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This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Caster Characters/Units which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version. You can combine with the updated list from Japanese version if you want to plan ahead for your party. The JP list has also been being edited to match with GL releases. If you want to check the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Caster Characters/Units for JP version for your future plans and contents, please check the links at the end.

You can use both lists as your reference and plans for future contents. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always priotize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Caster List (GL version) is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
 NameWeaponPre-Rush Buffs Post-Rush BuffsDescription


Mob Clearing


Thunder / Ice
Stun Chance +30% (Self)
INT +30% (Self)
Cast Time -30% (Self)
AP Cost -20% (Self)
3500% - Lightning

INT +80% (Self / 20s)
Your standard thunder invoker. Myuria is as selfish as they come, sacrificing party utility in exchange for raw damage. No other caster or damage dealer boasts the raw area coverage that she Does. She stunlocks entire stages with a single Plasma Cyclone. Her rush can do upwards of 800k damage. The only nagging issues are her horrible rush gain and high AP costs. These prevent her from achieving True Nirvana. Overall, Myuria is excellent, but due to her nature, you would only want 1-of, except for fast clears with certain bosses (Jie).
(Normal x 2 > CA Cyclone > Dash Cancel after seeing animation start)*n - Rush gain only, especially if a stage has floor 1/2
Normal>CA Flare>Plasma>Flare
Plasma Cyclone (50)Thunder Flare (35)Deep Freeze (35)Arctic Impact (42)

INT Buffer

Cast Time Redux Buffer


Fire / Earth
+40% INT
Damage +20% (Self)
AP Cost -20% (Self)
2500% - Fire

-50% Cast Time (20s)
Pathetic everything. Huge AP costs, long cast times, horrid stats, and all his spells are slow and inaccurate. INT+40% is admittedly the largest party INT buff available, but it has limited utility as most invokers will buff their own INT much higher on rush. If you're soloing and just expecting your AI characters to die, his buff can be made useful, but he's really not a character you want to have to play.
(Normal x 3 > Explosion > Dash Cancel)*n - Rush gain (best combo to support team overall)
Normal > strong spell > weak > strong - DPS during Break, immobile boss, post-rush



Fire / Wind
DEF +30% (Self)
Damage taken -30% (Self)
No Flinching to Damage <20% Max HP (Self)
2500% - Fire

INT +100% & Reduce Symbol Invoking Time by 70% (Self / 20s)
Lymle brings no party utility to speak of, 'kay? And unlike Myuria, she does nothing truly exceptional to make up for that. She is currently the best fire and wind coverage we have, but that in and of itself is of limited usefulness. Like Faize, she has an event weapon that provides an xtreme buff to her, but unlike Faize, it only lets her have the extreme niche of breaking one million damage rushing fourth on Frost Tree.

I mean, if that's your thing, Lymle's your girl. But it's gonna be your only thing.
Normal>CA Tornado>Wind Cutter>Tornado
Tornado (35)Wind Cutter (20)Fire Bolt (20)Volcanic Burst (42)


ST Damage Buffer


Cast time -80% (Self)

80% Guts at 10% HP or higher (Self)

Damage to single targets +30%
Chance to Stun +15%
3000% - Dark

AP Cost -30% (Self / 20s)
A total oddball; despite being a caster, he uses a melee weapon and has two close-range spells (though Reap Spark works from long range too), and despite being a non-ace he has high base INT, potent partywide single target damage and stun rate buffs, as well as very fast casting and 80/10 Guts. He's also the only source of Curse, which effectively compensates his damage output- which thanks to a potent event weapon, isn't even bad. He's a staple invoker, and being a non-ace with a readily available f2p weapon makes him highly accessible. 102 AP is recommended for his full combo.
CA Needles > Spark > Needles > * - Standard Ranged
Normal > CA Spark > Needles > Spark > * - If in melee range [no ap seeds, almost same dps]
Normal > Needles > Spark > Devourer - Pre-rush melee range highest DPS
Normal > Needles > Spark > Needles*n - Minimal movement (avoid Dev and Spark)
CA Devourer > Devourer > * - Against trash mob groups
Reaping Spark (37)Shadow Needles (23)Cursed Devourer (42)Cursed Vampiric Blade (32)


INT +50% (Self)

Critical Rate +30% (All Casters)

AP Consumtpion -20% (All Casters)

Cast time -30% (Self)
3500% - Fire

INT +70% & AP Consumption -60% (Self 20 secs)
Sophia is an interesting caster, with a huge INT stat and some decent spells to back it up. She's mainly locked to fire, but actually for offensive use only, brings an excellent ATK buff skill for physical parties while having enough power to sustain herself. A generally viable self-sufficient caster who gives herself everything that she needs to work.
Normal > CA Explosion > Fire Bolt > Explosion * 2 - Regular DPS (101 AP recommended, cast before Normal hits)
Normal > CA Fire Bolt > Explosion > Fire Bolt - Against moving targets
Plunging Fire Bolts (20)Violent Explosion (45)Enhance (60)Stone Rain (35)


Light / Thunder
+30% INT (Party)

+25% Chance to Seal on All Attacks

+20% INT DMG (When 100% HP)

-30% Cast Time (Self)

-20% AP (Self)

+50% INT (Self)
Standard light caster. She does have Plasma Cyclone as a backup spell, which is great for Maze and trash floors. Starlight also does the same thing, but on her main element for her. Solid subtitute for Ronyx in a caster comp, as she does have a respectable INT buff to all. She is a staff caster, but does come bundled with cast time redux, thankfully. Decent for what she does, but shines in a caster comp.
Normal > CA Starlight > Filler* > Starlight*n

*Plasma Cyclone for crowd control, and Sunflare for DMG.
Silencing Star Light (36)Silent Lightning (23)Silencing Sunflare (42)Silencing Cyclone (50)

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit in Global version

Links to Star Ocean: Anamnesis list of each character/unit

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