Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Global release: Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. This applies to the Global release of Star Ocean: Anamnesis, not the Japanese one. If you have any other questions, you can comment below this post.

If there is anything that needs any corrections, please comment below.

This was last updated on July 23rd.

What is the difference between 5star and ACE 5star characters?

ACE characters are usually stronger than regular 5star characters. Their stats go higher, and they get better passives. As time goes on, your regular 5star characters will probably still be useful in specific situations (Spell elements as an example), but in general you will be using the ACE characters more often.

How do I know if my character is a ACE?

As an example, Fidel is a 5star ACE character. There are no “normal” version of the basic Fidel, so if you get it, it is an ACE character. You can also confirm your character is ACE by checking the cost for “Limit Break”. If it requires 50 small limit break stones or 2 L. Limit Break, then it’s ACE.

Can I pull an ACE character from a 5star ticket/draw?

Yes. For all draws (where the character is listed in the possible pool of characters), if you have a 5star ticket, you can pull an ACE. A 5star ACE ticket will ALWAYS pull an ACE. On a side note, there is no expiration date for ACE tickets, so you can keep them for a unit you really want, or time limited collaboration events.

When is X character being released?

The game was released in Japan on Dec 7th 2016. You can check the release schedule at the link below, and figure out roughly when the others will be released.

List of Ace Characters in Star Ocean: Anamnesis

When is X event/collab going to happen?

No way to really know, but you can refer to the above link for a possible date.

Quests asks to “Upgrade” a weapon but it’s not working!

It should actually be written “Transmute” instead. Visit the link below for a solid beginner guide to Transmute:

Guide: Transmuting in Star Ocean: Anamnesis and You!

I cannot “Augment” a character. The option is locked.

You need to clear the second chapter of the main story to unlock this function.

What characters should I choose/reroll for?

Optimally for the long run, Maria is the top choice, followed by Faize (Free while the pre-register event goes on) and Fidel. Maria is still used on the JP server, which is roughly 1.5 years in advance, so we can expect anything you use on her not to be wasted. At this point, there are no real useless character, but better options will be coming in the next few months so it’s best to plan ahead. Then again, play with whichever you like (5star or ACE), there is no bad choice. Except Emmerson. F Emmerson.

You can also have a look at this post for a bit more in depth of reroll strategy (up to the latest released of global version)

Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Reroll Tier List (including Pros/Cons)

Should I level my 5star weapon I got from the current events?

As of writing this, none of the weapons are really strong. Decent at best in most cases. Its better to focus on getting one to lvl 10, and using the rest to “Transmute” into a 5star weapon coin, that you can then exchange in the item shop for a specific weapon of the same type.

What are the best weapons I can find for X character?

While some may offer more base damage than others, you should really look for a weapon that has an element imbued on it, even if the stats are lower. The damage on bosses weakness will be much greater than a regular weapon (150% ish). If you can’t get one that has an element, or don’t fight a boss that has that weakness, go for one that offers +atk % as it will give you more dmg at higher limit breaks than the one with better base stats. Of course, damage does not apply to healers, who are more inclined to other types of bonuses. Look for +INT%, AP Recovery, AP Cost reduction and Cast Time reduction.

Should I get more account ranks?

It’s always best to get to higher ranks, mainly for the maximum stamina boost that you get. You should have roughly 120 max stamina at rank 50.

Where should I farm rank?

You can easily do so from the story mode 3-29 boss. It also drops all kind of materials and weapons, and especially the rare S.Limit Breaker item, which will help limit break your characters.

Should I upgrade my inventory space?

It is recommended to upgrade to 100-150 for later since you will be having multiple elemental weapons. But for now, the only reason why you would need to upgrade is for farming, and less menu navigation.

I need money/materials/hammers etc

Every day there is a rotation of Hammer missions (for weapons), Thread missions (for accessories), and for the weekend the Ingot missions (money). There is also a rotation for Augment materials for specific classes. It will require grinding though.

In case you REALLY need a specific one, there are some “Special missions” available, which are similar to the rotation ones, just open at any time. The host will need to spend a “Special ticket” to get a mission started.

How do I get more Limit Break materials?

Limit breaker crystals come in Small, Medium and Large varieties.

You can obtain Small crystals from

  • Any 3* unit you obtain
  • Any 4* or 5* unit you obtain that is not at Max Limit Break
  • Story Missions
  • Event Missions
  • Event Achievements
  • Event Gacha token draws
  • Login bonus

You can obtain Medium crystals from

  • Any 4* unit you obtain that has already reached Max Limit Break
  • Event Achievements
  • Event Gacha token draws
  • Login Bonus

You can obtain Large crystals from

  • Any 5* unit you obtain that has already reached Max Limit Break
  • Event Achievements
  • Event Gacha token draws
  • Event Shops
  • Login Bonus
  • Premium Item Shop Packages

This was last updated on July 23rd.

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