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This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Healer Characters/Units which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version. You can combine with the updated list from Japanese version if you want to plan ahead for your party. The JP list has also been being edited to match with GL releases. If you want to check the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Healer Characters/Units for JP version for your future plans and contents, please check the links at the end.

You can use both lists as your reference and plans for future contents. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always priotize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Healer List (GL version) is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
 NameWeaponPre-Rush Buffs Post-Rush BuffsDescription


INT +30% (Self)
Cast time -30% (Self)
80% Guts at 10% or higher hp (Self)
2000% - Light

30% Max HP/4 s (20s)
The only healer with zero passive benefits to the party, offensively or defensively; she's strictly a healslave. Being a one-trick-pony tends to mean she isn't an attractive long-term choice. She does, however, boast incredibly potent party regen via her rush and high rush gain, making her a decent option for survival and particularly solo content so long as you can afford the loss in firepower.
Normal>Fairy Star
Normal>Radiant>Sunflare>Radiant - Element Burst contribution
Normal>Sunflare>Radiant>Sunflare - -5% AP, "damage", low rush gain
Fairy Star (70)Radiant Lancer (27)Sunflare (42)


Ele. Damage Buffer

Crit Buffer

+30% Elemental Damage
- 30% Damage Taken (Self)
- 20% AP Cost (Self)
2000% - Earth

+50% Crit (20s)
80% Heal (Instant)
The go-to healer for providing DPS without actually being a DPS character. Millie provides a 30% increase in elemental damage and a +50% crit buff upon rush. However, it should be noted that elemental damage does not stack with specific elemental damage buffs, such as Lightning Wand's +15% lightning damage).
Normal>Fairy Star - The correct choice for healing and rush gain
Fairy Star (70)


- 20% ATK Damage Taken
Heals 3% Max HP /3s (Self)
100% Heal (Instant)Don't discount Hana just because she's a 4* base. She brings ATK Damage Taken - 20% to the party passively, which can help in the absence of a Clair, and her rush is a full HP restore for the entire party. Miki does trump Hana in damage, rush gain and healing throughput, but Hana is easily limit broken as a converse. If you didn't pull Millie or Miki, Hana is a great budget choice.
Normal>Fairy Light - Standard Healing
Fairy Light (60)Tornado (35)Blast Hurricane (42)

Summer Sophia

Hitcount Racker

ATK/INT Damage Buffer

AP Feeding

+20% INT & Recover allies AP when using Offensive Heraldry (Self)
- 40% AP Cost & +30% INT Damage when Skill Chain 3 or above (Self)
- 15% Cast Time & - 10% AP Cost (Self)
+20% ATK & INT Damage (All)
Nullify "Movement Speed Decrease" Effect (Self, Close-Weapon)
3000% - Thunder

50% Heal (Instant)
+40% INT (20s)
After managing to avoid the nerf hammer almost entirely, sSophia boasts an incredibly useful kit. She is able to feed AP to her party as she casts her damage spells, with her -ap costs she is actually able to spam a fair bit. She is great for hitcount generation, which really helps out her sluggish rush gain, and also helps out units like sMyuria, being able to get to 100+ hitcount very fast. Her actual damage itself is quite high as well, and will only get higher when her gacha weapon comes out. She can fit in pretty much every party, she especially syncs well with caster parties due to her INT post rush buff, however her unique buff also allows her to help out any party composition. Don't let her role fool you, she is very offensive for a healer, and a very good unit overall.
Normal > L- Strike > L- Wave > L- Strike*n - General combo [2-3 AP seeds needed]
Normal > L- Strike > Faerie Light Wave > L- Strike*n - No AP seeds combo
Lightning Wave (20)Faerie Light Wave (30)Lightning Strike (47)


Stat Buffer

Heals 10% HP/ 5 s (Close Range Weapons)
- 80% Cast Time (Self)
- 15% AP Cost
90% Guts at 10% HP
2500% - Light

+60% Crit Rate (Close Range Weapons)
A buff-oriented healer suited for melee parties like her SO2 cohorts. Extremely fast casts, amazing Guts percentage and Angel Feather (20% buff to all stats). Notable for the fact that Angel Feather buffs stack with all other buffs (additively in battle with stuff like Fidel [Ex: 40 + 20% after AF = 60% in battle ATK]). If you want a healer who provides good party buffing for melee and is hardy as all hell, Rena's your girl. She is a fist user, so be careful with your positioning. Her rush gain is notably a bit slow, and does require her to hit her damage spell or suffer by spamming heal.
Angel Feather (20 s) - 20% buff all stats - Remember this needs to be re-applied occasionally

Faerie Light *n
Lancer > Faerie > Lancer (Normal if close, but probably best not to be close)
Angel FeatherFaerie LightRadiant Lancer

Oracle Nel

Damage +15% (All)

Movement Speed increase (Self)

Repel +1
50% HP Recovery

+30% Damage
Free event unit, not very good, however she is free to MLB through achievements.
Normal > Needles > Freeze > Needles*n [spam this until no AP] - Consistent DPS
Normal > Freeze > Needles > Freeze - DPS during break, slow bosses
Light*n [spam when needed] - Healing
Ice Needles (20)HealingDeep Freeze (35)Faerie Light (60)

Holiday Precis
Staff-60% Cast Time (Party)

Hitcount Timer +2s (Party)

-50% AP on Dodge (Party)

+30% Movement Speed (Party)

AP Gain after using Offensive Symbology (Party)

+20% / 30% Crit DMG at 50, 100+ HC (Party)
Magical Present

RCV 15% HP / 3s | +30% Crit Rate (Party / 20s)
Comes with a number of uncommon buffs, though unfortunately thanks to 9S's existence, her mobility is not absolutely unique anymore. That said, she cuts cast time for everyone, including herself, at even a higher rate than most self-buffs. AP battery with crit rate/damage buffing, overall a very reasonable filler for anyone wanting to play a Healer or missed / doesn't like SSophia. Postrush she gives her crit rate buff without the hitcount, and regen for Nier comps helps with not needing to actively sustain them.
Normal > Rays > Lancer > Rays*n - Must cast before normal attack hits
Sacred Fairy Light (60)Sacred Lancer (19)Sacred Rings (22)Prismatic Rays (33)

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Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit

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