Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Strongest assist, and rushing assist skills

Assists have two main functions:

Assist skill

Activates the assist character’s rush buff, possibly at a nerfed strength depending on character. Lv1 is unlocked at lv70 and knocks some percent off. Lv2 is unlocked at lb10 and usually matches the character’s rush buff. Cliff and Phia have assists based on their character traits to compensate the lack of rush effect.

Rush assist skill

Simply a random chance of your rush doing more damage. Ranges from +10~100% depending on if the assist is lb 0~10.

The strongest assists of each type are as follows


  • ATK: +100% (Albel, 15s self, comes with DEF-50%), +80% (Emmerson/WClair, 20s self)
  • INT: +100% (Eve, 20s self); +100% (Lymle, 10s self, also comes with cast time-70%)
  • DEF: -40% (VWelch/Fiore/Eleyna, 20s all enemies)
  • Crit rate: +60% (Anne, 20s all); +50% (Millie, 20s all, also comes with a 30% party heal)
  • Crit damage: +50% (Phia, 20s self, comes with crit rate+30%); +40% (SMiki, 20s all); +30% (Opera, 20s all, comes with crit rate+30%)
  • Damage:+80% (Clair, 10s all); +60% (Chisato, 20s all)
  • Single Target Damage: +40% (NFiore/SReimi/HVictor/VRena, 20s all)
  • ATK Damage: +40% (FEdge/WNel, 20s all)
  • INT Damage: +60% (Lucifer, 20s self); +30% (SMillie, 20s all)
  • Attribute Damage: +70%/50% (Gyoroton, 20s self/all); +50% (Fayt/Edge/HMillie/JKMeracle, 20s all)
  • Rush Damage: +50% (Cliff, 20s self)
  • AP: -60% (GFayt/Fidel/WEve/SMaria, 20s self); -40% (Daril, 10s all); -40% (Cyuss, 20s self, also comes with single target+50%)
  • ATK/INT Damage Taken: +40% (VVerda, 20s all enemies)
  • Cast time: -50% (Ronyx, 20s all); -70% (Lymle, 10s self, comes with INT+100%)


  • ATK: -20% (VClair, 30s all enemies, comes with DEF-20% all enemies)
  • DEF: +30% (HClair, 20s all allies, comes with DEF-30% all enemies)
  • Damage Taken: -50% (Victor, 20s all), -30% (GFayt, 20s all, comes with AP-60% self)
  • Heal: 30% (everyone with a party heal)
  • Regen: 15%/3s (WReimi, 20s all), 15%/3s (Reimi, 15s all, comes with status immunity all), 30%/4s (Miki, 10s all)

Personal recommendations

  • Albel and Eve/Lymle are amazing for carries.
  • Anne, Clair/Chisato, and Gyoroton (or other attribute buffers) are the strongest party assists offensively.
  • VVerda is also very good for general use, as she’s the only source of ATK/INT Damage Taken +40% and other sources of the debuff are both scarce and cap at 15%.
  • While Daril’s assist is nerfed to 10 seconds, the substantial party AP reduction makes rushing within 20 seconds that much easier, and can potentially enable chaining two buffed rush cycles.
  • Victor/GFayt are excellent for keeping party members alive through dangerous attacks, as well as opening during solos before rush buffs are up. GFayt is also excellent offensively for near any character.
  • Heals are weak due to capping low; use regen instead.

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Special credit: Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Japan Tier List


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