This is Epic Seven – Basic game guide for new players. It can be applied for both Korean and Global version as well. There might be some differences. Chances will be updated as the Global version release in November 2018.

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Epic Seven - Basic game guide 1

In this game, gacha is divided into 5 type:

  • Rate up gacha: a certain characters will have their rate increased to be summon (can only summon fire, nature,water characters + artifacts), requires 5 covenant bookmarks/roll. 100 skystone = 5 covenant bookmarks, 950 skystone book = x50 covenant bookmarks + fire,earth,ice 1* penguins each.
  • Normal gacha: same like rate up gacha, but no rate boost.
  • Moonlight gacha: this special gacha is unlocked once you finish 10-10 (can summon light,dark only). It requires 6 yellow token(yt)/roll, which can be acquired by completing 10-10 (free 6 yt), check-in rewards (6 yt/month), tower rewards, summoning on normal/rate up gacha (20 pulls = 1 yt).
  • Friend gacha: this provides characters and artifacts <= 2*, mostly for fodder purpose
  • Reroll gacha : this is THE ONLY X10 GACHA in the game, unlocked once u finish 1-10. In this gacha, you are allowed to roll up to 30 times and choose 1 x10 in order to have a good start with characters and artifacts you want, and it’s free.

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Character categories

  • Rarity: from 2* to 5*
  • Element: Fire, Earth, Ice, Dark, Light
  • Class: Mage 마도사, Knight 기사, Warrior 전사, Marksman 사수, Thief 도적, Spirit user 정령사 (aka Healer)


  • Warrior: every stat is balanced and good, usually highest total.
  • Knight: highest defense, slow speed.
  • Marksman/Rogue: low def and hp, high spd and many chars have higher crit rate.
  • Mage: low hp and normal spd, high atk.
  • Spirit user: somewhat low hp decent defense, super low atk.

Strengthen character

  • Level up:
    • Feeding penguins ( acquired by purchasing in shop, hatching, running urgent  quests,events). Feeding penguins,characters with the same element +50% more exp.
    • Expedition
    • Running maps

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 2

  • Star promotion: once characters reach max lv, promote them to next star ( max 6*) by sacrificing X characters that are at X star grade (Ex 5* character need 5 5* characters in order to get to 6*). It’s recommended to use wolves as fodders.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 3

  • Awaken: available every 10 lv of character, requires runes, material for adding stat, skill effect.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 4

  • Memory engravement (aka formation bonus): feeding the same character or special material to unlock. This will boost a certain stat for your team depends on character.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 5

  • Skill up: requires material to strengthen effects of character’s skill.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 6

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Equipment and Artifact


Equipment can be acquired by killing mobs, opening treasure, doing raids, crafting, purchasing from shop.

Equipment can be categorized by:

  • Type: weapon, helm, armor, necklace, ring, boots
  • Rarity: Legendary > Heroic > Rare > Advanced> Common.
  • Tier: from T1 (lowest) to T6 (highest).

For each equipment, there is 1 main stat and maximum 4 substat (1 substat will be add for every 3 successful upgrade).

Upgrading equipments require gold + either other equipments as fodders or enhanced stone.(Max upgrade is +15).


  • Artifact can be acquired from gacha. Usually 1,2* artifacts are fodders for lv up, few 3* are usable, 4,5* are mostly used since they have good effects.
  • Artifact increases some stat, provide unique effects for characters.
  • Upgrading artifacts requires gold + either other artifacts as fodders or enhanced stone.
  • Feeding the same artifact increases its maximum level.( +15 without any dupes, +30 with max dupes feeded).

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Beside from gacha, recruitment is another way to acquire characters. This content allows you to get some characters by completing their mission, such as : killing X number of mobs, adding friends, sacrificing material,…

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 8

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Epic Seven - Basic game guide 9

Each building will be unlocked throughtout story, provide various benefits:

  • Hatching (top left): provide ginseng (skill up material, requires seed) , penguin (exp material), wolf (fodder for star promotion). Left to right: Increase chance to get a higher star penguin, open slot, reduce time waiting.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 10

  • Gold and Gem generator (middle): provide gold and gem after a certain time. Left to right: Increase maximum capacity, increase producing speed, increase the rate of getting additional 200% reward.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 11

  • Expedition (bottom left): sending your characters to this building make them gain X exp and some type of currency. Characters who are sent still can be used in doing story, pvp, etc. All of them unlock more mission to send your characters

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 12

  • Crafting: craft items by using material acquired from raids. Left to right: reduce gold required, increase the rate of getting higher rarity equipments, reduce number of material required.

Note: Upgrading these buildings requires a certain amount of gold and 1 Breath of Orbius for each upgrade, which can be found in the last map of hidden story in every chapter.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 14

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Epic Seven - Basic game guide 15

Consist of 6 dungeons (from left to right, top to bottom): Event, Rune dungeons, Tower, Raid, Maze and Training Ground


  • A certain stages related to event story will be added during a period of time.
  • By clearing these stages, you are able to claim equipments, materials, gem,…(similar to main story)

Each time you clear a stage of event, a certain of event points will be given, which is used for trading items in the shop.

Rune dungeon

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 16

  • This is where you to farm rune for star awaken. There are 5 different maps for each element, open on each day of a week respectively, open all on weekends.
  • Opening order: Monday Dark, Tuesday Fire, Wednesday Water, Thursday Nature, Friday Light



This is where you farm equipments and material for crafting.

  • Wyvern (crit, debuff chance, speed)

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 17

Tip: When the wyvern throws up a shield, you need to deplete the shield asap, or your party wipes (almost certainly).

  • Golem (atk, hp, def)

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 18

Tip: Jewel adds buffs to the golem, Tree heals the golem, kill them first.

  • Banshee (debuff resistance, crit dmg, lifesteal, counterattack)

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 19

Tip: Banshee at 75%, 50% and 25%(you can skip a phase by going directly) splits into 4 maids (2 green 2 blue), She’ll silence you before splitting and if you fail to kill them, they will do massive damage to one character(4x if there are 4 still alive).


Epic Seven - Basic game guide 20

  • Each entry costs 1 key, losing the floor will not result in losing keys.
  • Finishing each floor will reward you material, equipment, gem, medal, gold, stigma,….
  • 3 keys are reseted everyday, additional entries can be purchased by spending green leaf on shop.
  • You can exchange keys for gold and stigma (bottom left button).

Maze (Labyrinth)

  • Provides equipments, gold, ancient coin, …

Maze interface

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 21

  1. Minimap – checking your current position, dropped items, …
  2. Morale – decrease 1 per tile on minimap, 7 per battle, 3 per teleport.
  3. Healing potion – recover team ‘s HP.
  4. Camp – improve morale (only able to use 1 per maze)(team relationship affects this content i believe). Camp can only be used in non-enemy path. During camping period, you will choose statement for team’s members to talk with each other, so choose wisely.

Morale detail

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 22

Minimap details

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 23

  1. Dropped items
  2. Exit area
  3. Normal enemy
  4. NPC – having conversation there
  5. Boss
  6. Healing statue – recover team HP
  7. Soul statue – provide soul to burn
  8. Treasure – give gold,crystal,..



  • In order to get to the next maze, you need to unlock it (story part) and get out of it at the final portal, which usually appears after boss stage (maze part).
  • Ancient coin can be used to purchase various items: wolf, T2-5 random ring/necklace, enhanced stone, …
  • You can teleport to any exit portal with the cost of 3 morale as long as it’s unlocked.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 24

Training Ground

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 25

REQUIREMENTS: Clear 6-1 to unlock Training Grounds

  • Training Grounds is a place to earn equipment enhance stones.
  • You will also be given a chance to earn Training Ground exclusive Artifacts, Heroes, and Gears.
  • Training grounds have 3 difficulty: Normal, Hard, and Hell. Clearing each will unlock the next difficulty. 
NameScheduleHell RewardObtainable enhanced stoneEquipment dropped
Knighthood of ShieldMon,Tue,WedGinsengArmor,BootsResist, crit dmg, life steal, counter
Knighthood of Holy SwordThu,Fri,SatGold wolfWeapon,HelmAtk, Hp, Def
Clergy of RoseSat,SunYellow tokenNecklace,RingSpd, Crit, Accuracy

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PvP resets weekly, provides a good amount of gem and score point. You will start at the the beginning of the tier you reached the previous week.

There are 2 modes for PvP

  • Vs players:
    • Wining against other players gives rank points and medals.
    • Winning against all players will reward you an additional flag.

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 26

  • Vs NPC: no rank point but get additional gem (gem and medals increase in higher difficulty).

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 27

Score point can be used to buy items in shop

Epic Seven - Basic game guide 28

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Since Global version will come soon, these are something recommendations that will be helpful for you.


  • Skystone:
    • Try to complete daily quests for 50 skystone/day.
    • Arena will possibly be a place providing most skystone later on, so try to climb as high as possible in early game when people are still weak.
    • If you want to do gacha, buy 950 skystone book for discount and extra 3 penguins.
  • Gold: currently there is no gold match in game, crafting and upgrading cost huge amount of gold so using it wisely is important:
    • Only upgrade equipments that have good stat, avoid changing equipments too much.
    • Healing by gold is fine in early game, but it will be expensive later so just enter an easy stage and use healer to fully restore team’s HP.
    • For trash items dropped from dungeons, sell them.
  • Stigma: a kind of currency to buy penguins, wolves, ginsengs immediately which helps you to level up your team faster on early game and more fodders for upgrading character later.
    • Do daily quest.
    • If you get stuck in tower, remember to do “Abyssal purification” (exchange) for stigma and gold ( 3 entries/day = 3 times purify/day).
  • Green leaf: since this game is hardcore in farming, buying stamina is probably the best choice.
  • Friend point: usually for 2* fodders, so try to add many friends as possible, not only for the point but also complete some Recruitment quests. Remember to buy stamina with it everyday to farm.
  • PvP medal: win as much as possible to get them, they are needed for ginseng seed, equipment fodders and stamina. If you cant win, refresh the list. If you still cant win, fight NPCs, don’t let the entries full. If things follow KR version pattern, there will be event that sells great legendary equipments with very high price, so save up.
  • Join a guild whenever you can. There are various benefits, especially guild buffs

Story progress


Story should be the first content you aim to clear. Here are some tips:

  • In reroll section: if possible, try to find a 5* character that can carry you through many contents (usually Ravi, Sez or Destina). However, keep in mind that 5* is not always superior, some 3,4* are much more useful than 5* (in both skill and stat term).
  • Elson, Silk, Lorina are considered as very strong characters (try to obtain them through Recruitment asap) which will be a great help to clear story. Other recommended characters are in #faq and #kr-translation of our Discord server.
  • Farming equipments in raids is unneeded to clear story. Gears drop from story and maze ( mazes give very good legendary equipments which can be used till late game, get them asap) are enough for you to complete story mode.
  • Farming runes is also unneeded since story rewards provide you enough to use, unless your team consists of too many same element characters
  • Usually, chapter 7 and later are real battles, try to use NPCs whenever you can ( NPCs are OP in this game)
  • In every chapter, there is a hidden story (side path), try to complete it to get a material for upgrading building


  • Fully upgrading the one gives you penguins, wolves first since it will help you EXP faster and give fodders for star upgrading.
  • Expedition should be the second one, but just upgrade few times on what you need.
  • The last two buildings are your choice.


  • Level up:
    • There is no EXP stage so just go the latest stage ( or hardest) one you can. Rifts are fine to go if you can unlock them.
    • Penguins provide additional EXP when feeded with same element character. DO NOT USE WOLVES OR 2* MOBS AS EXP FODDERS.
    • Use expedition once it unlocks
  • Star promotion and Formation bonus:
    • It’s recommended to use wolves as fodders, avoid using them before promoting them first. Ex: if u want to promote a 3* to 4*, don’t use yellow wolves, use white wolves upgraded by 2 2* mobs (that is why I mentioned in Lv up part).
    • If you pull any dupes of a character u want to promote, don’t feed it for Formation bonus, use it as Star promotion fodder so you can save your fodders (you still can get Formation bonus of that character). Ex: pulled a duplication of Sez, use it with 4 more fodders to make Sez to 6* + upgrade formation bonus at the same time.
  • Skill up and star awaken:
    • Material rate drop is low, so don’t bother farm them for awaken at first (do the one requires runes is fine enough).
    • Ginseng is hard to find ( 1 from green token, 1 from arena and 1 from guild every week, not mention about event or any clearance reward) so choose and use wisely.
  • Selling: NEVER sell 4,5*. Only sell 3* for green token, check whether you will you them in future or not before selling.

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Join this Epic Seven Facebook Group for tips & discussions with other players! 😉 

Special credit: Yurro#0604, Oseous#9341, AkioKlaus#2607, Lyx#4215, Chimie#4160, WFCS#8506 and various members (Epic Seven Discord)


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