Dragalia Lost - Frequently Asked Questions

This Dragalia Lost – Frequently Asked Questions cover almost all fundamental questions and things that you might want to know about Dragalia Lost when starting to play this very nice game. Have fun! 🙂

If you want to know how to first start to play the game, tier list, and some other useful guides, please check:

General Information

When does the server reset?

  • 11 PM PT/2 AM ET

How do I get the tickets from the Jumpstart event?

  • The daily bonus requirement needs the bonus for logging in over 4 days.


Where is the item summon for the daily?

  • From the home screen, hit the brown sign(shop) > Upgrade Essentials > Item summon. You get 1 free summon a day. After that it is 50 Wyrmrite.

What is the new player co-op Wyrmite limit?

  • 50 New players is when the bonus stops for a total of 2500 Wyrmrite.

What is the daily dungeon rotation?

  • Sunday-Monday – All Beginner and Standard Dungeons
  • Tuesday – Flame
  • Wednesday – Water
  • Thursday – Wind
  • Friday – Light
  • Saturday – Shadow

What is the stamina recharge rate?

  • 1 stamina every 6 minutes

What is the getherwing recharge rate?

  • 1 wing every hour.

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Summoning / Pulls

Do I need a 5* to progress in the story?

  • The game is completable using just 4 star units

Should I save up wyrmite?

  • Depending on your preferences, if you want to pull a specific adventurer that is on the banner as a focus unit, do so. Otherwise, wait until something catches your eyes.

How do I get Wyrmrite?

  • Our current ways are: Playing the story/event stages and completing the goals, logging in and doing dailies, playing with 50 unique co-op partners, and character and dragon stories.

Which is more important, Adventurer or Dragon?

  • This is a matter of opinion, the answer is both. You should be aiming to get an on element dragon for whatever adventurer you’re using.

On Element? What do you mean??

  • When you match a dragon’s element to an adventurer’s element, there is a stat increase that it will get that is on the page with the dragon’s skill. Ex: If you equip Juggernaut to Cleo, she gets a +30% strength increase.

Is there a point to dupe dragons and wyrmprints?

  • Yes! You can use the dupes to unbind them.

What is unbinding and what does it do?

  • Unbinding an weapon/dragon/wyrmprint will increase it’s maximum level. At 2 unbinds for a wyrmprint the art changes. At 4 it will increase the stats on the abilities. For dragons, at 4 unbinds, the ability for an on element equip will increase.

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Teams and Might

How do I get stronger/raise my might level?

  • Your might level is a total of your characters, their levels, mana circle, weapon, dragon, and wyrmprint. One of the biggest bonuses will come from the Mana Circle.

How do I learn more skills or passives for my adventurer?

  • On the second tier of the mana circle, there is a node that will let you learn a second skill for a character. As you progress up the circle, you will learn new passives as well.

What is the mana circle?

  • The mana circle is an upgrade system for characters that will upgrade stats, unlock new skills and abilities, upgrade skills and abilities, unlock character stories, and provide items. When you complete a ring you can unbind the ring with the crystal in the middle that will require materials of the element of that adventurer to unlock the next tier.

Should I use a mono element team?

  • If you know what elements are in a map, use a mono element team if you can.


What sort of team should I have?

  • A balanced team will usually consist of all the 4 roles: attacker, defender, support and healer.

How do I make stronger weapons than 2-star?

  • You need to progress through the story to unlock the forge mechanic. You will also have a blacksmith in your halidom that needs to be upgraded to unlock 3 star and higher. As you upgrade your blacksmith, you’ll unlock additional features such as Tier 2 and Tier 3 (elemental weapons). Blacksmith 1-3 is for 3 star, 4-6 is for 4 star, and 7+ will be 5 star.

Tiers? How do I see the tiers?

  • When you’re in the crafting option, there is a button that will say enhance. You will be able to enhance crafted weapons and it will show you an upgrade path for the weapon. Each new tier beyond 3 star will need an upgrade in the blacksmith or the forge.

How do I enhance?

  • When you go into the crafting menu, there will be a tab to see the trees to enhance. In order to enhance a weapon to the next tier, you have to max unbind it and have it at the maximum level.

How do I craft elemental weapons?

  • To craft elemental weapons, you need in total 125 base weapons, which become 25 fully unbinded weapons. These weapons then become enchanced to the second stage weapons, which are then fully unbinded. These weapons then become the elemental weapon in enchance.

Should I craft elemental weapon at 3 star or build 4 star?

  • This is up to you and how quickly you feel you can close to the gap on unlocking 4 star weapons. You’ll want to make 4 star and 4 Star elementals as soon as possible while working towards 5 Star.

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Items and Farming

Where can I get x?

  • Tap on the item to view its information, and tap on How to Acquire.
  • If it is an element item, e.g. orbs, you can acquire them through the elementals story level.
    • Wind: Chapter 1
    • Water: Chapter 2
    • Fire: Chapter 3
    • Light: Chapter 4
    • Dark: Chapter 5
  • You can wait until the specific element’s trial is available to grind.

Where do I get talonstones?

  • As you bond your dragon, they can randomly give you items, and one of the talon. You also get them at level 10.

Where can I get mana?

  • You can get some mana in the Avenue of Power levels. You can get 25 mana from using helpers and 100 from daily mission.
  • You can get 1000, 3000, 5000 mana from completing “Clear Ruins” missions 1, 3, 5 times respectively.


Where can i get Eldwater?

  • As of current, there is no eldwater farm. However, you can get Eldwater from completing hard mode chapters or obtaining duplicate adventurers from summoning or selling.
    • 1.5k Eldwater per hard mode chapter.
    • 3k per 5* adventurer
    • 1k per 4* adventurer / wyrmprint / dragon (except for main 5)
    • 150 per 3* adventurer / wyrmprint / dragon

Where can I get rupies?

  • You can get lots of rupies in the Avenue of Fortune levels.

Where can I get exp?

  • You can get lots of exp in the Avenue of Power levels or other difficult levels.

Is it better to farm solo or co-op?

  • Co-op lets you farm items faster.
  • Solo lets you level your whole team instead of your leader.

What is the maximum amount of stamina and getherwings?

  • The maximum amount of stamina is 999.
  • The maximum amount of getherwings is 50.

What are getherwings for?

  • Getherwings are the stamina used to join co-op ruins. The level/difficulty of the mission will determine what the getherwing cost is. Getherwings have a core cap of 6 that refresh 1 every hour, but it has an overflow cap of 50.


What should I buy from the store?

  • You should aim to purchase as many rupie cost items as possible, since they are all beneficial and the rupies are easily gained. Diamantium items are not recommended.

Should I sell or fodder?

  • It is usually recommended to fodder since rupies are easily earnt.

How do I sell weapons/prints/dragons?

  • Teams > Collections > Pick the respective tab and sell in the lower right corner(or part ways for dragons).

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Story and Hardmode

When do I unlock hardmode?

  • After you finish chapter 5

Should I do solo / co-op?

  • Solo is good for leveling up your team or using up stamina which you may be able to regain.
  • Co-op is good for speeding through levels or if you have difficulties, you can ask others to help you out. Co-op is much more beneficial as it speeds up progression throughout the game, and that the other party are not AI controlled.

What are some notable rewards in story mode?

  • Chapter 2: Unlock focus attack
  • Chapter 5: Unlock hardmode
  • Chapter 6: Unlock new buildings for The Halidom

How many chapters are in the game?

  • There are 6 chapters currently with a preview of 7.

Do you unlock anything after chapter 6?

  • Yes! You unlock Onslaught. You face 1 wave of minions, then a boss and minions, then will periodically spawn minions. It drops weapon mats, and tokens for weapon alters in your halidom. The power levels are 3500, 6500, 8200, 10,000. Fire+Light drops ore for weapon crafting. Water+dark gives claws and horns. Green is bat wings and feathers.

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Dragons and the roost

Are dragon gifts random?

  • Dragon gifts are usually random, however, majority of the rewards you can get from them are element based, such as orbs.

Do dragons like different gifts?

  • At the base items they do not, but dragons will have a preference for the 12k rupie item that will double the bond gain.

Is there a max bond level?

  • As far as concerned there isn’t a max level for bonding yet.

What’s the point of dragons? Are they important?

  • Dragons have a passive ability that will add to your power when they are equipped to the same element adventurer, flame to flame, water to water etc. They will also be beneficial in combat as you can transform into the dragon after filling your gauge and deal a lot of damage and while in dragon mode, you are invulnerable. As you get hit though, you will lose transformation time.

Can you promote a dragon to a higher star?

  • No. A dragon’s rank is what it will stay at when pulled and can only be unbound.

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What is a focus attack?

  • Once you progress through chapter 2, there will be an enemy which uses a guard mechanic. The game will then introduce you to the focus attack mechanic.
  • If you skipped through the story and dialogues, the focus attack essentially is a tap-and-hold to unleash a powerful attack which shatters an enemy’s guard. There are also different types of Focus attack depending on the character, such as a slingshot, an AOE circle around the adventurer, and an AOE circle at your target.

What are the dragon trials?

  • Dragon trials are refighting the story dragons. They will give you orbs to buy a copy of them to max unbind the story dragons. It will also drop scales that you will need for your mana circle.

What is Onslaught?

  • The Imperial Onslaught is a timed battle against several waves of enemies. Your goal is to defeat the boss before the timer ends. Conquest is unlocked after completing chapter 6.
  • There are 7 5 different levels which correspond to a specific element. Bring an adventurer which is stronger than the element for easier fights.

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The Halidom

My castle says it needs a facility level of 40 to upgrade, what does that mean??

  • For every building and level of your building you get 1 point. The sum of your buildings and levels must equal that number. Decorations such as trees and flowers do not count.

Where can I get more buildings?

  • Once you complete several conquest maps after Chapter 6, you can construct dojos which boost your weapon stats. As you level up your charcter rank, you will also unlock additional buildings.

How many wyrmsmiths should I get?

  • This is entirely up to you and how quickly you want to push your halidom. The costs are 250 > 400 > 700 for 3/4/5 workers respectively.

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  • WP – Wyrmprints
  • ATP – Avenue to power
  • ATF – Avenue to fortune
  • Trials – Dragon trials
  • Onslaught – Imperial Onslaught
  • MUB – Max unbind
  • MT – Might

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