Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Reroll Tier List (including Pros/Cons)

This reroll tier list below were used when Star Ocean: Anamnesis started for Global version in July 2018.

In the mean time, if you want to look for more in-depth analysis for your own decision in rerolling the accounts, you are highly recommended to use one of these 2 tier lists:

Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Tier List

This list based on JP version progress. The information is also being updated to match with the GL version. This list included a lot more units from JP progress. If you want to plan for your future plays or save your gems for future meta, you can depend on this list to decide your reroll accounts. However, in order for GL version to catch up with JP, we need around more than 1 year. Also, there can be some difference in releasing schedule in GL comparing with JP version. So, you best bet is taking both list for your reference.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Tier List

Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Tier List for Global version

This list is being updated accordingly to the current progress of GL version. And at this moment, GL version doesn’t have any hard contents. Therefore, you might see some units that are very weak in JP list, but have higher ranks in this list. You should combine the 2 lists to make your own decisions. Because in the end, you are playing game for fun. 🙂

Star Ocean: Anamnesis – Tier List for Global version

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Short version

A: Maria, Fidel, ~~Faize~~
B: Nel, Cliff, Victor, Myuria, Daril
C: Ronyx, Miki, Anne
D: Lymle, Emmerson

Long version

— A: Priority reroll targets, plus Faize

Maria (Sharpshooter; Ace; SO3)
+ High passive party buffing (Damage+40%)
+ Good party rush buffing with Critical+40%
+ High hitcount
+ High rush gain
+ Very safe due to her range and speed
+ The most futureproof launch character

Fidel (Attacker; Ace; SO5)
+ High passive party buffing (ATK+40%)
+ Due to how the damage formula works, ATK/INT buffs are more potent than Damage buffs. That ATK+40% is seriously good.
+ Low AP costs, especially postrush
+ Half his skillset works at range
+ Many of the ATK buffers released after him either have smaller buffs or role restriction, giving him a decent lifespan


Faize (Invoker; Non-Ace; SO4)
+ Great party buffing for both damage and utility (Single Target Damage+30%; Stun rate+15%)
+ Fast spellcasting
+ Powerful event weapon available early (one copy free at launch!)
+ Can inflict a weak-but-still-meaningful DoT with spells
+ Good crowd control
+ High rush gain
+ Technically futureproof, though you won’t be using him outside of dark-weak fights later on
– No point in rerolling for a character you already get for free!
– Limited to dark damage, with no meaningful dark-weak bosses until Alma
– Disruptive to melee characters, due to his spells either launching or pushing enemies
– Being a caster with a melee weapon, he can be cumbersome to use

— B: Workable, but will either be replaced early on and/or take a lot of work to start with

Nel (Sharpshooter; Ace; SO5)
+ Poison is incredibly powerful
+ Passive -15% AP costs to the party
– Poison isn’t reliable, and can go an entire boss fight without proccing
– Very low damage output and party contribution in general without poison
– Due to the nature of her toolkit, she isn’t good for content like tower
– SOA EN is starting with much stronger weaponry than JP did, making poison a weaker option by comparison

Cliff (Attacker; Ace; SO3)
+ High rush damage
+ High hitcount
+ Knuckles are the first weapon type to get drain access, providing good sustain without a healer
+ Fun
– Zero party buffing
– Purely melee; may be difficult for new players
– Needs to be LB10’d and geared to properly do damage, the one thing he contributes to the party, making him a difficult starting pick
– Phia releases early on and mostly does the same job better as a ranged non-ace


Victor (Defender; Non-Ace; SO5)
+ Provides super armor
+ Massive damage reduction postrush allows for plenty of room for error
– Non-ace
– Pathetically low damage output
– Will be replaced by Clair within weeks

Myuria (Invoker; Ace; SO4)
+ Highest DPS among the launch cast post-rush
+ Decent damage and excellent crowd control via Plasma Cyclone
+ Stuns bosses easily
– Zero party buffing
– Needs to be LB10’d and geared to properly do damage, the one thing she contributes to the party, making her a difficult starting pick
– Low rush gain
– 3/4 of her spells take a long time to hit a small area, making them unreliable for damage and rush gain
– Thunder+40% staves likely won’t be available for a long time; Faize will be better geared than her for most things as a result
– Can only use Plasma Cyclone once per combo without AP cost reduction from Daril’s rush

Daril (Attacker; Non-Ace; SO5)
+ Good combo DPS
+ Though easily replaced later on, his passive AP-20% and postrush AP-40% to the party are the best slot 4 buffing available to the launch-optimal Fidel/Maria/Faize/- comp
– Non-ace
– Purely melee; may be difficult for new players
– Poor rush damage
– Won’t have any opportunities to capitalize on his +60% damage vs humans early on

— C: You can make use of them if you roll them, but they shouldn’t be your only starter

Ronyx (Invoker; Non-Ace; SO1)
+ Provides the party INT+40%, which is still to date the highest INT party buff available in JP, and allows him to support Faize and Myuria well as a result
– Non-ace
– Horrid weapon for casting
– Horrid spell list for all of damage, rush gain, accuracy, and AP efficiency
– Really just a horrid character in general, buffing other Invokers is all he has going for him


Miki (Healer; Non-Ace; SO5)
+ Can heal
– Non-ace
– Is the only 5* healer in the entire game with no party buffing, and falls off the radar entirely once other healers are available
– Will be replaced by Millie within weeks

Anne (Attacker; Non-Ace; SO5)
+ Passively buffs party crit rate by +30%, which doubles to +60% postrush, though these don’t stack with Maria’s crit buffs
+ Great crowd control with X-Claw, namely making her useful for story and tower
– Non-ace
– Horrid damage output
– Maria’s rush crits are sufficient, and numerous other better characters later on will also buff crits anyway
– Free Faize and 4* Tynave can already handle the crowd control niche Anne would provide

— D: Try again.

Lymle (Invoker; Non-Ace; SO4)
+ Tornado does respectable damage against large enemies
+ Her rush buff gives her substantial buffs to her own INT and cuts her cast times
– Non-ace
– Weak spells with slow casts and high AP costs
– Burst Flame is slow and inaccurate, making her more of a wind caster
– Likely poor weaponry options starting out
– There won’t be any boss fights she’s particularly useful in until Armaros (months in), and other Invokers/X-Claw users will be much better at crowd control

Emmerson (Sharpshooter; Non-Ace; SO5)
+ Extends the hitcount timer, which can help keep the party’s rush gain up against evasive enemies
– Non-ace
– Pathetic damage output
– Pathetic rush gain, unless he’s able to spam Hunter’s Moon against an immobile enemy
– No offensive buffing


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