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What should be on my team? This is a question oft asked. There is no science to it but there are some general principles that will help you build your teams. Remember none of these are set in stone but are just general guidelines to get you started. Epic Seven is most fun when you experiment with your own compositions and builds, this guide is just here to get your creative juices flowing.

Team Roles

Team roles can be broken down into five parts

  • Tank
  • Healer
  • Support
  • Sub Damage Dealer (referred to as Sub DD)
  • Pure DPS

(Since this is a turn based game, DPS is a bit of a misnomer, but the idea of it still works. You’re looking for the unit that does the most damage)

For more of the roles explanation, you can visit this:

Now there might not be a singular unit for each of these roles. In fact the best teams have units that take up one or two roles. Let’s break down each of these roles to see what they entail and why they are important to the team.



The tank sits in the right most slot in your team setup. They are the unit that is most likely to get targeted. The best tanks can not only soak a lot of damage but have some benefits for taking damage. The most important thing to understand is that UNIT CLASS DOES NOT MAKE THE TANK. It is there skills and scaling. What does this mean? Your tank does not need to be a Knight. Many Soul Weavers, Warriors and even some Thieves make for great tanks because of their skill sets.


One of the most cruicial roles. When your team takes damage they bring your party back up. Some units have access to healing abilities but that doesn’t make them healers. To be technical, healers should have access to at least two healing abilities. The best healers in the game also offer a lot of utility in terms of cleansing debuffs, granting immunity and invincibility and granting combat readiness. Most of these units are Soul Weavers.


Buffs and Debuffs are a crucial part in your success in Epic 7. When looking for a good support make sure to consider what they are offering. Some of the most important buffs are: Attack, Speed, Defense and Combat Readiness. Some of the most important debuffs to inflict on the enemy are: Defense Down, Speed Down, and Negative Combat Readiness. The most common types of supports (but not exclusively) are Rangers, Mages and Soul Weavers.

Sub DD


Sub DD is a weird role in that a unit cannot primarily be a Sub Damage Dealer. Sub means that they have some other role attached to them. The best Sub DDs buff their own damage with party wide effects such as an Attack/Speed Up or Debuffs such as Defense down. Almost any class in the game can be a Sub DD.

Pure DPS

They bring the heat. Pure DPS don’t just have to do damage through raw numbers. They can do it through Damage over Time effects such as Poison or Bleed. Pure DPS can be split into two groups: Area of Effect and Single Target. The type of DPS you want to bring will change depending on the content you are doing, and the elements you are facing. The most common DPS are Thieves, Mages and Warriors.

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Basic Team Template

With four slots your average team will look like a Healer / Tank / Support / and Pure DPS, with a helping of Sub DDs scattered throughout. But remember what was said in the opener: the best teams have units that take up one or two roles. In the following we’ll take a look at a few of these unit and the roles that they take up. (If you are confused about what a particular role does scroll up to the main header for each role. It should give you a brief explanation of what it does). For the sake of this article we’ll not be looking at many Moonlight Units except for ones that can be received through Connections and/or Events.

Pure Supports


Elson – Providing a very high uptime on both a Defense and Attack buff, he is an indespensible unit. He provides added utility in having an Attack Down on his S1 and minor healing on his S2. But those are just added value for providing two of the best buffs in the game.

Tieria – Tieria has two great things about her. First she provides a ton of Combat Readiness through her attacks, while also providing a very potent Defense Down. Both of these overshadow the fact she doesn’t do much damage, as accelerating your team provides a ton of value.

Pure DPS

Lorina – Lorina has insane single target damage with her S3, which scales off of the amount of HP the target has lost. If she has access to Ulberius Tooth with 100% Crit, her damage is off the charts. A very potent boss killer.

Kiris – The queen of stacking poison, her ability to do tons of percent health damage will help tackle the hardest of bosses in your Epic 7 progression. Eventually some bosses you run into will have immunities or mechanics that protect from such things, but until then, spread the love (I mean poison).

Sez – Sez has the distinction of being one of the best AoE clear units in the game. His ability to trigger an AoE for free whenever his S1 brings an enemy below 50% health is very handy when farming.

Tank/Sub DD


These are the bruisers. They can take it and dish it out as well. They don’t do enough to be your main DPS, but they can help supplement your damage.

Krau – He has damage that scales of HP and Defense and can dish out more for the HP he’s lost. He also offers some great utility in decreasing an enemies combat readiness. He can also buff his defense quite readily while giving himself a barrier in a pinch. All in all a stand out unit and great foundation for any team

Ravi – Ravi has incredible sustain with her S1 and her natural tankiness makes her excellent for the front slot. Her built combat readiness on taking damage makes her an army of one. The one problem with Ravi is that she is a selfish unit and doesn’t offer much else to the party.

Tank / Healer

Destina, Achates, and Angelica – These healers scale off of HP so they can sit in the front slot with no problem at all. Equipping them with Prophetic Candlestick will let them blast of their heals quite frequently. These three healers make for excellent units in the front slot.

Tank / Support

Armin – Armin is a very versatile unit that can heal your party while offering them a nicely sized Barrier. She also offers some utility in decreasing the enemies hit chance and poisoning in an AoE on her S2.

Support / Sub DD


Silk – Silk being able to buff your parties speed and debuffing both the enemies speed and combat readiness makes her a great support. With the use of Rose Hargana / Infinity Basket she can trigger tons of dual attacks that let her be responsible for a good amount of damage as well.

Yuna – Same as above, except she can buff the parties attack as well. Her attacks are less potent single target but she does offer some nice AOE damage in comparison to Silk. Both of these rangers are fantastic.

Haste – Haste bread and butter are bleed effects but he offers an AoE heal while also inflicting Vampirism. This makes any unit that attacks the afflicted enemy heal. On top of all of that he can inflict Anti Healing as well. He leans more towards the damage side of things but his utility is undeniable.

Healer / Sub DD

Hazel – Builds into Attack and buffs the entire parties Attack as well. Her 1 has some utility in inflicting Anti-Healing. Her role is niche but it is available to you if you so desire.

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Sample Teams

Free to Play Friendly

Most of these teams are are made up of mostly free units or units that are easy to obtain. The requirements for these teams is a singular 4*.

Elson / Tieria / Lorina / Achates (or Angelica)

This very basic team comprised of three free units is a good example of a well built team. Here Achates takes the role of both the healer and tank in the first slot, while Elson and Tieria provide Attack, Defense Down and Combat Readiness for Lorina to dish out the damage. With Lorina as our main DPS, we also don’t have to worry about being disadvantaged against any bosses in terms of element.

Kikirat / Elson / Alexa (or CarmaineRose) / Achates

We need to keep Kikirat’s buff up as long as possible with this composition. Doing so means we are forgoing many of the AoE Speed and Combat Readiness Buffs. Elson being a defense buffer increases the damage of Kikirat who scales on Defense. Alexa and CarmaineRose are both self sufficient DPS that can boost their own combat readiness. Achates is one of the faster healers that doesn’t get harmed too much by a lack of Speed buffs on this team.

Common Reroll Teams


These teams are constructed around the common units people have rerolled for which are Sez, Destina, and Ravi. For these teams I will use mostly free units and maybe a singular 4*.

Ravi / Achates / Silk / Elson

Here we’re using Ravi as our tank. The nice thing is that she does a fair amount of damage herself. The reason we use Silk is to trigger dual attacks with Infinity Basket and help our Ravi get in some free attacks to lifesteal. Elson is an omni support. The reason we use Achates as our main healer is to help remove Anti Healing debuffs on Ravi which could potentially let her die.

Sez / Lots / Elson / Silk

Sez will get a lot of extra attacks and procs of his passive with this team set up. Lots is fantastic at speeding up Sez with his heals and Silk will trigger more attacks from Sez with Infinity Basket. Our goal here is to get the boss to sub 50% HP as quick as possible so Sez can really amp up his damage. You have to do a bit of an odd build on Lots

Destina / Lorina / Elson / Tieria

Starting with a Destina frees up both our Tank and Healing slots which is very helpful. It lets us focus our party around buffing a single DPS which in this instance is Lorina. The one problem with Destina is her insanely long cooldowns so a Prophetic Candle is a must on her. Tieria will help Destina take extra turns and use her abilities more often.

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Useful addition resources

Join this Epic Seven Facebook Group for tips & discussions with other players! 😉 

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