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This is Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Attacker Characters/Units which is updated depending on the current meta of Global version. You can combine with the updated list from Japanese version if you want to plan ahead for your party. The JP list has also been being edited to match with GL releases. If you want to check the Star Ocean: Anamnesis List of Attacker Characters/Units for JP version for your future plans and contents, please check the links at the end.

You can use both lists as your reference and plans for future contents. This list and all of description and/or analysis are not absolute since this is still based only on community/personal assessments and calculation.

Note to players:

  • Many units who are not top-tier in this listing are still usable in most situations (and sometimes preferred). You should always priotize who you enjoy playing.
  • This table of Star Ocean: Anamnesis Attacker List (GL version) is optimized to be used on mobile devices. However, for best visibility, it is highly recommended to use this table on desktop.
 NameWeapon / Unit TypesPre-Rush Buffs Post-Rush BuffsDescription

ATK Buffer

One Hand Sword
+40% ATK

- 15% AP Cost (Self)
3000% - Light
AP Cost -60% (Self / 20s)
A straight up 40% party wide ATK buff (highest ingame) with no requirements. Fidel is a great unit to have in any melee oriented party, having high damage and exceptionally high post-rush damage due to his -AP post-rush. He will remain good for a long time due to his unconditional buff.
Normal>Air >Double > Raid*n - Good for damage if the enemy is large and/or slow
Normal>Air Slash >Double > Air*n - DPS if enemy doesn't move much (slightly more than Double spam)
Normal>Double Slash>CA Air Slash>Air Raid*n - if needing to back up midcombo; Air Raid still hits from a distance.
Normal>Double Slash>Air Slash>Double Slash*n - Rush Gain/DPS
Air Raid (35)Double Slash (20)Air Slash (20)


AP Cost -40% (Self)

ATK +30% (Self)

Critical Rate +20% (Self)
4500%Great for solo content, with dirt cheap AP costs and a powerful rush. Notably Fists of Fury's multihits linger when canceling the move, allowing Cliff to avoid committing to it and rapidly build hitcount. Main weakness is that his buffs are all selfish, meaning he enjoys ally buffs to get where he wants to be. Running 1-of is excellent when the team is built around him (Maria, Fidel, Clair/Victor).
Normal>Crescent>Triple>Crescent*5>Fists>dash after hit 3 - general DPS (decent rush gain) [Needs 1 AP seed]
Normal>Crescent>Triple>Fists*3 - non-disruptive during ele burst
Normal>Crescent>Fists>dash after hit 3 - low-commitment combo
Normal > Fist > dash after 3hit / Normal > Crescent > Crescent > Fist cancel - rush only , lower DPS
Fists of Fury (43)Crescent Locus (17)Triple Kick (24)

Crit Buffer

+30% Crit

No flinch from damage less than 20% of her max HP (Self)
2500% - Fire

+60% Crit (20 s)
She buffs crit rate, which is only really useful in Crystal Guardian (but she does very well in that). Outside of that there are much better choices to use in your party.
Normal>Triple>Drill>Triple>Triple - DPS and Rush
Triple Kick (24)Drill Spike (20)X-Claw (29)

AP Reduction Buffer

One Hand Sword
- 20% AP Cost

+60% Damage to humanoids (Self)

No flinch from damage less than 20% of his max HP (Self)
2500% - Light

- 40% AP Cost (20 s)
His main niche is potent AP reduction; he passively provides the party AP cost -20%, which ramps up to -40% postrush. However, in caster /healer parties, a number have AP cost down passively, which lowers his efficiency there.
AP-40% postrush also facilitates building rush more quickly for the party, making <20sec rush rotations effortless in some cases.
His DPS is brought up to above-average levels if able to utilize his human slayer talent. Later on there will be units with high damage/ap cost that will benefit from his passive more.
Helmsplitter (35)Shotgun Blast (20)Side Kick (24)


Stun Rate Buffer

One Hand Sword
- 20% Cast Time

+40% Stun Chance

+30% ATK (Self)
3000% - Lightning

- 40% AP Cost / Damage Taken -20 (Self / 60 s)
Buffs stun rate for the party, and boasts an amazing-albeit-selfish rush buff. Being able to chain stuns trivializes bosses, both preventing them from moving and allowing the party to unload on them without worrying about dodging, bolstering both DPS and survival. His efficiency falls off in fights that can be ended in a single rush; save him for content durable enough for rush buffs and multiple stuns to matter. Best kept away from humanoid bosses; his performance falls off sharply if Shotgun Blast and Dragon Slash can't get bonus hits, but is significant if they do. Is still relevant today even in JP due to his ability to stun, fantastic unit.
Normal > Shotgun > Air > Shotgun > * - Hit Build - DPS against medium-big bosses (non-humanoid)
Normal > Shotgun > Air > Dragon > * - Rush Build
Air > Dragon > Air > Dragon > * - Ranged
* Against smaller enemies, stick to Air Slash and Double Slash; Shotgun and Dragon are size dependent.
* Against groups of smaller enemies, however, Shotgun can keep multiple stunlocked.
Dragon Slash (32)Shotgun Blast (20)Air Slash (20)Double Slash (20)

Summer Reimi
ATK Buffer

ST Damage Buffer


One Hand Sword
+40% ATK when not in front of target (Each ally)

+25% ATK & Rush Combo Damage +10% when in front of target (Each ally)

+80% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks & Nullify "Reduce Rush Gauge Accumulation" Effect (Close-Range Weapons)

- 25%% AP Cost when Skill Chain 3 or higher (Self)

Cure all status conditions / +40% Single Target Damage (20s)
Her buffs were nerfed almost as expected, with one exception which almost makes up for everything else completely. 80% AP Recovery for melee attackers is a monstrous buff, which allows close-ranged weapons users to have higher uptime and start attacking sooner. For an example, you waste much less time waiting, and can dps while regaining AP (also chaining back into your skills sooner). Her conditional ATK buffs got hurt a lot, but 25+10/40 isn't absolutely unusable. It can be hard to position for the back-buff, but overall you can make it up with her other talents. The other biggest selling point is her rush buff, which is locked behind slightly bad rush gain. Her rush gain is very hit-dependent, but can be very manageable with support from the team.
Note: Can run Combo Breaker in the place of Smackdown for less AP, slightly less smooth comboing (bit slower) and more rush gain.

Normal > Crescent > Combo > Smoothie*n - Regular DPS w/Combo (care using Smoothie)
Normal > Crescent > Smack > Crescent > Smoothie*n > Dash cancel - Smack, can end on Smoothie if planning to dash anyway
Normal > Crescent > Smack > Smoothie > Smoothie > Crescent - Regular w/Smack
Normal > (Smack/Crescent) > (Crescent/Combo) > Smoothie*n - w/AP reduction
Smackdown (17)Crescent Mirage (20)Summer Smoothie (32)Combo Breaker (23)

ATK Buffer

One Hand Sword
+30% ATK

Rush Combo Damage +20% (Party)

All attacks have +15% chance to Seal (Self)

DEF -30% (20s)
High chance to seal
As it is right now, Lenneth looks to be a direct side-downgrade from SReimi and Fidel. Her damage is nothing to write home about, being about on par with SReimi, and you lose the convenience of AP recovery on melee units, traded for her chance to Silence. Silence may occasionally stop a boss from doing something annoying, but that's about it. At best, a reasonable replacement, unless she gets buffs, will not be amazing; viable if lacking Fidel or SReimi.
Valkyrie's Mercy can be used over Break, but does considerably less damage, is harder to hit and may make Lenneth slide around.

Normal > Heaven > Glowing > Heaven > Break - DPS, no Elemental Break
Normal > Break > Glowing > Break - Rush
Normal > Glowing*n - Rush only, low DPS, non-mobile target
Glowing Pierce (18)Sky-High Break (35) / Valkyrie's Mercy (36)Heaven & Hell (22)

ATK Buffer - Situational

One Hand Sword
+50% ATK (Attackers & Defenders)

-20% Damage Taken (Healers)

+100% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks

+30% Damage (30 s)
Claude is an interesting unit for this time in the game, as he scales well with good, strong attackers and gets worse with good shooters. 50% will be the highest ATK buff in the GL at this release, but unfortunately having three other ATK buffers makes him less of a priority and less interesting overall comparatively. It is worth noting that GL has merits (buffed weapons, early summer units, possibly earlier other limited units) which makes him much stronger compared to JP. In a pre-made comp built properly (melee, no shooters), should shine beautifully, but requires that. Notable for unconditional AP Recovery, so even in a team with a shooter, he still has a bit of utility. May still be worth running in 3/1 to let the shooter have no AP regen downtime.
Normal > Air > Double > Helm
Air Slash (20)Double Slash (20)Helm Splitter (35)


+50% Crit Rate & Crit Damage (Self)

+20% ATK & - 20% DEF (Self)

High chance to Freeze, no other effects
Ranged Cliff, and should have similar performance. She has only selfish buffs, with no party utility to speak of besides the potential for Freeze (which only guarantees a single crit). She has a good skillset and her buffs aren't common pre-rush buffs, which means they don't overlap as much with Maria/SMiki & other crit buffers. She does interestingly have a -DEF debuff in compesation for her huge self buffs, but her DEF is quite low anyway. Don't get hit.
Normal > Sylvan > Bite > Sylvan*n - Regular
Normal > Bite > Sylvan > Bite*n - Large, slow moving targets
Sylvan Shot (20)Liquid Bite (20)Unholy Terror (29)


ATK Buffer

Hitcount Racker

-30% DEF (All Enemies)

ATK +30% (Attackers, Defenders)

+20% Single Target Damage (Self)

+100% ATK and -50% DEF for 15 seconds (Self)
A bit interesting, though on GL release will not be as stellar as he was on JP. In general stronger weapons and better access to certain buffs mean that Albel, while being a decent mix of a DPS and buffer, doesn't do either extremely well. His damage is gated by being someone who focuses on Air Slash, and his main ATK buff only applies to Attackers and Defenders, like Claude. Unlike Claude, DEF down matters little when the enemies are weaker, only adding a minor damage increase, while Claude's unconditional AP on normals increases uptime for the whole team.
Normal > Air > Aura > Air*n
Normal > Aura > CA Air > CA Aura > Aura*n (Hitcount build, CA during Elemental Burst to prevent moving bosses around, otherwise not needed)
Aura Wall (20)Double Slash of Fury (30)Air Slash of Fury (21)

ATK Buffer

ATK +30% (All Allies)

Damage to multiple targets +20% (All)

-10% AP Consumption (Self)

Fire Elemental Damage +20% (All)

AP Consumption -20% (All Attackers and All Invokers)
Not terrible, provides an average ATK buff considering her other utility. She's meant to synergize with Invokers on maps with trash, but realistically most maps which have mobs don't really need the Multi-target DMG, and most bosses come alone otherwise. For the exact composition she would support (Fire Invokers) her ATK buff is useless. Overall extremely poor synergy. If you have no other ATK buffer, she fills the role, but if you have literally any other ATK buffer, they're probably better.
Normal > Palm > Locus > Palm*n
Crescent Locus (17)Palm of Destruction (23)X-Claw (29)

ATK Buffer

Elemental DMG Buffer


One Handed Sword
+25% ATK, 45% at 100% HP (Each Ally Fulfilling Condition)

Evasion AP Cost -100% w/ a Perfect Dodge (10s)

+100% AP RVC on Normal Attacks (Party)

-50% Evasion AP Cost (Self) / Air Dodge (Self) / Imbue Dark & Light Element (Self)

55% Elemental Damage (Self)

50% Elemental Damage (Party)
An incredible unit. Boasts amazing overall party utility, buffing ATK, AP recovery on Normal hits for everyone unlike sReimi, has an incredible post-rush buff for the party and has kept her fluidity with her air dodge and dodge talents not being touched. Despite the nerfs to her ATK buff and the removal of her light imbuement, she is an absolute monster. Best in slot attack buffer now and for a long time.

Note: Ingame has her showing light imbuement and it seems to be working, will wait for an update from the SE team but for now it does look like she has both element imbuements.
Pod 1 vs Arms 2 - Arms 2 gives a vertical dodge and can be dodged out of, while Pod 1 allows a full ranged combo.

Normal > Arms 1 > Pod 2 > Arms 1*n - Regular Combo, no AP seeds/faster
Normal > Pod 2 > Arms 1 > Pod 2 > Pod 2 > Arms 1 - 104-105 AP, can start at range and CA in, DPS maximized combo
Pod 2 > Arms 1 (Miss on purpose) > Pod 2*n - Ranged Combo
(Pod1 > Pod2)*n - Ranged combo, Pod 1 if choosing to run it over Arms 2
Arms 1 (22)Arms 2 (42)Pod 1 (13)Pod 2 (20)

"Awoo Millie"
ATK Buffer

Elemental DMG Buffer


ATK +25%, +35% at 100 hit count

+100% AP Recovery from Normal Attacks

Nullify Movement Reduce Field (All Allies) / Nullify Rush Gauge Decrease Field (All Allies)

Pumpkin Pressure Damage +60% when Skill Chain 4+ (Self)

Elemental Damage +50% (All / 20 Seconds)
AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Our first hitcount based unit, 100 being a fairly reasonable number to hit. She also comes with AP recovery on normals, as well as some bonus field nulls, and an elemental damage rush buff. Her damage is quite good, even without AP reduction, but even better with it in some fashion (her weapon, Daril). A reasonable sidegrade to 2B, filling more DPS and bringing a slightly different set of situational utility (field nulls). Although her nerfs hit her pretty harder, her conditional is still easier to fulfill and her SC4 buff is still quite high.
Normal > Lantern > Rocket > Pumpkin
Lantern Burst (18)Howling Rocket Punch (16)Hammer Slammer (22)Pumpkin Smash (39)

"Hentai Clair"
Devil Clair

ATK Damage Buffer

Dual Swords
ATK +15% (Self)

ATK Damage +15% when Hit Count is over 50 (All Allies)

AP Consumption -25% (Self) / ATK +15% when Hit Count over 100 (Self)

No flinch under 15% HP (All Attackers)

DEF +30% (All)

DEF -30% (All Enemies)
A monster of a DPS on release. She comes slotted with 2 excellent DB skills (DB versions of Air Slash and Double Slash) and decent multipliers. Unlike other DPS (release level), she also comes with some extent of party buffs in addition to her self-buffs. ATK Damage isn't that common, and 100 hits isn't bad even for GL, considering units like SMyuria and Maria. She also comes with some solid rush buffs, DEF down being a fairly unique debuff. While it shouldn't be as powerful given weaker bosses, the fact that it's slotted on an already stupidly strong DPS is just icing on the cake.
Normal > Sinstral > Dextral > Wheel*n
Enchanting Twin Thrust (28)Sinistral Edge (14)Dextral Slaughter (22)Hazy Wheel (32)

TK Buffer

Elemental DMG Buffer

One Handed Sword
ATK +30% (All Allies)

Attacks gain Fire and Light Imbuement (Self)

All Elemental Damage +15% (All Allies)

Will not flinch to damage under 10% Max HP (self & all long-range weapon allies)
3500% - Light

All Elemental Damage +50% (Party / 20 s)
The boy himself, who should've been a decent ATK buffer, was unfortunately powercrept before his release. Although he comes bundled with a few choice things, such as pre-rush elemental damage, overall his lower ATK buff and lack of AP recovery like the limited units makes him less appealing comparatively. That said, once the limited units are not available anymore, he is fairly reasonable, with his free elemental buff making up for a bit of the damage his ATK buff loses. He does also give a slight anti-flinch to ranged units and comes with free imbue.
Normal > Side Kick > Shotgun > Air Raid*n - General against non-moving smaller enemies
Normal > Shotgun > Kick > Shotgun - Medium/large enemies
Gliding Side Kick (19)Rising Blade (32)Shotgun Blast (20)Avian Air Raid (30)

ATK Buffer (ATKers Only)


+40% ATK (Attackers)

-15% AP Cost (Self)

+10% Fire DMG (Self)

-30% Ice DMG (Self)

+25% All Stats (For Each Ally Dead)

-50% AP Cost (Self / 20s)
Convince your teammates to die for you. - Michael is an interesting character, with the specific unique ability that lets him get stronger as your teammates die. Unfortunately, he suffers from long skills and subpar buffs. His 40 would be nice, but it's only for Attackers, and he's at his strongest when he has no other teammates, which is unintuitive. He would be decent for pubs and soloing, but his skill lengths do hinder this quite a bit and making kiting hard.

Worth noting that he does count towards his own buff, and it persists through revives, gems or otherwise.
Pyroclast is the cheapest move, Bosom is the fastest, Fire Fest is the highest DPS/rush gain unless Lava Flow is viable.

Normal > Pyroclast > Bosom > Fest / Lava > (dodge if using Lava) - Normal combo
Pyroclast Punch (18)Bosom Blow (30)Fire Fest (42)Lava Flow (52)

Winter Fidel
Carry / High DPS

AP on Normals Buffer

ATK DMG Buffer

Dual Gun (Uses Gun)
+20% ATK (Party)

+100% AP on Normals at 100+ HC (Party)

+20% ATK DMG at 200+ HC (Party)

Linear Bomber/Barrage Fire DMG +100, 200% at Chain 3, 5

+15% ATK | +10% HIT (Self)
Holiday Surprise

+20% Crit Rate | -30% AP Cost (Self / 30s)
Hitcount based carry who can self-sustain himself even with no other ATK buffer present. Respectable hitcount racking on his main skill, long range and quick-deploying skills make him easy and safe to play at range. Mobility of Dual Guns will take getting used to, but can be used to avoid many attacks mid-combo, with the caveat of sometimes losing DPS as well due to not wanting to move in a direction. Gets a boost at SC3/5, and his personal rush buff lasts basically indefinitely once he gets it the first time, due to the 30s timer.
Normal > Bombing > Divebomb > Bombing *2 > Barrage - 103-4 AP required, main combo
Normal > Divebomb > Bombing > Divebomb > Bombing > Barrage - No AP seeds
Flying Skyline Spray (14)Flying Divebomb (13)Bullet Barrage (27)Bombing Run (21)

Tearful Welch
"Weepy Welch"
"Crybaby Welch"
Griefing Your Team

DEF Down (Allies & Enemies)

-50% DEF (All Enemies) | -50% DEF (Party)

+30% ATK (Self)

Movement Rate Boost (Self)
Fists of Unquenchable Fury

+50% ATK | -100% DEF (Party / 20s)
Troll 4* unit which became a 5* unit. Notable for being one of the few units with DEF down, which is useless due to crit's existence. She can grief allies, so if you see her, prepare to take more damage.
Crescent Locus (17)X-Claw (29)Drill Spike (20)Hammer of Might (24)

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