Shiny Lancer - Element Burst contribution
Shiny LancerEX HealingSunshineFairy Star
Staff- Attribute Damage+30% (all)
- Crit Dmg+20% at 100%HP (all)
- Damage Taken-30%
- AP-25%
- 5%/3s regen (all)
- 80/10 Guts (all)
- Seal immune (3m)
Earth, Heraldry
80% recovery, crit+50% (all/20s)
(Assist: 30% recovery)
A passive healer, in multiple senses of the term; she has the worst offensive skillset in the game, but she passively increases both attribute and critical damage for the party, in addition to unconditional 80/10 Guts and 5%/3s regen. Her rush provides an instant heal and +50% crit rate, which synergizes well with her new awakening talents, and she's the only ace Healer with status clearing. In short, she boosts damage output a lot and makes dying nearly impossible just by existing.
(Normal>)Fairy Star*2
HealingPressRock RainFairy StarCure Condition
RenaKnuckle- 10%/5s regen (close weps)
- Cast time-80%
- AP-15%
- 90/10 Guts
Crit+60% (close weps/20s)
Lightspeed casting, Angel Feather, and Guts. It's hard for her to die, and with her fast heals she also has no issue patching up non-fatal damage for the rest of the party. The best healer for purely healing, and also supplies a nice set of buffs between her rush and Angel Feather.
Fairy Light*2
Shiny LancerAngel FeatherFairy LightRay
Staff- INT+20% (all)
- Rush Dmg+30% (all)
- 10%/3s regen
- Rush gauge size-40%
- AP-25%
- Cast time-40%
- Super armor while casting
Revive fallen allies with 1HP
INT+100% (20s)
(Assist: No revive)
Rush damage/INT buffs, paired with a 1HP revive on her rush - the only one in the game. Her role is both unique and potent, but there's a conundrum in that higher difficulty fights where revives would be useful also have short enrage timers. Combined with Guts support however, she can extend fights long past that threshold. Useless unawakened due to horrid rush gain; her rush gain is still bottom of the barrel post-awakening, but it's workable. Don't try to use her for damage; even postrush she isn't doing anything noteworthy. Excellent assist for caster carries.
Normal>Comet*3 - rush gain, add heals as needed.
Shiny Lancer*n - rush gain vs crowds
Shiny LancerSummon CometFairy LightSunshine
SarahStaff- AP regen+30% at long range (all)
- 5%/5s regen (far weps)
- Poison/Paralysis immune (all/90s)
- 80/10 Guts
Wind, Heraldry
70% heal (all)
(Assist: 30% heal)
Non-ace with Angel Feather, passive party regen, Guts, and poison/paralysis immunity. Slow casting is unfortunately a crippling downfall; she has a hard time actually working Angel Feather into her rotation without falling behind in rush gain, and she can fail to get heals out when allies need them most. Still, she packs a decent amount of perks into a non-ace package, so she isn't the worst investment.
Normal>dodge - rush gain, heal and buff as needed
Normal>Tornado*2 - rush gain vs large enemies or crowds
Fairy LightWind CutterAngel FeatherTornado
Staff- AP regen+50,100% at <100, 100%HP (all)
- 10%/5s regen (all)
- Damage taken-20% when targeted (all)
- Nullify move/AP recovery slowdown fields (self,far weps)
- Cast time-80%
- AP-20%
- While casting, super armor and Damage Taken-30%
- Party gains 7~8 AP when Relia uses heraldry
- If awk2+ Relia's at 100% HP, Fairy Light's buff increased to ATK+30%
- If awk5+ Relia's at 100% HP, Wise's buff increased to INT+35% ATK Damage Taken-25%
Ice, Heraldry
Single Target Dmg+30%, 15%/3s
regen (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Packs a slew of offensive and defensive buffs in addition to performing standard healer duties. There's not a lot to add beyond what's already on the left; she makes the party bulky enough to adequately forego Defender stacking solo, and she also supplies the highest class of AP regen available on top of stacking ATK+INT buffs, which contribute enough to make up for not having three dedicated attackers.
Normal>(Fairy Light/Aurora Rings)
Fairy LightShiny LancerWiseAurora Rings
Summer Sophia
Orb- INT+35%
- Partywide AP recovery after offensive Heraldry
- AP-40% at skill chain 3+
- INT Dmg+40% at skill chain 3+
- ATK/INT Dmg+20% (all)
- Nullify move speed reduction fields (self,close weps)
- Cast time-30%
- AP-10%
Thunder, Heraldry
50% heal, INT+40% (all/20s)
(Assist: 30% heal)
Fast heals, modest party buffing, feeds the party AP when using offensive spells, and has good damage output by healer standards. Her total party buffing is fairly low however, as is her rush gain if she isn't able to spam Thunderstruck freely.
Normal>Thunderstruck>Blast>Thunderstruck*n - Damage focused
Normal>Thunderstruck>Fairy Light>Thunderstruck(>Fairy Light) - Healing + rush gain focused
Normal>Fairy>Flare>Thunderstruck*n - combo utilizing Thunder Flare
Thunder FlareLightning BlastFairy LightThunderstruck
FinaBow- Partywide AP gain after using offensive skills
- Nullify HP degen fields (self, far weps)
- Cast time-60%
- Super armor while casting
- AP+100% from normals
70% heal, Crit+30% (all/20s)
(No Assist)
Runs a kit similar to Rena, with super armor while casting. Her actual cast speed is closer to Relia, due to her weapon choice. Has an INT-based bow skill however, which is a more functional attack than other healers get and is excellent for rush gain. Feeds the party AP when using offensive skills. Allegedly has high aggro pull due to her weapon type.
Normal>Aim*4 - Rush gain
AimBright ShowerCuragaCheer
Xmas Precis
Staff- Cast time-60% (all)
- Hitcount timer +2s (all)
- Dodge AP-50% (all)
- Move speed+30% (all)
- Partywide AP gain after offensive Heraldry
- Crit rate/dmg+20,30% at 50,100 hit (all)
Light, Heraldry
15%/3s regen, Crit+30% (all/20s)
Has a large spread of non-standard buffs: she cuts cast times, buffs crit rate/damage passively, makes everyone faster, and feeds the party tons of AP. Her cast time reduction is particularly notable for orb/tome characters who have no passive reduction of their own; Leon and Lucifer in particular highly appreciate her presence.
Fairy LightShiny LancerAurora RingsHoly Strike
Valentine Welch
Book- Damage Taken+30% when enemy <50%HP (all enemies)
- ATK/INT Dmg+10,25% normally, at skill chain 3+ (all)
- AP-20%
- Super armor while casting
- INT+15% HP+10%
Earth, Heraldry
70% heal (all) DEF-40% (all enemies/20s)
(Assist: 30% heal)
Carries some oddball (de)buffs. Hits hard by healer standards, but her damage is still well below what non-healers can deal. Though she has no cast time reduction, tome casting combined with naturally fast offensive spells let her churn out spells with ease. Her and SLenneth are notably the only two sources of the +30% Damage Taken debuff, though VWelch only provides this when enemies fall below half health.
Fairy LightEarth GlaivePressGluttony Bog
Youth Meracle
"JK Meracle"
Knuckle- ATK/INT Dmg+30% (all)
- Super armor while casting (all)
- AP-20% when JKmya is close (all)
- AP+100% from normals
- Gain 100% AP after perfect dodge
- Cast time-80%
- 90/10 Guts
Attribute Damage+50% (all/20s)
A healer who is rewarded handsomely for playing in close range; she has a powerful variant of Crescent Locus, the entire party gains -20% AP when she's in close range, her normals reward bonus AP, and like A2 she gets a full AP refill on perfect dodge. She also boasts a generous 90/10 Guts along with fast casting to cheat death if you do slip up at facehugging. Though she still unfortunately has healer stats, she has both the highest practical DPS among them and is able to utilize multiple elements thanks to her weapon type, and she carries the highest total damage buffing along with it.
Normal>Crescent>Buzz>Crescent*n - DPS
Normal>(Crescent*2 + Buzz + Fairy) - heal rotation, order as needed
Crescent LocusWind CutterFairy LightStorm Buzz
Summer Millie
Book- 90/30 Guts (self, close weps)
- Attribute dmg+20,30% normally, 100%HP (all)
- Partywide AP recovery after offensive heraldry
- Cast time-40%
- AP-40% at skill chain 3+
Ice, Heraldry
50% heal, ATK/INT Dmg+30% (all/20s)
(Assist: 30% heal)
Fastest casting of any healer to date, combined with 90/30 Guts for herself and all close range weapon users, party AP feeding via offensive spells, the strongest spell list among healers, and high rush gain. Her direct party buffing is a bit half-baked compared to other recent healers, but it's difficult to quantify the value of AP generation, and like her original awakened version she's an excellent pick for survival.
Normal>Hydro>Freeze>Hydro*n - Damage
Normal>Freeze>Fairy>Freeze*n - AP feeding
Normal>Fairy>Deep Freeze>Fairy*n - no dying allowed
Deep FreezeIce NeedlesFairy LightHydro Billow
TikaArm- 90/10 Guts
- 10%/5s regen
- ATK/INT Dmg+30% at skill chain 3+
- Damage Taken+10% (all enemies)
- Damage vs birds,demons+30% (all)
AP-20% Damage Taken-20% (all/20s)
(Assist: 10s)
Story freebie, who can currently only be used in story and is limited to LB1. Debuffs all enemies with +10% Damage Taken, and provides the party +40% damage vs birds and demons.
Fairy LightWind CutterTornadoStream Sphere
Bunny Mirage
Bow- Damage Taken-15% (all)
- Damage Taken-30%
- Damage Taken-50% below 50% HP
- Crit+25% (all)
- Crit Dmg+40% when not in front of target (all)
- 100%AP recovery after perfect dodge (all)
- Cast time-60%
- Dodge speed+100%
- Move speed+30%
- Invincible after dodge (0.5s/all)
- HP+40%
80% Heal, Crit+50% (all/20s)
(Assist: 30% Heal)
An incredibly tanky healer who both reduces damage taken and increases crit rate passively. Though her mults may look enticing, bows don't offer the same selfish talents as standard caster weapons, and her low INT and high AP costs get in the way of actual damage dealing.
Technically has full elemental coverage due to bows, but her main damage comes from a wind spell, so she loses appeal in other elements.
Interestingly she offers the party invincibility for half a second on dodges - this only really covers the skid afterward, but can provide a safety net when evading fullscreen attacks or allow you to dash into attacks for rush gain.
Normal>Cyclone>Full Moon>Cyclone
Fairy StarCrescent MoonFull MoonCyclone Bit

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