Every new player will want to reroll for good units at the start. However, rerolling by hand is so much hassle and painful! XD Therefore, This is a Destiny Child Reroll Macro Guide for new players, especially those who want to do mass reroll on Android emulator.

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Destiny Child Reroll Macro Guide

Basic settings for Nox


1. Make sure your resolution is set like this

2. Download the reroll macro: HERE

3. Import the macros using the Macro Recorder (you don’t need to extract the 7z, just import that file)

4. Have the game linked to Google Play

5. Delete the Play Profile data if any exists (should look like the picture below when you go to delete the data)

6. Finally, you should be on the title screen with the words Tap to Start on the bottom right

destiny child reroll macro guide 4

How to use this macro


1. There will be four macros: TapToStartv2, InTheCity, 2nd Ticket, 3rd Ticket

2. The first step will be to hit play on the macro titled TapToStartv2 when you are on the title screen. This macro will enter your nickname (can be changed once you are finished rerolling) and complete the prologue. You will be on this screen once the macro is finished running.

3. Once you are on the screen above, play the InTheCity macro. This will complete the tutorial and will summon your first unit.


4. When you see the macro end and the screen above, play the macro labeled “2nd Ticket”. This macro will use the ticket that is in your mailbox. This macro may not work if contents in the mailbox change. You will be on the confirm screen for the second unit after this macro is done.

5. From this point on, if you do not like either of the first two units, just close the game and wipe the Play Profile data. If you obtain one of the three Holy Trinity units(Chang’e, Maat, or Dana), then I recommend running the macro labeled “3rd Ticket”. This macro will complete your step tutorial and summon your third and final unit.

6. If you wish to reroll after this point, you must wipe your Google Play Profile data.

7. After you delete your profile data, rinse and repeat. Good Luck!

Tips & Tricks for the Destiny Child Reroll Macro Guide

  • Provided that your computer is good enough, you can use Nox’s Synchronize Operation (highlighted in yellow) to run multiple instances at the same time. In order to do this, however, you must have a unique Google Play Profile for each device you are rolling with.

  • The best units to reroll for are Chang’e, Dana, and Maat. If you obtain two of the three listed, you can use the Share Gacha website to obtain the one that you do not own. https://global.destiny-child.com/event/sharegacha
  • To reroll on the Share Gacha, you must link your facebook(not to the game, just on the website). Roll up to three times and pick the Child that you want. If you do not get the one you do not want, you have to hit the share button to obtain three more chance. You don’t have to actually share on facebook, just clicking on the share button that opens the pop-up to facebook is enough, just close the window after.

Join this Destiny Child Facebook Group for tips & discussions with other players! 😉 

Special credit:

  • The Pork Meister#9054 (Discord)



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