Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Defender List

This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Defender Characters/Units. This list is being updated accordingly to the game progress in both GL and JP version. However, the current meta of JP is far from GL version. So, this list will include lots of characters/units that haven’t appeared yet in GL version. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

If you want to take a look at the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Defender Characters/Units for GL version with only current released units, please check the links at the end.

Note to players:

  • Awakening_10 Signifies an Awakened character. Awakening is NOT a system present in Star Ocean: Anamnesis Global version, and likely won’t be for a year+. Unawakened characters are tiered separately from their awakened counterparts.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Defender List is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
Sheath- Damage+20% (all)
- DEF+70% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <30% HP (all)
- 80/10 Guts
- 80/10 Guts if awk4+ Victor has aggro (all)
- CA crit penalty nullified (all)
- Immune to crits and freeze
- 15% drain on normals
- Aggro+3
- ATK+20% DEF+10% GRD+15% HP+10%
Damage Taken-50% (all/20s)
Unawakened, he's more passive than a number of healers, existing mainly to spam Bloodstorm so he can use his rush to halve damage to the party. Awakening hasn't helped his offensive buffing notably, but his own damage output actually exists now, he has a cheap filler so reaching 300% isn't a chore, and his defensive buffing has gotten even better by making himself immune to crits, providing the party guts when he's pulling aggro, and removing the CA crit penalty. He's still comparatively passive, but if the rest of the party can provide the necessary firepower, he makes surviving trivial.
Normal>Bloodstorm>Double Slash>Bloodstorm
Normal>Dragon>Bloodstorm>Dragon - Large enemies

Spam Bloodstorm if either unawakened or trying to fill rush
Mirror SliceVampiric FlashBloodstorm RevolutionDragon RoarDouble Slash
Sheath- DEF+25% (all)
- ATK Dmg Taken-25% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <30% HP (close weps)
- Damage+40% (Attacker, Defender)
- Aggro+3
- ATK+50% DEF+20%
- 5%HP/1sec regen holding CA
AP-50% (20s)
An interesting character; he boasts excellent personal stats as well as defensive party talents, but attackers and defenders are the only roles that properly benefit from him, and he buffs Damage like a shooter. His restrictions can make him awkward for random queues, but he's a welcome addition to parties tailored for him, and particularly pulls his weight well in solo content. Infamous for pushing enemies and disrupting parties; this is only an issue with his close range skills however, and his far skills are better in general anyway.
Normal>Double Slash>Air Slash>Dragon*n - Large enemies
Air Slash>Dragon Roar>Air Slash>Dragon Roar*n - Ranged
Double SlashAir SlashDragon RoarDiabolic EdgeDouble Slash of Fury
Sword- ATK+25% (all)
- Single target dmg+15% (all)
- HP+50% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <25% HP (all)
- Able to airdodge
- CA crit penalty nullified
- AP-20% Crit+30% when skill chain 3+
Attribute dmg+50% (all/20s)
Has a wide spread of varied buffs, in addition to boasting the largest HP buff available. Unfortunately, everything aside from his HP and rush buffs is watered down even post-awakening, and his damage output is rather low, making him rather half-baked. He's good for making the party bulky, but you'd get more mileage out of characters like GFayt or other awakened Defenders paired with a proper ATK buffer.
Normal>Grand Zapper>Twin Zapper>Raging Strike*2
Normal>Raging>Grand Zapper>Raging - Unawakened
Aero SmashGran ZapperCyclone BladeRaging StrikeTwin Zapper
Summer Myuria
Sheath- HP+20% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- INT Damage Taken-20% (all)
- Rush Gauge Size -30%
- ATK+60% AP-20% with aggro
- Single target dmg+30% stun+15% without aggro (all)
AP-40% 15%/3s regen (20s)
An offensively-inclined defender that gets stronger when pulling aggro, while making the rest of the party stronger when they aren't. Her kit is excellent for dealing damage while kiting, which synergizes well with her talents. Also comes with a slight stun rate increase.
She used to be crippled by horrid rush gain and pathetically low ATK, but the 7/26/18 rebalance fixed her rush gain, and amped her aggro ATK up, mostly fixing her issues; her damage is still awful if she loses aggro though, and even with it many modern defenders still outdamage her. Notably she's the only defender to reduce INT damage taken.
Normal>Aura Wall>Air Slash>Lightning Slash*n
Air Slash>Lightning Slash>Air Slash>Lightning Slash*n - Ranged
Air SlashAura WallBloodstorm RevolutionLightning Slash
RainSword- ATK,INT,DEF-10% when hit by Undermine (10s)
- HP+20% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- Single Target Dmg +20% (all)
- Aggro+3
- ATK+20%
AP-40% ATK Dmg+30% (20s)
(No Assist)
Has powerful innate aggro pull. In addition to buffing party HP, he also has a minor ATK/INT/DEF debuff tied to Undermine. Lava Floor is an amazing skill, being incredibly fast for how hard it hits and being quite spammable at 300% postrush. His passives leave a bit to be desired, that's about all he has against him.
Normal>Undermine>Flash>Ground Lava*2
Normal>Ground Lava>Undermine>Ground Lava*n - AP reduc
UnderminePurgatory SlashFlashGround Lava
SigmundSword- Imbue attacks with Fire/Dark
- HP+30% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- ATK+25% ATK Dmg+20% (all)
- Damage Taken-50% after Grinn Valesti (1.5s)
AP-40% ATK+30% (20s)
(No Assist)
Innately does Fire/Dark damage, buffs both ATK and ATK Damage making him potent for physical parties but not so much for casters.
Grinn Valesti gives him a brief period of -50% damage taken and unbreakable super armor in addition to jumping over a number of attacks, letting him faceroll at things with relative safety. Innate dark damage gives him perfect elemental coverage.
Hrotti RangeGram TrailRidill BlastGrinn Valesti
Xmas Eve
Dual Sword- Damage Taken-30%
- ATK Dmg Taken-15% above 50 hit (all)
- Single Target Dmg+20,40% at 0,150hit (all)
- HP+20% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- ATK+15% HP+15%
AP-40% ATK+30% (20s)
The first Defender to provide more than 20% single target damage, though she has a steep hitcount requirement to it. Combines HP buffs with a poverty hitcount ATK damage cut, on top of a self Damage cut when pulling aggro, making her a fairly true tank. Like one would expect from a tank, however, her damage output is unremarkable.
Piercing SwordsTwin StabTri ZapperHelix Blade
HristSheath- CA crit penalty nullified (all)
- ATK Dmg+30% during CA (all)
- Damage Taken-20% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <25% HP (all)
- Single Target Dmg+20% (all)
- AP regen+50% (all)
- ATK+20% HIT+10% after using L range skills (6s)
Crit Rate/Damage+30% (all/20s)
(No Assist)
A range-versatile character who boasts high total party buffing for a Defender, in addition to nullifying the CA crit penalty for the party, which is particularly nice for risk mitigation. Combined with her rush buff bestowing the party with increased crit rate/damage, she's a respectable Defender for high-difficulty content.
Normal>Inevitable>CA Existence>CA Attractor*2
Normal>CA Existence>(whiff Inevitable or CA Spear)>CA Existence*n - ranged combo, low damage regardless of skill choice
Existence TrialPurgatorial SpearInevitable CrimeCrime Attractor
Greatsword- ATK-15% DEF-30% when hit by Spirit Strike (10s) [2]
- ATK Dmg Taken-20% at close range (all)
- Super armor vs dmg <30% HP (all)
- Single Target Dmg+30% (all)
- ATK+40% HP+30% [4]
- +200% AP from normals
- (Awk10: Aggro+3)
Dragon Surge

AP-40% Single Target Dmg+50% (20s)
Awakening's amped Cyuss's damage output substantially, putting his DPS on par with or above the standard Attacker carry, while also providing partywide offensive and defensive buffs on par with what you'd expect from a Defender. Defensively his biggest selling point is his ATK-15% debuff, which sounds minor but actually does a lot for cutting damage taken. Also has ridiculous natural bulk, topped only by IVerda. A solid pick all-around for damage output alone, he also stacks excellently with Defenders who offer either +HP or -Damage Taken - GFayt being the prime example.

Note that his awk10 talent is Aggro+3. Anecdotal evidence suggests aggro talents have little to no practical benefit; if Defender stacking with Victor you don't want to take aggro away from him anyway; and plenty of accessories also provide Aggro+3, so you can save some gammas and afford yourself some extra flexibility in the process by stopping at 9.
Normal>Spirit Strike>Firestorm Blade>Vortex*n>dodge after first hit of last Vortex

Use Vortex>dodge early if knowing you'll need to dodge.
Firestorm BladeSpirit StrikeDouble Slash: SturdyDouble Slash: VortexVoid Claw
A2Greatsword- Single Target Dmg+20,40% at <100,100% HP (all)
- HP+20% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- On perfect dodge, 100% self AP refill and 10AP party refill
- ATK+20% DEF+20%
Single Target Dmg+60%
15%/3s regen (20s)
(No Assist)
Similar offensive buffs to Xmas Eve, but tied to 100% HP instead of hitcount, and less defensive perks. Notably on perfect dodge she both fully restores her own AP and feeds the rest of the party 10 AP, enabling an A2 with good timing to eliminate downtime after her combos and extend combos for her allies. Her stats and damage output are top class for a Defender, and the ridiculously potent regen on her rush in tandem with her ease of dodge abuse (especially when equipped with a Lunar Tear) gives her excellent longevity even without a healer.
Normal>Pod 2>Sword 11>Sword 12 - Melee set
Normal>Pod 1>Pod 2>CA Sword 12>Pod 2>dodge - Melee combo with ranged set
Pod 2>Pod 1>Pod 2>CA Sword 12 - Ranged starter
Pod 1>Pod 2>Pod 1>Pod 2*n - Fully ranged
Sword 11Sword 12Pod 1Pod 2
VashyronGun- HP+30% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- Single Target Dmg+20 (all)
- Single Target Dmg+30% Crit Rate+20% at 100%HP (all)
- Invincible when using Hell Invite (0.5s)
- ATK+10% DEF+20%
Heal 30% HP, Crit Dmg+40%
(No Assist)
A fully ranged defender, and also the first defender with a party heal. He also introduces a new mechanic, having startup invuln on Hell Invite, which allows him to parry attacks and become a literal tank. His rush gain from attacks is low, but parry rush gain is extremely high. Fairly underwhelming offensively on his own, but his offensive buffing is on the upper end among defenders. Seems to have some issues with holding aggro.
Normal>filler>Hard Knocker>Hell Invite*2
Normal>Hard Knocker>filler>Hard Knocker*n(>Hell Invite) - Rush gain, parry as needed

Killer Distance or Escape Blow third, depending on whether being close to or far from the boss is preferred for a fight.
Hard KnockerKiller DistanceHell InviteEscape Blow
Nakamura YuichiSheath- 5% freeze rate on all attacks (all)
- DEF+40% (all)
- Damage Taken-10% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <25% HP (all)
- 70/10 Guts
Imbue attacks with ice (all/20s)
Inflict Freeze (all allies/enemies)
(No Assist)
Bootleg Victor. Trades rush gain and some defensive perks for freeze utility, and trades the damage cut on rush for a party ice imbue. Since he's both worse defensively and still dead weight offensively, you'd only use him for pond snail.
Mirror SliceVampiric FlashBloodstorm RevolutionPurgatory Palm
Groom Fayt
Sword- Imbue attacks with light/thunder
- Attribute Dmg+20,30,40% at 0,100,150hit (all)
- HP+40% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- ATK+15% DEF+25%
AP-60% (20s)
Damage Taken-30% (all/20s)
Take Rain, amp his offensive buffing, and give him the best defensive buff set in the game, and you essentially have GFayt. He also has innate Light/Thunder damage, so feel free to rock abusive racial weapons like Type-4O with him. His only "drawback" would be that single target damage is preferred to attribute from the defender slot, but as a result he's able to slot alongside a second defender for additional bulk.
All in all, likely the best defender and a contender for best character period. Also ridiculous both offensively and defensively as an assist.
Shotgun VoltCrescent MirageTwin ZapperBlade Reactor
Blazing Ashton
Greatsword- ATK+20% after using a fire skill (10s)
- Fire Damage+20% after using an ice skill (10s)
- CA crit penalty nullified
- Sword Dance damage+100% during CA
- HP+20% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- Single Target Dmg+20,40% normally,close (all)
Attribute Damage+70,50%
Similar to a defender version of Blackbel in playstyle, though considering his role "ranged Rain" might be more appropriate. On top of hitting like a truck, he has the highest total offensive buffing among defenders, and his rush gain is also startlingly high. Excellent character all-around. -5% AP recommended.
Normal>Cannon>Zapper>CA Dance>Zapper
Cannon>Zapper>Cannon>Zapper*n - ranged combo
Use CA Sword Dance as an ender to chase if the boss moves away. 50% of its damage is frontloaded on the first two hits, can dash out.
Cold CannonCross SlashHeat ZapperSword Dance
Summer Rena
Dual Sword- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- Damage Taken-20% at close range (all)
- 5%/3s regen
- 80/20 Guts
- Single Target Dmg+40% when close (self, Attacker)
- ATK+30% HP+10%
Crit Rate+100% Crit Dmg+20%
Boasts incredible ATK and rush damage for a defender, but her stats are deceptive; her mults don't compete well with modern skills, with most 2018 defenders equaling or surpassing her combo DPS, with her rush damage being her selling point. Her talents are bizarrely restrictive, only buffing single target damage for Attackers and only reducing damage taken in close range. Even with a party tailored to her, other defenders can usually get the job done better; the main reasons to use her are her rare vanilla -damage taken and guaranteed crits postrush.
Piercing SwordsDextral EdgeTwin StabSpread ShaverNormal>Twin Stab>filler>Twin Stab*n
TikaArm- 90/10 Guts
- 10%/5s regen
- ATK/INT Dmg+30% at skill chain 3+
- HP+15% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <15% HP
- Damage vs Insects,Dragons +40% (all)
AP-20% Damage Taken-20%
(Assist: 10s)
Story freebie, who can currently only be used in story and is limited to LB1. Provides the party HP+15%, super armor to hits <15% max HP, and +40% damage vs insects and dragons.
Rocket PunchHammering DeviceHopping DeviceBeam Cage
YrianDual Sword- HP+40% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <20% HP (all)
- Single Target Dmg+20,30,40% at 0,100,150hit (all)
- Super armor while attacking
- Damage Taken-20%
- Able to airdodge
- All stats+20% after using Helmetbreak (10s)
15%/3s regen (all/20s)
Discount ratix cosplayer who refuses to call dual sword skills by their proper names
Combines a large HP buff with partywide rush regen, and in a similar vein to XEve mixes hitcount-contingent single target damage with extra self buffs. That said he hits a fair bit harder than XEve does, and thanks to his regen he can be both the party's tank and medic. He also has Sword DanceMirror Slice to faciliate hitcount racking.
Normal>Helmet>Double>Helmet*3 - Higher DPS/rush gain with -AP
Normal>Helmet>Air>Helmet*3 - If unsafe to move left with -AP
Air SlashDouble SlashMirror SliceHelmetbreak
Fallen Angel Nel
Dual Sword- ATK/INT Dmg Taken-20% (all)
- Super armor if dmg <25% HP (all)
- Super armor at 100%HP (all)
- ATK/INT Dmg+20,40% normally, 100%HP (all)
- On perfect dodge, 100% self AP refill and 10AP party refill
30% heal, crit+40% (all/20s)
Similar to A2 in talents and Yrian in playstyle, but with worse stats and rush gain than both. She does, however, uniquely provide total super armor to players at full HP, which combined with her modest crit buff on rush gives her use in 100stam fights, where other defenders
probably won't save anyone from hitstun without specialized comps. She is also the only Defender to buff both of ATK/INT damage, in both reduction and output. Full health super armor can also be gotten from accessories and there's probably better candidates for her other buffs in most situations, but she provides a fairly unique mix. Note that despite her 4500% rush multiplier, her comparatively low ATK means she'll be rushing before most 4000% mult characters regardless.
Normal>Wing>Air Slash>Swirl*2
Air SlashRotary Black WingDemonic StabSwirling Sword Slash
Idol Verda
Axe- HP+20% (all) [1]
- Super armor if dmg<20% HP (all)
- DEF+30% when not behind enemy (all) [1]
- HP+50% ATK+20% [4]
- Damage Taken+40% when IVerda >50% HP (all enemies)
- 10%/3s regen after IVerda guards an attack (all/20s)
- Able to guard attacks from all directions during CA standby
- Begin combos at 150% cancel when starting with CA
- CA crit penalty nullified
- Super armor during CA
- Damage Taken-40% while attacking
- Able to airdodge
Star Blink Maximizer

ATK/INT Damage Taken+40% (all enemies/20s)
Extremely high personal bulk, as well as good offensive buffing for a Defender, and unique buffing in general; she's the first character to offer Damage Taken+40% as a debuff, and she also has the rush debuff once exclusive to VVerda at her disposal as well. Her own damage output is fairly average and her raw defensive merits are a bit low by modern standards, but she can also throw the rest of the party regen on demand by simply guarding an attack, so she does wonders for sustainability in nonlethal circumstances.
Normal>filler 1>filler 2>Gyro*n - AP seeds or -AP required if dropping Tyrant Combo
Normal>Raider>Canon>Raider*n - rapid rush gain/hitcount, poor damage
Can skip normal and CA the first skill if preferred
Ground RaiderTyrant ComboScrapper GyroEnvelop Canon

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