Summary of this Epic Seven Equipment Guide: If you are unsure what to be equipping, general rule of thumb is for LEFT side equipment (Weapon, Helmet, Armor), you should be focusing on the SUBSTAT. For RIGHT side equipment (Necklace, Ring, Shoes), you should be focusing on the MAIN STAT. And naturally, you want to match the overall set type to achieve the bonus.

Equipment Stats

For ease of reference, I’m going to refer to Weapons, Helmets, and Armor pieces as LEFT
equipment, and Rings, Necklace, and Shoes as RIGHT equipment.

Let’s use a piece of equipment to explain:

epic seven equipment guide 1

Here, you’ll see the main stat is attack. Underneath that, the substat is critical hit chance. Now this substat can differ widely, and is RNG what you get. Finally, at the bottom, you have the matching type set bonus.

For LEFT side equipment, the main stat is a constant. Weapons’ main stat will always be attack, helmets will be HP, and armor will be Def. The number of substats an equipment starts with originally is based on rarity.

Rarity: Epic > Heroic > Rare > Good> Normal

  • Epic (4 substats)
  • Heroic (3 substats)
  • Rare (2 substats)
  • Good (1 substat)
  • Normal (0 substat)

Each time you enhance an equipment to +3, you will gain a new substat. Once an equipment has 4 substats, enhancing it further will increase one of the substat at random.

Weapon Tiers according to level:

  • T1 (1-15)
  • T2 (16-30)
  • T3 (31-45)
  • T4 (46-60)
  • T5 (61-75)
  • T6 (76-90+)

Tiers (now known as Levels) affect the main stat and the increase in substat of the equipment. So the difference between a T1 Weapon and a T5 weapon will be base main stat and their substat growth when enhanced. Enhancing an equipment to its max (+15) will be 5 times the original stat value.

Please do note: equipment within the same tier can have higher levels than their counterparts due to being obtained from labyrinths, raids, conquest shop and the abyss.

Equipment Selection

What about RIGHT equipment?

Here is an example of a good RIGHT equip:

Different RIGHT equipments have main stats that are unique to them.

Equipment Stats Table

epic seven equipment guide 3

Please do note that: you can’t get ‘Def/Def %’ and ‘Atk/Atk %’ as substats for Weapons and Armor respectively

As shown above, ‘Crit’, ‘Effectiveness/Effect Resistance’ and ‘Speed’ are unique main stats for Necklaces, Rings and Shoes respectively.

For RIGHT equipment, once you have something as a main stat, you can’t gain that as a substat. E.g. Having ‘Speed’ as a main stat for shoes means you can’t get it as a substat on that particular piece of equipment.

So ideally, you want a RIGHT equipment which has the main stat and is part of the overall set bonus you want. Get the lube and start praying to RNGesus.

Using the ring on Sez as an example:

Assume you want higher ‘Attack %’. Since ‘Attack %’ is the main stat of this ring, each time I enhance it, it is confirmed to increase. This greatly differs from LEFT equips, where it is a ¼ chance that the increased substat from enhancing is ‘Attack %’, if you even have it as a substat at all.

Choosing Equipment


Always take % gain over flat gain. A 7% gain in HP will go further than a flat 145 HP.

What stats benefit this character best?

There will be more in-depth together with artifacts in a separate guide if there is interest, but the general idea is to build for the stat that your character’s skill scales on.

The majority of damage focused characters need ‘Crit’ as the second set bonus. Tanks go either a full set or a mix between ‘Def’ / ‘HP’ depending on what their skill scales proportionally to.

The stat that most people seem to have confusion on is ‘Effectiveness’. ‘Effectiveness’ counters the target’s ‘Effect Resistance’ stat. Higher ‘Effectiveness’ means it is more likely the debuff will go through the target’s ‘Effect Resistance’ and apply. ‘Effectiveness’ does NOT affect a skill’s proc rate. Useful as a substats for characters that apply debuffs with their skills but not usually built specifically for.

I will use two characters as examples on what I mean by building around their skills.

First example:

Kiris. Her S1 has a 35% chance to poison for two turns. So the higher your
‘Effectiveness’, the more likely your Kiris’ S1 is going counter the enemy’s ‘Effect Resistance’, and apply the poison. Since she is used for stacking poison on high HP bosses, you want to build ‘Speed’ and ‘Effectiveness’ on her.

Second example:

Cecilia’s skills all scale proportional to her max HP, so you would want to bury her in HP.


I hope this guide will be of some use to you. I definitely was confused and lost when I started playing. Hopefully this makes building your characters less of a daunting task. May your summons be blessed and your drops good.

Useful addition resources

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